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Hey all, welcome to the new FauxHammer website. I have been away from posting for the last year whilst waiting for my new house to be built. All my hobby kit was in storage. but not anymore!

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I now have space to have a dedicated desk. Instead of my previous set up of using our dining room table and storing everything in an old dusty conservatory.


As you can see. it’s a work in progress, much like this blog.

But I fancied creating something new and to show i;m taking this page seriously I wanted to share my progress, long before I really should have I guess.

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I had the idea to move to WordPress over a year ago, I realized that this page was getting popular when I posted about Decanting GW paint pots into Dropper Bottles had more than the usual 12 page views. in fact to date it;s had over 20,000 views and has helped ,y other posts average out at around 2000 views within the first week of posting.

The post was very beneficial to me along with the those of you who read it and found it useful yourselves as it helped me actually generate some revenue on the site. and this it’s not going to help me make a living, it was enough to cover the cost of my 100 dropper bottles. This inspired me to do more. I have many more ideas to share with you all based on my experience of a reborn beginner, I can practise with cheap tools & techniques and share the results with you.

Two of my other favourite posts include;

Using a Cheap Miniature Photography Studio – Portable Light Room Box

Creating  a Cheap DIY Dice Tray in 15 steps

But i also had a popular Dark Angels Tutorial and had some requests for a guide on how I painted my 40k Space Wolves. I’m going to be a bit arrogant here and call that fan mail. not because it is. but because it make me feel good and I want to, and it’s my blog and you can;t tell me not to. Unless you post a comment below.

But anyway, about the time I was having the WordPress idea my wife had a better idea, “let;s move house because our friends just moved house and our other friends are moving house so we should too. So she we decided to keep up with the Nola.. Joneses and move house too. putting us back to living with my mummy for 10 months, except this time we had 2 kids and certainly no room for hobby kit).

The idea behind WordPress came from having used it for my own website when I tried a small repair business start-up it was really powerful and gave me a lot of control of the content. one of the issues I had was sharing eBay links on Blogger. I was only able to share a link to one specific eBay country. Being in the UK, all my links were to UK eBay and therefore UK products. But 70% of my traffic was coming from the US, so the text was useful to them, but not the links I was sharing. this is bad for me too as I’m able to take a commission from eBay when readers use those links and buy from eBay. I’ve always been clear that using those links will support the site and allow me to build more, review more and give tips and advice more and more.

But the best part is, FauxHammer.com was available as a domain, so I snapped that up sharpish!

And don’t worry, the theme will change, it’s just a placeholder at the mo.

Already my product links are more dynamic, I have much more control over the content and I’ve redirected all of my old blogger posts to their equivalents on FauxHammer.com so I won’t loose anyone used to visiting my old blog in the transition.

WordPress will allow me to be much more Dynamic, sharing commissionaire links to products in the UK for for users in other countries it will direct you to an equivalent product on your home page. If you don’t want to use these links and support the site, that’s fine too, I just want to make sure that I’m posting in good conscience and being clear with you all.

WordPress is much more flexible in it’s ability to have page navigation, the themes are more plentiful and customizable and there are numerous plugs if I ever decided a community hub or discussion forum would be beneficial to you all.and just to keep you abreast of the idea’s I have on the table (in no particular order) see below;

  • Multi-part beginners Guide to Wargaming and Miniature Hobbying
  • How to Strip paint (the best, easiest and cheapest way)
  • More Turtorials
  • More updates on my miniatures
  • Tools
  • Paint Conversion Chart
  • Paint Comparisons
  • Workstation set-up
  • Airbrushing

And I really want to design my own Logo/Icon, something simple like an iconic War-Hammer and Paintbrush inside a massive cog. need to figure out how in the image to show it’s a fake hammer.

And the main focus of all of the above is that I aim to show you how to do all of this for the cheapest way possible with the best results.

I welcome all of your comments and feedback, so please comment below on what you think.

Now, come with me on the journey to go from Beginner painter to Expert (chuckles, let’s just see what happens)


  • Self-appointed Editor in chief of FauxHammer.com - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction.

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Self-appointed Editor in chief of FauxHammer.com - But I need to thank the team for existing and therefore enabling me to give myself role - without them, I'm just a nerd with a computer and a plastic addiction.

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