Mortal Realms Magazine Contents List – Issues 1-80

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Mortal Realms Magazine Contents per Issue - Featured_
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Ok, so we did this with Warhammer Conquest when the contents were leaked. That article has been our most popular post ever written. I guess it’s clear that people want a repository showing all of the contents per issue. So now we are doing the same with Mortal Realms Magazine. This article will regularly be updated to show the full contents list of Mortal fRealms Magazine issues. for now, it is mostly a placeholder. If anywhere leaks the full contents we’ll be sure to let you know.

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Mortal Realms Magazine FAQ

For anyone who is new to the magazine or even the hobby in general, I’ve done a quick FAQ below based on our experience with Warhammer Conquest. This contains lots of useful info, even for those who have been around for a while.

Is Mortal Realms Magazine released yet?

The Release Date for Issue 1 is January 8th 2020

What is Mortal Realms Magazine?

Mortal Realms is a Partworks Magazine (In that pieces are released with each issue to make a complete product). With this magazine, you get the parts to build and paint 2 armies of miniatures from Games Workshop’s Tabletop wargame, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

What are the expected Contents of Mortal Realms?

We have an idea what we are getting based on the below image, which is the full contents expected to be received between Issues 1-80. There’s likely to be some extra paints mixed in for good measure.

Mortal Realms All Issues Contents - Featured

See our estimated cost breakdown of the contents here.

What is the best way to subscribe?

This is a hot topic, there are two main ways and a third (IMHO better) way. Below we will look at the different ways to subscribe to Mortal Realms.

Option 1:

Subscribe directly with Hachette by clicking subscribe now on their website. With this method, you will be sent 4 issues every 4 weeks and will be charged around the same time that the issues despatch.

With Warhammer Conquest, the 4 issues were normally despatched halfway between the issues in the stores. For example, if you’re package contains issues 5-8. You will get them shortly after issues 5 & 6 are released in stores, but before issues 7 & 8 (roughly). However, due to delays in Warhammer Conquest deliveries from Hachette, the boxes are now arriving in-line with the issues arriving in stores. So by the time, your issues arrive, people who buy from local newsagents may have already had them all already.

With this option, you also have to deal with Hachette’s terrible customer service if you ever have a problem.

Although, this appears to be much improved since Warhammer Conquest.

Option 2:

Subscribe with your local newsagent. They will manage your subscription and you simply need to collect your issue from them every week. Normally on a Wednesday however with Warhammer Conquest, we had reports of some newsagents releasing the issues earlier in the week.

This method can have its’s drawbacks. Make sure you trust your newsagent. In our Facebook groups, we have seen reports of Newsagents claiming that they did not get any copies of certain (high-in-demand) issues. These are also the issues that turned up in droves on eBay.

By subscribing at your trusted newsagent, you are unlikely to get the extras which Hachette provide in deliveries (not an issue, remember there are 4 “issues” per “delivery”) 1, 3, 4, 5 & 7. Nor will you get the binders or art books (if there are any with Mortal realms) which you are charged extra for. Though we have had reports in our facebook groups that some newsagents have provided the binders at least.

Option 3: The best way to subscribe to Mortal Realms

This one didn’t occur to many of us until recently but ended up the best of both options above. I actually cancelled my Warhammer Conquest subscription with Hachette to subscribe this way. The method is to subscribe with Forbidden Planet.

To be clear straight away, with this method you will not get the extra gifts in deliveries 1, 3, 4, 5 & 7. Nor will you get the binders and (if they have them) art books you are charged extra for. But bear with us.

What we learned from Warhammer Conquest is that Forbidden Planet already sells the issues 50p cheaper, at £7.49, rather than the £7.99 RRP. We get the same discount with Mortal Realms (although, issues 4 & 5 are £7.59 for some reason). Subscribing with Forbidden Planet will get you your issues delivered to your door weekly. You’re charged weekly, you can pick and choose the issues and quantities you like. Oh, and this makes it available anywhere outside of the UK!

It took people a while to figure this out, but the way it works is as follows. Go to Forbidden Planet. This link will take to to the Mortal Realms page showing all of the available issues. Add all the issues you want to your basket.

There is a postage cost, but this is how it works. postage for 1 issue is £2. 2 issues is £3. And 3 or more issues is £5.50. That’s the cap. If you order 3 issues or 300 issues (They don’t need to be teh same issues), the postage cost will never rise above £5.50. (I’ve spoken with them on the phone to confirm this).

Example only, I’m not going to buy 300 copies of issue 53!

As the issues are all 50p cheaper anyway, so long as you order 11 issues in one go, you will break even. Order more and you are saving money.

