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Well, now we know what £19.99 gets us in Hachette land. IMHO it’s certainly a lot more than £14.99 got us with an art book.

Update: 06/07/19 – The Competition winner has been announced and the Silver templars book is on it’s way to Simon B in Rotherham. Thanks for all your entries guys and thanks for following along.

Hachette has really picked up the ball lately, and whilst they aren’t exactly sprinting with it, they are at least managing to keep hold of it in the most part.

The Silver Templars Book is a special Warhammer Conquest Magazine Subscribers book (we paid £19.99 for).

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The Art Book came as a surprise to most people as we didn’t read the fine print. Our bad. But this time, they let us know by both email and a letter beforehand. Also, there haven’t been any reports of people calling to cancel the Book only for Hachette to cancel the entire subscription instead. (yeah, that happened to people who tried to cancel the art book).

So. Let’s take a look at this Loyalist Iron Warriors Silver Templars Source Book.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book - Cover

The Book is 56 Pages detailing the Silver Templars, A Primaris only Ultramarines Successor Chapter. Created in the Ultima Founding and as far as I have researched, a chapter exclusive to Warhammer Conquest Magazine. All of this is detailed in the book.

In comparison to the art book we previously received, the book is slightly larger.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Vs Artbook B
Warhammer Conquest Art Book Sitting on Top of the Silver Templars Book

But it has 16 fewer pages

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Vs Artbook A
Art Book (Top) Silver Templars Book (Bottom)

However this book is packed full of details on the Silver Templars Chapter, Here’s a look at the Contents.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book - Contents
  • Introduction
  • Focus and Fury
  • The Silver Templars
  • The Ultramarines
  • The Codex Astartes
  • Making a Silver Templar
  • Chapter Organisation
  • Strategic Disposition
  • Silver Templars Heraldry
  • lmperius Dominates
  • The Annals of War
  • The Siege of Talasa Secundus
  • Novaris: The Home of a Chapter
  • The Assault on Necthis
  • Templars of Legend
  • Chapter Command
  • Battleline
  • Close Support
  • Fire Support
  • Vehicles
  • Swords of Novaris
  • Fury Clad in Silver
  • Duel


As I mentioned above, this book Introduces the Templars, (here’s an excerpt) There are a few more pages on this, but you need to get the book yourself to read further.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book - Introduction

Forged in the fires of war, the Silver Templars are amongst the galaxy’s newest Space Marine Chapters. They fuse the combat skill and tactical prowess of the scions of Guilliman with boundless fury and a desire to prove their worth to the Imperium.

The Silver Templars are direct successors of the Ultramarines, and one of the many Space Marine Chapters who can trace their bloodline to the Primarch Roboute Guilliman. Founded during the Ultima Founding, they were born into a time of upheaval, war and destruction. Their ranks are made up entirely of Primaris Space Marines, the newest additions to the ranks of the Adeptus Astartes.

The Silver Templars differ from most Ultramarines successor Chapters. Where most of Guilliman’s sons embody his discipline, tactical acumen and talent for leadership, the Silver Templars inherited his fury, skill at arms and utter loyalty to the ideals of the Imperium. They are duellists supreme, experts with any weapon they choose to wield, and eager to display this skill against the forces of Chaos and the many alien races that plague the galaxy.

This hook provides a detailed background on the Space Marines of the Silver Templars. You will read about the history of the Chapter, including information on some of their greatest heroes, their home world of Novaris and some of the greatest campaigns in which the Chapter has fought since their founding. You’ll also find a showcase of beautifully painted Silver Templars Primaris Space Marines, showing the colour schemes and iconography of the Silver Templars Chapter. ‘Ibis book also includes a unique and action-packed short story, following the exploits of but a few of the daring warriors who serve amidst the ranks of the Silver Templars.

The Silver Templars

You even get a solid primer of the Silver Templars Chapter

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Overview

Established during the Ultima Founding, the Silver Templars are comprised entirely of Primaris Space Marines. They are direct successors of the Ultramarines and continue their legacy as defenders of the Imperium.

The Silver Templars are amongst the newest additions to the ever-growing ranks of Ultramarines successor Chapters. Though their battle record is still growing, they have already established themselves, having fought alongside the Ultramarines during the Plague Wars.

The Silver Templars have gained a reputation as cold and utterly focussed warriors who display little emotion. They are expert duellists, preferring to select a single target and focus their attention on eliminating this chosen opponent before selecting a fresh target. Silver Templars strategy often revolves around carving a path to enemy leaders, so that their most powerful warriors can engage the foe in a duel to the death.

`We are the Swords of Novaris. None shall stand before us.’

