Kill Team Nachmund Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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The forces of Chaos and Aeldari are at it again in this box that can work as both the next expansion of Kill Team, but also as a direct follow-on to the recently released Eldritch Omens Battlebox. Let’s do some guesstimations on the Price, Value and Savings of Kill Team Nachmund.

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Kill Team Nachmund Price, Value and Savings Sumary

Som, before we begin, I need to say that this is a wild estimate based on several factors I’ve gone into below. And whilst we are estimating much of the value here, on the verge of a yearly price hike from GW, what we are looking for here is an estimated savings percentage. At least then, no matter what the price goes up by, we can still infer a saving.

Chaos Space Marine Value£56.00$95.00$110.00€70.00$153.00
Aeldari Value£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90.00
Terrain Value£112.86$190.43$228.14€147.14$297.71
Total Value£201.36$340.43$403.14€259.64$540.71
Nachmund Price£125.00$199.00$239.00€155.00$290.00
Total Savings£76.36$141.43$164.14€104.64$250.71
Percentage Saved38%41%41%40%46%

What appears to be a rough 40% saving across the board is weighted heavily by the terrain in this box. as that was calculated based on the individual parts where possible.

A 30% to 40% saving is quite typical on these larger game boxed sets. It will be interesting to see how this fairs when the dust settles on the price increase and when they reveal the price of Nachmund.

See below for the individual unit’s value breakdown.

Kill Team Nachmund Release Date

The first of our guesstimates is regarding the release date. and this we will infer from the image below, shared by Warhammer Community back before the first Kill Team 2.0 box (Octarius) was released. Along with the release dates of the previous two boxes.

Kill Team Octarius was released back in September of 2021, which was the Q3 2021 Release from the list below.

Kill Team Chalnath in the early-middle of Q4 of 2021.

Kill Team Octarius Review Roadmap

We are still oin Q1 of 2022 and already we have seen the new Kill Team Starter Set (essentially Octarius lite) release at the end of January.

So now with a month to go of Q1. When should we expect to see the preorder drop for Kill Team Nachmund? Well, there are only a few options. here they are below.

  • March 5th 2022
  • March 12th 2022
  • March 19th 2022
  • March 26th 2022

Well, I think we can confidently strike off the first and last entries above. The latest community post mentioned Nachmund is “Coming Soon”, which normally indicates; “not next week”, or usually for a couple of weeks. They would tend to announce “Coming Next Week” during their Sunday Previews to drum up excitement for preorders.

With the last entry above (March 26th), having a preorder go-live on this date means the box won’t arrive in-store/your hands until April. Out of the Q1 window.

As the community team announced the Corsairs, then 2 weeks later the Chaos Upgrades. So I’m betting 2 weeks from then before they tell us; “it’s coming next week”.

I’m putting my money on March 12th as the preorder date with the release coming on the 18th.

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Kill Team Nachmund Price

Kill Team has been a bit odd, with the first of the new War Zone boxes (Octarius) at a set price of £125 ($199 (USD), €155). And the second box (Chalnath) at £105 However Games Workshop has recently announced an upcoming price increase coming on March 7th. Which puts said hike before our expected pre-order date. (meaning it’s likely to go up from what we’d currently expect)

That Community Post did specify a few things not going up in price and one of those is namely “Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Starter Set”. But bear in mind that this is the £65 ($99 (USD), €85EUR) Starter Set. no Mention of Kill Team Chalnath (which at the time of that community post was sold out anyway).

Assuming the new Kill Team War Zone is hit with a price hike, then it could be anything up to 20% on top of any expected price point…

To be clear on his, they said;

In many cases, this will be about 5%. So, as an example of what you can expect on most kits, a box of Space Marine Intercessors will go up just £1 from £35 to £36.*

A few things are going up about 10% (e.g. books, scenery, resin miniatures), and there are a couple of outliers (e.g. Blood Bowl teams and metal miniatures) which are going up around 20%.

Warhammer Community – 09th February 2022

So it could be 5%, but Kill Team generally contains a lot of scenery, so will it fall into the 10% Category? Or could this even fall into the “couple of other things” category and go up 20%? here’s a preview of what that would look like below.

