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Every week we check Forbidden Planet who has been consistently releasing Cover Artwork and allowing early preorders of upcoming issues normally 10-20 issues ahead of the current release.

But now they’ve allowed preorders all the way up to issue 80. Along with the leaked release list, now you can get a commitment to those issues you want early and ensure you get your hands on them before the scalpers do.

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Below we’ve made a quick summary of the upcoming issues (all 40 of them as we have only just hit the half-way mark). But we’ve highlighted (with pictures) the issues that are going to be in high demand.

Bear in mind that until at least the cover artwork is released the leaked list is subject to change.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming issues, Click the titles or the images to be taken straight to the Forbidden Planet page for that issue.

Warhammer Conquest Preorder List

Warhammer Conquest Issue 40 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 41 & 42 Contents

If we couldn’t make it any clearer just how fast these preorders sell out, issue 41 is already gone.

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 41 & 42

Warhammer Conquest Issue 43 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 44 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 45 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 46 Contents

This one could go fast, a Bloat Drone, Lord of Contaigon and 4 Plague Marines

Warhammer Conquest Full Contents Issue 33 - Dark Imperium Sprue C

Warhammer Conquest Issue 47 Contents

here’s another one that could ‘fly’ off those vertual shelves – Yeah, I’m not even gonna apologise for that.

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 47

Warhammer Conquest Issue 48 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 49 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 50 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 51 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 52 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 53 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 54 Contents

Yeah, Preorder this one, pre-order it fast! You’re saving over two thirds against the retail price! If you don;t buy this, scalpers will buy it just to sell on at a huge proffit.

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 54

Warhammer Conquest Issue 55 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 56 Contents

Another one with excellent value, Single Lieutenants alone are £15 each. then you get the Ancient and a full squad of Intercessors. This one will be great to bolster your Space Marine Force. Or again used by scalpers to make a profit. make sure you get it and not them by pre-ordering.

  • 5 x Primaris Intercessors
  • 2 x Primaris Lieutenants
  • 1 x Primaris Ancient
Warhammer Conquest Issue 56 Cover Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 57 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 58 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 59 Contents

  • 2 x Primaris Intercessors
  • 2 x Primaris Hellblasters
  • 1 x Primaris Inceptor

Warhammer Conquest Issue 60 Contents

  • 10 Pox Walkers
  • 1 x Plague Marine

Warhammer Conquest Issue 61 & 62 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 63 Contents

  • 10 Pox Walkers
  • 1 x Plague Marine

Warhammer Conquest Issue 64 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 65 Contents

Another one ripe for pre-order, based on the savings alone.

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £30.00
Total Saving £22.01

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 65

Warhammer Conquest Issue 66 Contents

This could go fast too, saving just under half price for a cool model.

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £15.00
Total Saving £7.01

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 66

Warhammer Conquest Issue 67 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 68 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 69 Contents

Once again, not a huge saving, but a cool character mini for almost half off

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £15.00
Total Saving £7.01

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 69

Warhammer Conquest Issue 70 Contents

Due to a change in the paint order, Athonian Camoshade which was originally meant to be part of this issue has now moved to issue 36

Warhammer Conquest Issue 71 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 72 Contents

This one is a good set too (apparently). the models themselves are a bit aged, However, I’ve been advised that these guys are a solid pair of units on the tabletop.


Warhammer Conquest Issue 73 Contents

Warhammer Conquest Issue 74 Contents

Another great character model for just inder Half Price

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 74

Warhammer Conquest Issue 757677 & 78 Contents

This is an odd one, it;s been reported that this massive unit is split over 4 issues. however the retail box has only 3 sprues. If you are after this make sure you pre-order at least the forst three issues, but just to be on the safe side, preorder all 4, you can always cancel one later.

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 75, 76, 78 & 78

Warhammer Conquest Issue 79 & 80 Contents

The last set in the series is incredible. The Terrain units have never been the most popular in this series but you can get over 50% off this excellent unit. if nothing else it;s a great model to stand all your other pieces on. I expect this to go quick.

Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 79 & 80

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