Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Full Collection Savings Breakdown

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Ok, here we go again. I’ll admit I enjoyed doing these when they first came out, but there are only so many times I can do the same thing before excitement wains. That’s kinda now for me. But I know you are excited so that is fueling, nay compelling, me to continue doing the breakdowns. I must admit. this one was tiresome. but that’s mainly because I have covid again and I’m tired anyway.

Right, let’s have a look at the value of the Warhammer Stormbringer collection. I’ll do the premium sets in a separate issue.

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Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Collection Cost Introduction

Hi, if you are new to these posts, let me explain them upfront.

The article is a breakdown of all the contents we can see in this picture.

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine - Full Collection

It’s not the most exciting activity, especially considering the image quality when zoomed in. But thankfully we have managed to get hands-on with a much higher res version. and you can clearly see what’s what down to (most of) the individual miniatures.

So we take this list and compare the RRP cost of the individual models to the cost of the whole collection.

We’ve had a few comments over the years on our approach to this…

  • Why do we use RRP when models can be found 20% cheaper almost everywhere?
  • Why don’t you include the paints from the collection.
  • Why do you use individual model prices when many of these are cheaper in various boxed sets.
  • Can you tell me where I can find back issues that have been out of stock everywhere for weeks?
  • Dis iZ a oRk poST noW

The last 2 aren’t relevant but they are common comments I’ve had to filter out frequently.

Well, since I’ve just answered much of this in my Warhammer Imperium post, I’ll explain again here.

When it comes to doing this, the problem is, everyone will have their own view. There’s no way to please everyone with this type of breakdown so I just have to make a call which way I want to go with it. and I choose to compare RRP

As for the reason why I chose to compare, RRP. well, there’s a few.

Firstly, the 20% discount isn’t a given. Yeah, it’s frequently 20% off on most UK websites and FLGS, but some individual units only had 15% or even 10% off in various stores. Some other countries don’t have discounts at all, and I want this site to be suited to all locales (FauxHammer – bringing people closer).

Even in the UK, some stores offer 22%-25% off. Some prices change throughout the year. So which discounted prices do I choose? And then what about how each store does or does not allow for free shipping at certain values, or has a paid membership programme to get further discounts?

The point is to write this in a way that It would be a fair indication but I would not have to keep editing it as prices change. For example, I’m not going to go back and edit all of the content lists created so far for Imperium because we are about to see a price hike. I will fix forward when I have new prices, but I’m not revisiting old ones.

If I do start considering discounts. Then why am I not also considering the discounts you can get on the Magazine by purchasing it from Forbidden Planet? Well, that’s because that discount would also need to consider shipping and how many issues you can get per order to obtain the max discount?

This is before I even begin to consider the various Start Collecting or other boxed sets these models can come in. All of which can go in and out of availability throughout the collection’s run.

I also wanted to consider what is a fair comparison to the method of getting the models. I mean, you can’t just go out and buy all the issues in one go. So it’s unlikely that you would do the same with the models. With Imperium it’s weekly. So if you were to try and emulate this without the magazine and just buy some models weekly. How would you do that? you’d buy individual kits.

So with all that, the only fair and direct comparison I’m left with is Imperium RRP vs Individual (where possible) Models RRP.

And as I always recommend to anyone who is not happy with the way I’ve done it. feel free to work it out a different way and share the results.

But be aware the second you put down a model with a discount of 20% off the RRP and share that with the world. You’ll get more people complaining in 6 months when (for some odd reason) you can no longer get it at that price anywhere.

So, that’s why I chose to do it this way. But I do try to add links to all of the items, should anyone want to see the cost of them at online stores.

Hope that helps you understand why I have gone this way.

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Collection Cost Summary

Assuming you don’t want to see the full breakdown of what you get, Here’s a brief summary grid of all the models coming in this set compared to the cost of the set.