Can’t afford to pay upfront? Don’t worry, you don’t…

When you place the order, you will not be charged immediately, you will only be charged when the issues you’ve ordered become available. When your first delivery is dispatched, you will be charged the full postage amount. However, after this, you will only be charged per week as the issues are despatched and there will be no further postage costs.

The final benefit is that these issues are normally despatched the Friday before the issue is due to be released. So you can get the issues as soon as Saturday or Monday before the issues are released each week on a Wednesday.

What free gits are there with Mortal Realms?

Throughout the early stage of Mortal Realms (up to delivery 7, which is issues 23/26) you will get the following free gifts.

Remember, a “delivery” is a box containing 4 issues. Delivery 7 is not Issue 7 – more on this in a minute.

  • Delivery 1 – Plastic Glue, Sprue Cutters and the end of a Mould Line Remover
  • Delivery 3 – Your first Binder (the other 3 will cost £7.99 each)
  • Delivery 4 – Citadel Painting Handle
  • Delivery 5 – Large Base Brush, Medium Shade Brush and a Small Layer Brush
  • Delivery 7 – A Citadel Paint Pot and Palette (bin this, use a wet palette)

Is there any Premium Wargear?

Yes, when you subscribe with Hachette directly, for £2 extra per issue you will get the following throughout the series. there are 4 of them in total and they come with the following deliveries 5, 8, 13 & 18.

Update 08/01/19: I originally posted the Delivery dates based on the Spanish release however the UK FAQ notes the premium wargear dates are different. Thanks to Michael on our Facebook page for pointing this out.

You can only get this offer if you subscribe prior to Issue 6

So, you’ll be paying £160 across the series and the value of the models is £307.50 So you’re actually saving £147.50.

They have it better on the continent where it’s only 1.50€ extra per issue! But it is about time people outside of the UK got some decent discount on Games Workshop products

Delivery Schedule

Hachette has advertised that this is a weekly magazine, but f you subscribe with Hachette you will get 4 issues ever four weeks, not weekly (again Forbidden Planet send them and charges you weekly). Just noting this as it confuses some people.

As the subscriber extras are advertised as coming in certain “deliveries”, below is a brief breakdown of the deliveries and what issues come with them

➕ = Free Subscriber Gift
💲 = Premium Wargear (£2 extra per issue)

Delivery 1Issue 1Issue 2
Delivery 2Issue 3Issue 4Issue 5Issue 6
Delivery 3Issue 7Issue 8Issue 9Issue 10
Delivery 4Issue 11Issue 12Issue 13Issue 14
Delivery 5 ➕ 💲Issue 15Issue 16Issue 17Issue 18
Delivery 6Issue 19Issue 20Issue 21Issue 22
Delivery 7Issue 23Issue 24Issue 25Issue 26
Delivery 8 💲Issue 27Issue 28Issue 29Issue 30
Delivery 9Issue 31Issue 32Issue 33Issue 34
Delivery 10Issue 35Issue 36Issue 37Issue 38
Delivery 11Issue 39Issue 40Issue 41Issue 42
Delivery 12Issue 43Issue 44Issue 45Issue 46
Delivery 13 💲Issue 47Issue 48Issue 49Issue 50
Delivery 14Issue 51Issue 52Issue 53Issue 54
Delivery 15Issue 55Issue 56Issue 57Issue 58
Delivery 16Issue 59Issue 60Issue 61Issue 62
Delivery 17Issue 63Issue 64Issue 65Issue 66
Delivery 18 💲Issue 67Issue 68Issue 69Issue 70
Delivery 19Issue 71Issue 72Issue 73Issue 74
Delivery 20Issue 75Issue 76Issue 77Issue 78
Delivery 21Issue 79Issue 80

What Countries is Mortal Realms Magazine Available in?

Mortal Realms was released First in Spain, on 06/01/20 with the UK following 2 days later on 08/01/20. Mortal Realms. However, if you subscribe with Forbidden Planet as noted above, this is available globally.

Is there a model exclusive to Mortal Realms?

Yes, Xandria Azurebolt – A Stormcast Knight Incantor. She will be in issue 5 of the magazine.

Are there any Hidden Charges?

Not really hidden, if you read the small print. After the First Binder, Hachette will charge you £7.99 for each of the 3 additional binders they send you throughout the series.

There will likely be some exclusive gear too. With Warhammer Conquest, this was some books. When these are available Hachette will auto-enrol you to receive one and will charge you for it. You can opt-out of you are quick (but some people have accidentally had their whole subscription cancelled when doing this). You can also send them back (freepost) charge for a full refund.

