Throwback Post – Awww how cute, A video of my Figs from 1997

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you know when you look back at old videos of yourself, how young and naive you are, makes you cringe.

But you get to a certain age where you can watch videos of a certain time a ago and finally think awwwwww how cute was I. That’s how I feel when looking at the below video I managed to find when I was uploading old family vids to YouTube.
If you want to watch this, I’ll warn you now, it’s bad;
  • I was 13
  • The video is old (like bad SD home video camera quality old)
  • I can’t focus the camera
  • There are times when I am just staring at one mini for about 2-3 minutes.
  • I don’t even really speak until about 10 minutes in.
  • When I do speak the quality of the content is terrible.
  • The timestamp keeps jumping about because I stabilised it in YouTube.


After watching it, it;s so great to see that my old Mini’s that I’m still impressed with the quality of, are still here. Except Ahriman, why did I ever strip Ahriman! That was a great paint job by my 13 yr old self.
I also like that I have confirmed that my Khârn the Betrayer I recently posted about is at least 20 years old, I suppose just like the rest of my models.

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