Please be aware that the contents are subject to change at any time – Warhammer Imperium did when they removed the Destroyer from the original collection image. It’s not coming in the collection now, it has not been replaced, yet I still see people asking what it’s being replaced with. The answer is nothing.

Anyway, here’s the top-level view of what the magazine costs, vs the value of these individual (where possible) models you get in it.

Total Value£1,331.75£2,137.35£2,612.08£1,700.60£3,463.69
Total Cost£710.20£1,109.00£788.20
Total Savings£621.55£1,028.35£912.40
Percentage Saved46.67%48.11%53.65%

So, on the surface, the immediate savings are a couple of per cent up when compared to Imperium. below I will dive into the individual elements. And bear in mind, I worked this out before the March 2022 price increase to some sets.

Savings after the standard 20% discount from various FLGS and Online Hobby Stores.

To work this out, i just deducted 20% off the Total Value fields.

Total Value£1,065.40£1,709.88£2,065.67£1,360.48£2,739.75
Total Cost£710.20£1,109.00£788.20
Total Savings£355.20£600.88£572.28
Percentage Saved33.34%35.14%42.06%

It’s a bit of a raw and nasty way of doing it., but it does give you some indication of a more realistic comparison due to many of us shopping online.

Not sure what we even mean about this standard 20% discount? Just check all the text links to stores in our ad’s section above. pretty much all those places will offer a standard 20% off most if not all Warhammer products.

UK: Element Games, The Outpost, Wayland Games, Mighty Lancer, Goblin Gaming, Forbidden Planet, Model Scenery Supplies, eBay, Amazon
US/Canada: MTechCave, GameKastle, eBay (US), eBay (CA), Amazon
Germany: Taschengelddieb
Europe: eBay (DE), eBay (FR), eBay (ES), eBay (IT), Amazon
Australia: eBay, Amazon
Global: RedGrass Games, Warcolours

Again, please bear in mind that we don’t have any detail on the paints coming in this collection, so consider that as Extra value we simply haven’t included, and can’t include because we won’t know until the collection ends. Hachette won’t share what paints are coming upfront, they never have.

Oh, then there’s brushes and other free gifts you’ll get if you subscribe directly with the publisher

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Total Collection Cost

I’ll be making some assumptions here. I’m writing this during the trial run of Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine and at this time. only the UK pricing has been revealed. In fact, we don’t even have other countries confirmed.

So I’ll be assuming those prices based on the current Warhammer Imperium Costs.

Issue 1£2.99$6.95€2.99
Issue 2£5.99$13.95€5.99
Issues 3-80£701.22$1088.10€779.22
Total Cost£710.20$1109.00€788.20

As expected, this is identical to Imperium

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Total Collection Value

Before I begin, there are some caveats to the list below which I’ll note at the bottom of each table. Such as assumptions or special calculations made. Specifically, when there are exclusive minis, models from OOP sets or models which come in various boxed sets.

Grand Alliance Order Value£585.54£932.43£1,139.88£743.18£1,518.60
Grand Alliance Destruction Value£538.71£862.93£1,057.21£691.18£1,380.60
Terrain Value£207.50£342.00£415.00£266.25£564.50

So the true value may vary, depending on how you would attempt to build the same collection yourself.

The way I have done it is the individual unit price (RRP) where it’s available. Or divisions by sprue qty in boxed sets where it’s not.

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Grand Alliance Order Value

The Grand Alliance “Order” set is made up of 3 factions, Stormcast Eternals, Kharadron Overlords and Sylvaneth. The value of each set is shown below.

Stormcast Eternals Value£344.54£545.43£661.88£429.18£892.60
Kharadron Overlords Value£93.50£149.00£185.00£120.00£242.00
Sylvaneth Value£147.50£238.00£293.00£194.00£384.00

The Order Alliance have a bit more value overall here and feature a good mix of units. Mostly Stormcast but with a spattering of Kharadron and Sylvaneth.