Mortal Realms Contents Per Issue Breakdown

Below we list the contents of each Mortal Realms issue, the cost of the issue and the retail cost of the contents. this will help to work out the value of each issue and how much you would save by purchasing the issues vs the products in-store.

Note: I have compares the issues prices to the lowest priced directly comparable individual product. Many of these are available as single sets but you can get them cheaper in boxed games. To directly compare the value of each issue, I am comparing the contents to the individually priced sets so you can compare that issue to the cost if you were to get the exact same contents (and no more) from Games Workshop Directly.

Mortal Realms Issue 1 Contents

Release Date: 28/08/19 (Trial Only) – 08/01/20

Issue Price £2.99
Total Value £35.00
Total Saving £32.01

Mortal Realms Issue 2 Contents

Release Date: 04/09/19 (Trial Only) – 22/01/20

Issue Price £5.99
Total Value £12.75
Total Saving £6.76

Mortal Realms Issue 3 Contents

Release Date: 11/09/19 (Trial Only) – 29/01/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £13.70
Total Saving £5.71

Mortal Realms Issue 4 Contents

Release Date: 18/09/19 (Trial Only) – 05/02/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £12.75
Total Saving £4.76

Mortal Realms Issue 5 Contents

  • Xandria Azurebolt – (Knight Incantor)

Release Date: 12/02/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £Exclusive Character
Total Saving £Check eBay for whatever teh scalpers sell her at!

This is our Exclusive Character model for Mortal Realms. She is likely to be in very high demand. The Equivalent Model in Warhammer Conquest (Primaris Lieutenant Calsius) actually sold out before he was released! Expect the same with Xandria Azurebolt.

The contents of this release were confirmed by Mark in our Facebook Group.

Mortal Realms Full Contents - Issue 5 - Xandria AzureBolt Knight Incantor (Exclusive)

Mortal Realms Issue 6 Contents

Release Date:19/02/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £15.00
Total Saving £7.01

Mortal Realms Full Contents - Issue 6 - Thorns of the Briar Queen

Mortal Realms Issue 7 Contents

Release Date: 26/02/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £8.45
Total Saving £0.46

Mortal Realms Issue 8 Contents

Release Date: 04/03/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £17.75
Total Saving £9.76

Mortal Realms Issue 9 Contents

Release Date: 11/03/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £15.83
Total Saving £7.84

Mortal Realms Full Contents - Issue 9 - 3 Sequitors 2 Castigators - Soul Wars Sprue B

Mortal Realms Issue 10 Contents

Release Date: 18/03/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £12.75
Total Saving £4.76

Mortal Realms Issue 11 Contents

The detail given by Hachette says “2 Crypt Frames” – most likely this will be the base frame and the Crypts themselves.

Release Date: 25/03/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £18.33
Total Saving £10.34

Mortal Realms Full Contents - Issue 11 - Sigmarite Mausoleum.png

Mortal Realms Issue 12 Contents

Release Date: 01/04/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £17.50
Total Saving £9.51

Mortal Realms Issue 12 -Knight Questor

Mortal Realms Issue 13 Contents

Release Date: 08/04/20Heading

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £9.45
Total Saving £1.49

Mortal Realms Issue 14 Contents

Release Date: 15/04/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £15.00
Total Saving £7.01

Mortal Realms Issue 14 -Dreadblade Harrows

Mortal Realms Issue 15 Contents

The detail given by Hachette says “2 Crypt Frames” – Unlike issue 11 where we have seen the cover, this could be the same again or it could be 2 of the series which has the walls and gating from the Sigmarite mausoleum set.

Release Date: 22/04/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £18.33
Total Saving £10.34

Mortal Realms Issue 16 - Sigmarite Mausoleum

Mortal Realms Issue 16 Contents

This is Sprue B from Soul Wars (RRP £95 6 sprues) or Tempest of Souls (RRP £50 for 4 sprues). The set value below is the retail cost of each boxed set divided by the number of sprues in the box. It’s a little off-balance as some sprues in the set contain more models than others.

Release Date: 29/04/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £12.50 – £15.83
Total Saving £4.51 – £7.84

Mortal Realms Issue 15 - Sequitors & Castigators

Mortal Realms Issue 17 Contents

Whilst the retail set comes with 10 Harridans on 2 identical sprues, this issue comes with only 1 sprue. The value below is 1/2 the RRP for the set

Release Date: 06/05/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £13.75
Total Saving £5.76

Mortal Realms Issue 17 - Dreadscythe Harridrans

Mortal Realms Issue 18 Contents

This is the first issue where the contents would actually be cheaper in the shops (unless you value the game mat at £2.49 or higher)

Release Date: 13/05/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £5.50
Total Saving -£2.49

Mortal Realms Issue 19 Contents

  • Knight of Shrouds
  • Guardian of Souls
  • Spirit Torment

This is Sprue F from Soul Wars (RRP £95 for 6 sprues). The set value below is the retail cost of each boxed set divided by the number of sprues in the box.

