Warhammer 40,000 2023 Battleforce Boxes – Price & Savings Breakdown

As is annual tradition, the almighty James Workshop sends out Da Red Gobbo to spread their brand of joy and festive cheer in the hallowed form of Christmas Battleforce boxes. As we’ve learned over the years, GW do not do ‘sales’ – but these bundle boxes are as close as they’ll ever get to one. This article will cover all the great savings one can make from such bundles, so read on to see our price and savings breakdown for 2023’s Battleforce boxes.

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Warhammer 40K 2023 Battleforce Boxes – Release Date

I am going to cut straight to the chase and tell you when you can pre-order these.

Saturday 11th November 10:00 AM (BST).

That’s it – be there, or be square (and model-less).

With that, I’d expect a pre-order window of one week – meaning you can potentially expect the boxes to drop into your hands the following week of 18th November (though don’t quote us on that).

Now, the FOMO is strong with GW, so expect these (some more than others) to sell out very, very, very fast. So fast that even Sonic the Hedgehog and Usian Bolt would be left in the dust. Have the GW website or your favourite FLGS website open 15 minutes beforehand, and hit that refresh button harder than Russ did Prospero.

In fact, be prepared for the GW site to be heavy on traffic. I’m sure they will have queue system up, just like with the Leviathan release, to mitigate server crashes – but who knows at this point? Always keep an eye out for a good FLGS like Element Games, or contact your local store to see if they can help you out.

Warhammer 40K 2023 Battleforce Boxes – Price and Savings

The prices for the 40K boxes have been confirmed, all at £140.00 GBP flat. For Europe, they will be €180.00 EUR. For the United States, $230.00 USD.

As of writing this article, we don’t have the Canadian or Australian prices yet.

Compared to last year, the prices have definitely gone up. 2022’s selection of 40K Battleforce boxes were £130.00 GBP, so there’s a £10 increase. Despite this, these are still all great savings, with some of them going up to £100 off in total!

Below we’ll surmise the value of each box.

Leagues of Votann – Defenders of the Ancestors£237.50$385.00€312.50
Orks – Beast Snagga Stampede£220.00$365.00€287.50
Astra Militarum – Cadian Defence Force£207.50$345.00€275.00
Space Marines – Spearhead Force£197.50$330.00€257.50
Tyranids – Onslaught Swarm£200.00$330.00€262.50
World Eaters – Exalted of the Red Angel£215.00$355.00€285.00

Leagues of Votann – Defenders of the Ancestors (Contents, Price, Value & Savings)

We’ll begin right at the peak with the all-new Leagues of Votann. To put it bluntly, this Battleforce is amazing. It takes the top spot for best savings, with average 40% all round. This is half the range right here – and coupled with the Combat Patrol, you’ll have a complete army easy. This box alone will net you 750 points on the tabletop.

Leagues of Votann – Defenders of the Ancestors Contents

  • 1x Einhyr Champion
  • 1x Grimnyr
  • 10x Einhyr Hearthguard
  • 1x Sagitaur
  • 1x Hekaton Land Fortress

Leagues of Votann – Defenders of the Ancestors Price, Value & Savings

Einhyr Champion£25.00$40.00€32.50
Einhyr Hearthguard (x2)£75.00*$120.00*€100.00*
Hekaton Land Fortress£70.00$115.00€90.00
Total Value£237.50$385.00€312.50
Battleforce Box Price£140.00$230.00€180.00
Total Saving£97.50$155.00€132.50
% Saved41%40%42%
*The price of two Hearthguard kits

Orks – Beast Snagga Stampede (Contents, Price, Value & Savings)

Go on, say the line – you know you want to.


This Ork box is a great start to those who want to start a Beast Snagga themed force, but maybe not for those who are into classic Orks. Still, every sculpt is fairly recent, and the Kill Rig is an unexpected gem. Also, the savings of 37% average also make it one of the higher bargain battleforces. This box will net you 730 points for the tabletop.

Orks – Beast Snagga Stampede Contents

  • 1x Mozrog Skragbad/ Beast Boss on Squigosaur
  • 1x Painboss
  • 10x Beast Snagga Boyz
  • 3x Squighog Boyz
  • 1x Kill Rig/ Hunta Rig

Orks – Beast Snagga Stampede Price, Value & Savings

Mozrog Skragbad£35.00$60.00€45.00
Beast Snagga Boyz£35.00$60.00€45.00
Squighog Boyz£40.00$65.00€55.00
Kill Rig£85.00$140.00€110.00
Total Value£220.00$365.00€287.50
Battleforce Box Price£140.00$230.00€180.00
Total Saving£80.00$135.00€107.50
% Saved36%37%37%

Astra Militarum – Cadian Defence Force (Contents, Price, Value & Savings)

Why take one tank, when you can have two? – Sun Tzu, probably

This box is for all those who scream CADIA STANDS at the top of their lungs and totally dig the newer models from the Astra Militarum range. Though a great way to accumulate little army men, this box gears toward the lower end of the savings spectrum at average 33% – though if you have need of more Rogal Dorns and Shock Troops, then it’s already a winner for you. This box is worth 705 points for the tabletop.