Grand Oathkeeper Hekaton

The Silver Templars have gained a reputation as cold and utterly focussed warriors who display little emotion. They are expert duellists, preferring to select a single target and focus their attention on eliminating this chosen opponent before selecting a fresh target. Silver Templars strategy often revolves around carving a path to enemy leaders, so that their most powerful warriors can engage the foe in a duel to the death.

The Silver Templars are accomplished weaponsmiths, often crafting their own weapons and establishing a link with its machine spirit, known as the Bond Martial. Once this bond is established, a Silver Templar will devote himself to mastering the weapon’s use. Losing a bonded weapon is a mark of great shame, and a Silver Templar will go to great lengths to reclaim one.

Born into a galaxy riven by war, the Silver Templars are eager to prove themselves to their Primarch and their Emperor, throwing themselves into combat against the Imperium’s countless foes.


Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book - Campaign

Near the end of the Indomitus Crusade, a Silver Templars strike force found refuge on the industrial planet Necthis. Grateful for the assistance of the locals, the Silver Templars swore a Sword Oath to protect Necthis. Several decades later, this oath would be fulfilled.

High in the mountains of Novaris, at the peak of the fortress monastery Kolossus, Chief Librarian Ionnas was awoken from his meditation by a powerful vision. His mind raced with scenes of rampaging green-skinned warriors, cleaving axes, and the death cries of outmatched human defenders. A single name came to his lips, Necthis. Immediately, he recalled an oath of protection sworn many years ago. As the vision faded, Ionnas raced from his chambers. He knew the Sword Oath must be fulfilled. Alerting Chapter Master Zanaris to the danger, he offered to lead the forces of the 2nd and 3rd Companies to Necthis and fulfil the Chapter’s oath by rescuing the stricken planet from an invasion of deadly Orks

Such was the intensity of Ionnas’ astropathic vision that he considered more than an entire Battle Company necessary to combat the threat. Upon arrival in the Necthis system, it became clear that his decision had been wise. Dozens of ramshackle Ork vessels drifted lazily in orbit above the planet. They began pivoting to face the newly arrived Space Marines. The Silver Templars fleet moved in to attack, launching drop ships as they began blasting Ork vessels to pieces. Ionnas scanned the surface of Necthis and began directing operations from the bridge of the strike cruiser Novarian Dawn. The Orks had broken the planet’s meagre defences, leaving most of the survivors trapped in the remains of the capital, Necthis City. A force would be sent to bolster the city while Ionnas and 2nd Company Command would concentrate on splitting the Ork forces and eliminating their leadership.

A sworn Sword Oath can never be broken. Failure to fulfil such an oath invites terrible dishonour and absolute shame.

The initial strike met with great success. Inceptors hammered the Ork lines, punching through the greenskins, targeting Ork leaders and causing the Orks to lose what little discipline they possessed. Reivers landed in the no-man’s land between forces, striking at Ork command assets and disrupting their supply routes. If the Space Marines had expected a swift victory, however, they were to be sorely disappointed. The Orks regrouped, showing greater tactical ability and toughness than any greenskins the Silver Templars had fought before. At their fore strode giant Ork Nobz, their arms covered in the carapaces of fallen xenos creatures, crude weapons dealing death amidst the Silver Templars battleline.

Lieutenant Maniakes’ demi-company held their position atop the city walls as best they could, but they were being thinned at every turn. Scores of precious Space Marine lives were lost amidst the carnage, and every Ork they slew seemed to be

Strategic Disposition

The book gives us a great breakdown of the Chapter organisation too. I just wish it explained where we could get some of those pouldron transfers as I don;t believe for a second they were all freehand.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Strategic Disposition

Squad Markings

You’re also shown how to mark up the different ranks for the army.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Heraldry

A breakdown of all the different unit types are included too

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Heavy

And the book ends with some character details and some great photos too.

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book Leaders

Based on the style of these, I’m starting to think Games Workshop had a hand in the creation of this book which suggests their full backing of this series. Something I have felt was lacking before now. It really seemed like Hachette were off on their own cashing in on the Warhammer 40k Brand. Now I’m starting this it was Games Workshop who approached Hachette to deliver this series. and whilst the beginning of this subscription was a terrible launch with poor support, they are catching up. (now we are issue 40).

Warhammer 40,000 Conquest - Silver Templars Source Book - Rear Cover

And with that, we close the book on the SIlver Templars. This is a really great book. Perhaps too little for £19.99, but it’s nicely presented with details of an interesting (semi-canon) Successor Chapter. This really shows off how to get started with this chapter or even the level you may want to go down to in creating your own successor chapter. It is inspirational in the least and IMHO a great extra addition to the Warhammer Conquest Magazine Subscription.

As fo me, I have enough on writing this blog. so I’ll be giving mine away.

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