Release Date: 20/05/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £12.50 – £15.83
Total Saving £4.51 – £7.84

Mortal Realms Full Contents - Issue 19 - Knight of Shrouds, Guardian of Souls & Spirit Torment

Mortal Realms Issue 20 Contents

  • Lord-Arcanum
  • Evocator Prime

This is Sprue E from Soul Wars (RRP £95 for 6 sprues). The set value below is the retail cost of each boxed set divided by the number of sprues in the box.

Release Date: 27/05/20

Issue Price £7.99
Total Value £12.50 – £15.83
Total Saving £4.51 – £7.84

Mortal Realms Full Contents - Issue 20 - Lord-Arcanum & Evocator Prime

Mortal Realms Issue 21 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 03/06/20

Mortal Realms Issue 22 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 10/06/20

Mortal Realms Issue 23 Contents

Release Date: 17/06/20

Mortal Realms Issue 24 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 24/06/20

Mortal Realms Issue 25 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 01/07/20

Mortal Realms Issue 26 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 08/07/20

Mortal Realms Issue 27 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 15/07/20

Mortal Realms Issue 28 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 22/07/20

Mortal Realms Issue 29 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 29/07/20

Mortal Realms Issue 30 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 05/08/20

Mortal Realms Issue 31 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 12/08/20

Mortal Realms Issue 32 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 19/08/20

Mortal Realms Issue 33 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 26/08/20

Mortal Realms Issue 34 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 02/09/20

Mortal Realms Issue 35 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 09/09/20

Mortal Realms Issue 36 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 16/09/20

Mortal Realms Issue 37 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 23/09/20

Mortal Realms Issue 38 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 30/09/20

Mortal Realms Issue 39 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 07/10/20

Mortal Realms Issue 40 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 14/10/20

Mortal Realms Issue 41 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 21/10/20

Mortal Realms Issue 42 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 28/10/20

Mortal Realms Issue 43 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 04/11/20

Mortal Realms Issue 44 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 11/11/20

Mortal Realms Issue 45 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 18/11/20

Mortal Realms Issue 46 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 25/11/20

Mortal Realms Issue 47 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 02/12/20

Mortal Realms Issue 48 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 09/12/20

Mortal Realms Issue 49 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 16/12/20

Mortal Realms Issue 50 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 23/12/20

Mortal Realms Issue 51 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 30/12/20

Mortal Realms Issue 52 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 06/01/21

Mortal Realms Issue 53 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 13/01/20

Mortal Realms Issue 54 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 20/01/21

Mortal Realms Issue 55 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 27/01/21

Mortal Realms Issue 56 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 03/02/21

Mortal Realms Issue 57 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 10/02/21

Mortal Realms Issue 58 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 17/02/21

Mortal Realms Issue 59 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 24/02/21

Mortal Realms Issue 60 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 03/03/21

Mortal Realms Issue 61 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 10/03/21

Mortal Realms Issue 62 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 17/03/21

Mortal Realms Issue 63 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 24/03/21

Mortal Realms Issue 64 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 31/03/21

Mortal Realms Issue 65 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 07/04/21

Mortal Realms Issue 66 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 14/04/21

Mortal Realms Issue 67 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 21/04/21

Mortal Realms Issue 68 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 28/04/21

Mortal Realms Issue 69 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 05/05/21

Mortal Realms Issue 70 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 12/05/21

Mortal Realms Issue 71 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 19/05/21

Mortal Realms Issue 72 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 26/05/21

Mortal Realms Issue 73 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 02/06/21

Mortal Realms Issue 74 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 09/06/21

Mortal Realms Issue 75 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 16/06/21

Mortal Realms Issue 76 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 26/06/21

Mortal Realms Issue 77 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 30/06/21

Mortal Realms Issue 78 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 07/07/21

Mortal Realms Issue 79 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 14/07/21

Mortal Realms Issue 80 Contents

  • Unknown

Release Date: 21/07/21

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Mortal Realms Magazine Contents List - Issues 1-80
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Mortal Realms Magazine Contents List - Issues 1-80
An up-to-date list of Mortal Realms Magazine Contents from all 80 issues broken down by issue. Includes release dates, prices and savings.
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