Stormcast Eternals Value

It’s nice to see that the Stormcast units are all based on the newer designs (with the exception of Gardus Steel Soul), introduced alongside the release of Age of Sigmar Dominion (3rd Edition).

Knight-Arcanum*Dominion + SS£5.42$8.30$10.00€6.67$10.84
5 Vindictors*Dominion + SS£8.75$13.75$16.25€11.67$19.17
Lord Important and his Bird-Dog*Dominion + SS£4.38$6.88$8.13€5.84$9.59
Bastian Carthalos£26.50$40.00$50.00€32.50$70.00
Xandire’s Truthseekers**£32.50$47.50$62.50€40.00$80.00
Gardus Steel Soul£23.50$35.00$45.00€30.00$60.00
5 Vigilors***£18.25$30.00$35.00€22.50$49.00
5 Vanquishers***£18.25$30.00$35.00€22.50$49.00
Stormdrake Guard£68.00$110.00$130.00€85.00$180.00
Knight-Judicator with Gryph-hounds£21.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Stormstrike Chariot£29.00$45.00$55.00€35.00$77.00
Exclusive Praetor****£17.50$30.00$35.00€22.50$40.00
* Based on Dominion/Starter Set Price Divided by the number of Sprues in that Set.
** Only available in Direchasm so 1/2 that box price
*** Based on 1/2 retail box price as the collection only contains 1/2 the number of models
**** Exclusive Model based on individual Stormcast models e.g Knight-Questor / Knight-Heraldor

The main one that stands out here is the dragons (Stormdrake Guard). There is some slight difference in build options for these too so you can easily get 5 rather distinct sculpts.

But expect those to come at the end of the collection and be split over at least 2 issues. Possibly 3 if they stick the flight stands in a separate issue. Still less than half price though!

There are also some cool characters in here. Bastian Carthalos is just an awesome model

Kharadron Overlords Value

I do love me some steampunk dwarves

Thundrik’s Profiteers£25.00$40.00$50.00€32.50$65.00
Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit£23.50$35.00$45.00€30.00$60.00
Grundstok Thunderers£27.50$44.00$55.00€35.00$77.00
Arkanaut Admiral£17.50$30.00$35.00€22.50$40.00

It’s not the widest range of models, with the only real stand out different one being the Endrinmaster.

The rest are rather similar but still pretty cool.

Sylvaneth Value

Tree people

Treelord / Spirit of Durthu£40.00$65.00$78.00€54.00$103.00
Ylthari’s Guardians£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$40.00
Druanti the Arch-Revenant£22.50$35.00$45.00€30.00$60.00
*Spite-Revenants and Tree-Revenants are actually the same kit

Again the main one to watch out for is the big one.

That being the Treelord / Spirit of Durthu as there are several build options for this one.

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Grand Alliance Destruction Value

The Grand Alliance of Destruction is made of 3 factions again. Orruk Warclans, Gloomspite Gitz and Sons of Behemat. (Pronounced Beer-mat, honestly)

Orruk Warclans Value£236.21£377.93£454.71£300.18£605.60
Gloomspite Gits Value£265.00£422.50£527.50£341.00£700.00
Sons of Behemat Value£37.50£62.50£75.00£50.00£75.00

Unlike the Alliance of Order, this is a more even split with half the units (more if you count individual models) being the Gloomspit Gitz (little Goblins/trolls). The other half is made up of Orruk Warclans and one classic Gargant thrown in the mix.

Orruk Warclans Value

There’s a good selection of new models in here, including the larger Sloggoth and Sumdrekk units.