We’re basing this off the Octarius Prices rather than the Chalnath becasue, along with the 20(ish) miniatures in all the sets, there is also a ton of chunky scenery parts in this box. So we expect Octarius to be the base price.

Current Price*£125.00$199.00$239.99€155.00$290.00
* Current Price is estimated and based on Octarius

Honestly, I can very much expect that this box will be impacted by the upcoming price increase

I wouldn’t like to see a 20% bump on this but it’s not impossible. But I think we may see this somewhere around the £135, $215 (USD), €170 mark.

Again, what do you think? let me know in the comments.

Kill Team Nachmund Value

Right, straight off the bat, this is completely made up and a rather insane estimate based on the lowest common denominator of available plastic. But I have sensible reasons for this approach.

First, you have Chaos Space Marines, which is the existing retail set of Heretic Astartes, but now with an added upgrade sprue. Now, we have compared this lone sprue to the recent Black Templars upgrade sprue. But realistically I’d expect I hope for a future release of the Chaos Marines with the sprue included at a lower price than we have listed them individually.

The Aeldari Corsairs are a 10-space-elf squad. We don’t have a recent 10 person Eldar release to compare it to. So we’ve had to infer this from other recent releases.

And Finally the scenery. There’s a lot here and it’s currently all split across and within various sets. once again we’ve tried to work out the value of each sprue here, but realistically the set would be comparable to something like the recently expunged Battlezone: Mechanicus – Charadon which was £90. Seriously, this was available online just a couple of days ago when I started prepping this article. Now it’s nowhere to be found).

Right, Let’s Do the Breakdown

Kill Team Nachmund Chaos Value

As we said above, the raw value is that of the Space Marines box along with an Upgrade sprue.

Though I’d hope they would release this as a single pack.

Chaos Space Marines£35.00$60.00$70.00€45.00$98.00
Chaos Space Marines Upgrade Sprue*£21.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Total Value£56.00$95.00$110.00€70.00$153.00
* Price based on Black Templar Upgrade Sprue

I’d like to imagine that a future release of these combined would go for around £40 $70 (USD), €50.

Kill Team Nachmund Aeldari Value

As I said above we do not have a direct comparison for this set. But in the time since I started writing this and now, GW has released the Aeldari Guardians. Which is 10 models with a Hovering heavy Weapons Platform.

We’re using Guardians as the guide price.

Aeldari Corsairs£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90
Total Value£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90

Whilst the Corsairs appear to have no such platform or equivalent included. they do appear to be slightly larger models than Guardians, with more detail included.

I think the comparison is fair, but we could be looking at a little more for the Guardians overall.

Kill Team Nachmund Terrain Value

The scenery has been a bit of a mess to work out. Whilst there’s a lot here. it’s little more than a bunch of old sets with a new paint job. Literally. everything silver and beige is now blue and white.

to make it clear how this was calculated where items are not available in their own sets. I’ve (*) noted below the chart to show we worked out the value.

Battlezone: Mechanicus – Ferratonic Furnace£35.00$60.00$70.00€45.00$98.00
Thermic Plasma Regulators£20.00$34.00$40.00€25.00$45.00
Sector Mechanicus Alchomite Stack *£30.00$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers **£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$35.00
Battlezone: Mechanicus – Charadon ***£12.86$21.43$28.14€17.14$35.71
Total Value£112.86$190.43$228.14€147.14$297.71
* Based on the value of this set having 2 sprues. In Kill Team Nachmund we get 2 of the same sprue instead of 2 different ones
**Based on the value of 1 of 2 sprues in this set
*** Based on the value of having 1 of 7 sprues from this set.

Again, realistically. All of this together in a single set (which it isn’t outside Nachmund) would probably cost you as much as the Battlezone: Mechanicus – Charadon set.

Kill Team Nachmund Transfer – Final Thoughts

yep sure, a lot of this is guesswork, but I’m sure mosrt of you will agree it;s got some intelligence behind it. My limited intelligence sure, but it’s still some. I’ve validated all the reasons above so if you want to pick at it (as many will) at least now you can attack me in detail.

I mean, I expect this to still be somewhere between a 30% – 40% discount. bit no matter which way you slice it, you;re paying the bulk here for terrain pieces. Which is what Kill team is very much about.

