Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Wave 4 – Leaked

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It was just last week that I posted about McFarlane’s Warhammer Series 3, then this morning sat on the bog I get a random youtube recommendation of a channel I’d never heard of before. A quick nosey at this indicates the models we will see over the next series of Action Figures. So until I get confirmation (And I’ll update the article when I do) here’s our first (potential) look at McFarlane’s Warhammer Series 4, or Wave 4 if you prefer.

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Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 4 – Leak

I have often been accused online of never giving credit where it’s due. It genuinely hurts when people say this because I always, always aim to give back to the community when I share the work of others.

So let me avoid this accusation and be 100% with you. I heard this from a guy, who got it from a guy, who got it from their mates….. Let me explain.

Again, sat on the throne earlier watching YouTube (oh shut up, we all do it) and a video pops in my watch next list. This video specifically;

Check out Frog Lane Studio on YouTube and also check out their Instagram for some amazing custom work on these action figures.

Anyway, as the video says. a facebook Action Figure collector page “The Voice of Reason”, shared a list of upcoming Mcfarlane releases they managed to snag from Daming Toys (oooh wow, look at all the Play Arts Kai FFVII figures coming out! Sorry I’m getting distracted)

Anyway, here’s the leaked list

As you can see, at the bottom there’s a huge list of Warhammer figures, some pretty interesting ones too! Pretty much all my complaints about McFarlane’s Warhammer Wave 3 have been answered. yay!

Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 4 – Models

We are saying series 4 here but based on the volume of models this could be both Wave 4 & Wave 5. 10 in total, though almost half of these are the unpainted Artists Proof varients

The largest release yet was wave 2, having 5 available models. 6 if you include the Platinum Chase Sister

Let’s take a look at what’s on the list below

  • Reiver
  • Reiver (Ap Variant)
  • Genestealer
  • Genestealer (Ap Variant)
  • Raven Guard Veteran Sergeant
  • Big Mek
  • Big Mek (Ap Variant)
  • Ork Meganob With Buzzsaw
  • Ork Meganob With Shoota
  • Ork Meganob With Shoota (Ap Variant)

It’s also worth noting that the Space Marine and Genestealer models are noted on the list above as being 7″ which is standard for the range. But the Orks are listed as “MEGAFIG”. A quick search online for “Mcfarlane Megafig, explains that;

“Megafigs are large figures to match their 7” scale figure counterparts”

F&J Toy Collectibles

So they’re big. Equivalent Megafig models from McFarlane are the Likes of the Darkseid and Steppenwolf (#BringBackTheSnyderVerse) from the DC Movies.

I think it would be odd to have the Orks taller than the Space Marines, but they are definitely chunkier boyz. So I expect this designation has been set because, well, more plastic is used and they drop into that size category from McFarlane’s point of view.

Warhammer Mcfarlane Primaris Reiver

Absolutely awesome that we are getting these. They have been some of my favourite models since Space Marine scouts.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Series 4 - Reivers

I can’t see them doing these without a significant change in the sculpt as these guys have Phobos armour rather than the MkX armour of a Primaris Marine.

My hope is this will have a head, with a face and hair. but I expect this will be the more skull like helmet.

Still, great having this option for painting and with an unpanted Artists Proof version availabe makes it extra wantable

Warhammer Mcfarlane Genestealer

ooh really? When was the last time Games Workshop released a new Tyranid model? (Genestealer Cults don’t count)

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Series 4 - Genestealer

I’m all for Tyranids. As the only non-humanoid race in 40k they have a welcome place.

I genuine hope the colour scheme is that of the classic Stealers, Purple and pink. See the Space Hulk (best game ever) box art for details.

But even if this isn’t the way they go, the Unpainted Artists proof version will let us paint whatever way we like.

Warhammer Mcfarlane Raven Guard Space Marine

Oooh interesting. Though I would have expected Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Imperial Fists or Salamanders first.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Series 4 - Raven Guard

When I think of what is specific to Ravenuard, I think of Pointy Helmets, Feathers and Jump Packs. We can only hope. I half expect this would be little more than a colour scheme change of an existing model.

There’s no indication whether this is going to be based on the Primaris Sculpt or the new Reiver Sculpt. As it has an Artists Proof version available it does indicate that at least some of this sculpt is different to the previous releases.

Warhammer Mcfarlane Big Mek

As we get into these last 3 models. First off “YAY ORKS”, but also, be aware that the Big Mek and Meganobz can all be made from the same kit when you buy the set of 3 models from GW

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Series 4 - Big Mek

Shown above are the 3 Big Mek models as advertised by GW. This Mcfarlane model comes with an Artists Proof variant available too. So it is, in the very least, a different sculpt to the models below.

What it looks like is anyone guess, but I gighly suspect the majority of the model will be the same, just with some extra buts here and there.

As this is classed as a “Megafig” it should have some bulk to it (read: expense)

Warhammer Mcfarlane Ork Meganob With Buzzsaw

Shown below is (as on the GW website) a Big Mek model. but this was the only one they showcase with a Buzzsaw so I used this pic.

Again, I expect that this will be most;y the same sculpt as the models above and below. but with a different hand.

Whilst this is also classed by McFarlane as a Megafig, there is no Artists proof variant for this one. further suggesting that the variation between this and the other models isn’t that huge.

Warhammer Mcfarlane Ork Meganob With Shoota

Finally, and showcased as a Meganob (as such was the pic I nicked off GW is this chap with a big claw and shoota.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Series 4 - Meganob with Shoota

This Megafig model does have an Artists proof variant coming, my hope with this is that it gives us the weapon options available for both of the painted Meganobz models released. Though to be fair, there’s nothing stopping us from painting the already painted versions. I’m sure we all have primer after all.

Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 4 – Final Thoughts

Assuming the above is A. real, and B all one series of releases. this looks like the absolute best yet. The models and options available is incredible and suggests a strong and continuing future of this Warhammer/McFarlane partnership.

This is all before we hear of any Gold edition or even Platinum edition models which are rare and unique in their own right.

Am I he only one hoping for some Age of Sigmar models at some point?

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