Killaboss & Stab-grot*Dominion + SS£5.42$8.30$10.00€6.67$10.84
Gutrippaz*Dominion + SS£8.75$13.75$16.25€11.67$19.17
Swampcalla Shaman with Pot-grot*Dominion + SS£4.38$6.88$8.13€5.84$9.59
Hobgrot Slittaz£31.50$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
Ironskull’s Boyz£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$40.00
Man-Skewer Boltboyz£29.00$45.00$55.00€35.00$77.00
Beast-Skewer Killbow£21.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Marshcrawla Sloggoth£31.50$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
Swampboss Skumdrekk£34.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90.00
5 Ardboys**£11.67$19.00$23.33€15.00$19.00
* Based on Dominion/Starter Set Price Divided by the number of Sprues in that Set.
** Based on 13/ retail price as there are 5 models here vs the retail set’s 15

Check out this nasty.

Yeah, you get that!

They also throw in a few classic models to round out the Orruk Numbers.

Gloomspite Gitz Value

A large portion of your tabletop will be taken up with the (more than) numerous goblin chaps in here.

Zarbag’s Gitz£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$40.00
Da Kunnin’ Krew*£32.50$47.50$62.50€40.00$80.00
Squig Herd£27.50$45.00$55.00€35.00$77.00
Gloomspite Grots Shootas/Stabbas£25.00$38.00$50.00€32.50$61.00
Mollogg’s Mob£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$40.00
Fungoid Cave-Shaman Snazzgar Stinkmullett£22.50$36.00$45.00€28.00$60.00
Sneaky Snufflers£25.00$40.00$50.00€32.50$70.00
Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig£22.50$35.00$45.00€30.00$60.00
5 Squig Hoppers**£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$42.00
Skragrott the Loonking£22.50$36.00$45.00€28.00$60.00
* only available in Underworlds Harrowdeep set at the time of writing, price based on 1/2 that set’s price.
** based on 1/2 retail box as the set comes with 10, here we get 5.

A lot of these units are very much “classics”. by that I mean they came long before GW even started numbering the individual components on the sprue.

If you like works and goblins, you are gonna have an absolute ton to paint in here.

Sons of Behemat Value

Don’t confuse this with the recently released mega-gargant

Mancrusher Gargant*£37.50$62.50$75.00€50.00$75.00
*half retail value as only 1 in collection vs 2 in retail set

The retail box comes with two Gargants, but it’s the same sprues twice. Due to the value, I’d expect this to come over at least 2 issues.

Where it shares similarity with the mega-gargant is that this model can be built in numerous different ways.

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine – Terrain Value

There’s a small variety of scenery in the set. It’s essentially 2 ruined buildings, a statue. then some bones and crystal pillars.

Nexus Syphon£30.00$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
2 x Domicile Shell£60.00$100.00$120.00€80.00$168.00
Domicile Shell with Winch£30.00$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
Guardian Idol£30.00$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
2 x Beastgrave Primal Lair£45.00$72.00$90.00€50.00$110.00
Azyrite Shattered Plaza Sprue£12.50$20.00$25.00€16.25$34.50

The Beastgrave Primal Lair kit is no longer available anywhere else, so this may be your last chance to grab these for a while. Good for any Underworllds players who missed out on that initial scenery set.

I’m kinda gutted they stopped doing them. they added some nice physical elements to the Underworlds boards.

Warhammer Stormbringer – Cost/Savings Breakdown – Final Thoughts

All in all, this looks like a mighty collection. But remember it is subject to change.

At over 45% off RRP before we even consider paints, extra freebies and the magazines themselves. This feels almost like stealing. Especially with some of the specific issues.

I know I for one will be counting the days until this magazine arrives on shelves. Will I have time to paint it all?

No… But that’s not the point. the point is just to collect the plastic army men people? Right!?

Anyway, I’m gonna go sleep. In the morning I need to calculate the savings of the Premium Sets.

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    Excellent work once again Fauxhammer! Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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    It’s not that saving 45% off RRP is stealing, it’s that buying at RRP is the company stealing from you…

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    Thanks for this excellent write up, I’m looking forward to this series as much as Imperium!

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    Thanks for your work!
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    Thank you so much! Really appreciate your hard work. This is so helpful. I was in the fence but I’ll be subbing to this one. Cheers

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