Astra Militarum – Cadian Defence Force Contents

  • 1x Cadian Command Squad
  • 20x Cadian Shock Troops
  • 2x Rogal Dorns

Astra Militarum – Cadian Defence Force Price, Value & Savings

Cadian Command Squad£27.50$45.00€35.00
Cadian Shock Troops (x2)£60.00*$100.00*€80.00*
Rogal Dorn (x2)£120.00*$200.00*€160.00*
Total Value£207.50$345.00€275.00
Battleforce Box Price£140.00$230.00€180.00
Total Savings£67.50$115.00€95.00
% Saved33%33%34%
*The price of two kits

Space Marines – Spearhead Force (Contents, Price, Value & Savings)

Off the back of the edition launch’s obligatory Space Marine range refresh, we have a box that is 90% new models – all the Jump Pack Intercessors a Primarch could wish for. However, I would say that this is easily the weakest of the Battleforces – the savings average out at 30%, and it really doesn’t feel like you get that much bang for your buck, especially when pitted against the rest. I can’t see this one selling out quickly – but let’s see if we’re proven wrong.

For me, this isn’t a great army starter – unless you’re going for a hit and run force of jetpacks and bikes. It’s also 505 points, significantly less than the rest.

Space Marines – Spearhead Force Contents

  • 1x Captain with Jump Pack
  • 15x Assault Intercessors with Jump Packs
  • 3x Outriders
  • 1x Primaris Invader ATV

Space Marines – Spearhead Force Price, Value & Savings

Captain with Jump Pack£25.00$40.00€32.50
Assault Intercessors with Jump Packs (x3)£105.00*$180.00*€135.00*
Primaris Invader ATV£30.00$50.00€40.00
Total Value£197.50$330.00€257.50
Battleforce Box Price£140.00$230.00€180.00
Total Savings£57.50$100.00€77.50
% Saved29%30%30%
*The price of three kits

Tyranids – Onslaught Swarm (Contents, Price, Value & Savings)

Up next, we have the other launch faction – the Tyranids. This was a faction in dire need of a surgical facelift, and got one it did.

Every model here, except for the Hive Tyrant, is a new sculpt released only a couple months ago. The Norn Emissary makes for an epic centrepiece, and if you’ve got one already, just build the Assimilator variant and you’ve got two towering gribbly beasties.

Unfortunately, this box does sit on the lower end of bargains at 30% average. However, it does feel much more substantial than the Space Marine in terms of models. This box is worth 840 points on the tabletop, which is almost the most of these boxes. Almost.

Tyranids – Onslaught Swarm Contents

  • 1x Hive Tyrant/ Swarmlord
  • 1x Norn Emissary/ Norn Assimilator
  • 20x Hormagaunts
  • 2x Ripper Swarms
  • 10x Genestealers

Tyranids – Onslaught Swarm Price, Value & Savings

Hive Tyrant£37.50$60.00€50.00
Norn Emissary£70.00$115.00€90.00
Hormagaunts (x2)£60.00*$100.00*€80.00*
Total Value£200.00$330.00€262.50
Battleforce Box Price£140.00$230.00€180.00
Total Savings£60.00$100.00€82.50
% Saved30%30%31%
*The price of two kits

World Eaters – Exalted of the Red Angel (Contents, Price, Value & Savings)

Finally, we have the one box to rival the Votann one in terms of sheer value.

And it has a Primarch.

Good old Angry Ron is the star of this set, and will have no doubt drawn a lot of eyes – much like last year’s Mortarion and Magnus Battleforce boxes. Angron himself is most of the box’s value gobbled up – you basically get the 6 Eightbound for free. Oh, and all these models are fresh sculpts from early this year. I just think it speaks for itself.

And at 35% savings, this is the second best bargain bundle box of the lot.

This box is 900 points approximately – the most out of all of them on this page.

World Eaters – Exalted of the Red Angel Contents

  • 1x Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne
  • 10x Khorne Berzerkers
  • 6x Eightbound/ Exalted Eightbound

World Eaters – Exalted of the Red Angel Price, Value & Savings

Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne£100.00$170.00€130.00
Khorne Berzerkers£40.00$65.00€55.00
Total Value£215.00$355.00€285.00
Battleforce Box Price£140.00$230.00€180.00
Total Savings£75.00$125.00€105.00
% Saved35%35%37%
*The price of two kits

Warhammer 40K 2023 Battleforce Boxes – Final Thoughts

There’s no denying, these are some real solid boxes. GW keep pumping out good ones every year, and this one follows up excellently.

But there is an elephant in the room – the price increase. Yes, it has gone up £10 from last year on the whole – so can we expect them to go to £150 next year? Time will only tell on that. The price increase does mean we get less for the money, which is a real shame, but it’s down to you whether you want to pay these prices. Vote with your wallet – or go to your FLGS, who will likely have discounts up to 20% off on these boxes, like they have done so in years prior.

That said, all these boxes brimming to the lid with miniatures – well, perhaps save for the Space Marine one, which seems to be the most disappointing one out of them all. The Space Marines boxes in previous years definitely felt they had more to them, with bigger models like tanks and Dreadnoughts. But to offset them, we get the glorious Votann and World Eater boxes, which I expect to sell out the quickest.

We’ll have to see what 2024 has to offer, and hope they can trump this year – or once they’ve hit the mountain top, where else is there to go but down? I have a bit more faith in GW, so I expect more great Battleforce boxes next year, but at greater cost.

At the end of the day, it’s best to get these boxes now if you were wanting to start that Beast Snagga army, see what the fuss is about with the Votann or tear skulls from spines with the Red Angel himself. And keep an eye out for our coverage of the Age of Sigmar Christmas Battleforce sets, coming up next.

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