For the painters and modelers amongst you. I’d just wait until these units release independantly. The only new thing here is the Aeldari. the Chaos Marines have only a slight upgrade.

So if you desperately want either of these new forces. then have at it. Its the only way you can get them for the next few months. You could always just sell the excess parts on eBay if you don’t wnat them.

Please Note: This site uses affiliate links. Our Affiliate Partners are shown below
(Affiliate links will result in compensation to the site on qualifying purchases)

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6 thoughts on “Kill Team Nachmund Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

  • March 8, 2022 at 3:25 pm

    Proofreading – it’s a thing. The article is full of grammar and spelling errors that could be easily fixed; the author’s description is only one sentence but it contains several errors in syntax and grammar.

    Please get a real editor. This is unreadable.

    • March 8, 2022 at 3:34 pm

      Wow, thank you so much. I must be doing something right with the design to make you believe this site is anything more than a personal blog.

      Get a real Editor? With what? Hopes, dreams and best wishes…

      Don’t get me wrong, I make mistakes frequently and when people point them out, I’m fast to make them right. But due to your condescending attitude, I’m going to intentionally leave this article exactly the way it is.

      I may have issues with spelling and grammar, but I have something I personally value far more.


  • March 9, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    These articles are usually excellent if you scroll past the wall of text and look at the pure data in the tables. However on this occasion the data presented misses far of the mark.

    First the saving is based on the Octarius price of £125 which is odd as this is an expansion like Chalnath and should really be based on that price of £105. Of course there is a price rise which has now taken affect and the price of Nachmund has been confirmed to be £115 which makes sense as this is an increase of 9.5% roughly in line with the 10% increase GW said some types of product were getting.

    Now the high £56 value of the Chaos Space Marines, which is a kit that costs £36 today and £35 before the price rise. So the extra sprue is valued at £20/21, which is more then a little excessive for such an integral sprue. Stand alone upgrade sprues are a separate (and overpriced) issue. A much better comparison are the upgrade sprues found in the Cadian Shock Troops from last year and, even more Kill Team relevant, the Tau Pathfinders out next week. So in the case of the Cadians they went from £22.50 to £29 when the new sprue was added, an increase of 29%. In the case of the Tau Pathfinders they are £26 (were £25) and they are increasing to £32.50 with the new Kill Team sprue, an increase of 25%. So based on precedent the Chaos Space Marines come out £46 using the Cadian example and £45 using the Tau. Considering these are the base troop choices of the faction and no other faction has a post price rise troops of over £40, the £56 quoted in the article is unlikely to say the least.

    Oddly I think you have under-costed the Corsairs. The Veteran Guard are £35 as are the Noviciates with the Ork Kommandos at £37.50. The Corsairs seem more in size with the Guard and Novitiates so £35 seems the spot.

    You also seem to have totally forgotten the book of the new team’s rules and campaign at £27.50, based on the post price rise value of the two previous books.

    Finally the terrain. This one is trickier as the terrain is all available to buy individually and can be added up to a total price, so I can understand using that price. However the last two Killzones are available as box sets at £67.50 including all the terrain from their respective expansion boxes. I understand the confusion but you don’t even seem to mention this is a possibility.

    These articles are usually my go to when trying to establish value but I’m afraid this one is next to useless currently due to the above issues.

    • March 9, 2022 at 4:06 pm

      Completely valid feedback and I admit I struggled a lot with this one.

      As I said in the wall of text you scrolled past…

      I’ve justified my personal approach to this in said wall of text. However, I also agree with what you have said here, in fact, I already have agreed with a few things in the article.

      At the time of writing, we did not have the price for Nachmund.

      I’m genuinely sorry that this one was not as helpful to you, I’ll take on board what you said and try to improve. But please understand that much of these articles are guesswork. I’m never gonna get them all right.

      But at least I got the release date dead on!

      • March 10, 2022 at 7:26 pm

        Hey I think your guesses are fine. Those are hard things to guess. As long as you side more with the consumer and not on the cooperation I think you are fine.

        • March 11, 2022 at 11:08 am

          Thanks, I don’t really think of it as taking sides, that’s never really even come into it for me. I just run the number as I see them, justify why I’ve done it that way then write my summary and final thoughts at the end.

          The results just are what they are.


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