Throwback Post – Khârn the Betrayer

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Just a quick post for today, all these new years resolutions (keeping fit and stuff) are making me so tired. I’m literally dredging up old pictures of models to talk about.

Here is my old Khârn the Betrayer from almost 20 years ago, I’m pretty sure I bought this guy the week if not the day of release. I’m sure I’ve painted him twice after spending hours stripping him with Nail Polish Remove.

Those of you who have seen my other Throwback posts will recognise my signature painting style of ol “dry-brushing a single colour over black to give the impression of shading”. but at least in this case I also used multiple reds and greens to try and highlight certain areas like the armour and axe handle.

With the release of the new Khârn, I decided to pick up another copy of this guy (I’ve done the same with Ahriman) so I can paint him up and compare. I’ve still not got round to him, he’s now a finecast mini, not metal like this one was and I haven’t worked much with Finecast so I’m nervous to start working on him without causing damage.

I have however had a practise go of colours with this old metal Khorne Berzerker I had laying around.

I’m happy with the colours on this model, and I tried shading/glazing highlights instead of edge highlighting for once, I’m happy with how well it came out as a gradual shade, but because I went from Khorne Red to Mephiston Red there wasn’t much of a change in colour. I’ve added some Wild Rider Red to the topmost highlights and these can be seen much clearer.

I also think I’ve gone too heavy with the Nilakh Oxide, but that was a first go too. I’m not sure I like this stuff so may leave it out entirely when I do the final Kharn.

The tassel on Gorechild has not come out how I would have wanted, but on the new Kharn it is a lot more shapely. I was quite happy with the eyes, but I think I could do with adding a slightly lighter line in the centre of the eyes to help the impression of glow.

Still need to do some highliting on the leather pistol holsters.

One of the other things you can see here is that the metal model mould was quite pitted on the lower legs, not sure if this was from the sculpting or a slight miscast. i just used these to add some darker shades to the armour and accented these as armour imperfections, scratches and wear.

One Final thing, Does anyone remember The Citadel Journal? I’ve no idea what the magazine was about, but i bought it because every month (I think) they had a conversion guide. One of my favourites which I actually built was Scyrak the Slaughterer.

Image Source: Grailslair

Below (sorry about the lazy photography) is my version of this mini. I just want to say that conversions/kit-bashes with metal minis is/was a pain in the ass. as you can see I never pinned Gorechild. Also this Gorechild is double-headed, so for those of you that know the Khârn model well, yes I literally bought 2 models, just so that I could have a double headed chain axe!

I need to strip this guy as it need’s a full repaint, at some point, when I do this new Khârn, I should do this guy too as an added extra.


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