Finally some progress on shading.

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It has taken weeks to get this far. Not constant work, but every other session I have a go at glaze shading, and I fail every time.

I finally figured out my problem recently after watching a short video shared on reddit (linked below).

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I would say I’m a pretty good army painter, my lines could be neater, I generally understand colour theory and apply paint well. But I want to take it to the next level and learn the master techniques that make the difference between an army painter and a display painter.

The problem I had, was that I relied too much on mediums and specialist equipment. when coming back to this hobby after a nearly 20-year break I read so much about the different fluids (yes, fluids, haha!) you could get. I watched videos where these materials were used and bought some to try. I pretty much immediately started thinning all my paints with Liquitex Flow-Aid instead of water.

When trying to glaze with this though, the paint would pool as I applied it to a surface. Imagine if you will the pigment breaking apart and not mixing with the Flow Aid. When I applied it to a surface instead of drying in the direction I’m pulling the paint, the whole area is wet and it dries in little blotches.

Example of the Blotchy;

As I said, I bought some mediums. I figured, “have something that keeps a binding agent”. then I could thin the pigment without losing the binding properties. I tried this on another wolf from this pack, and it was going well, but the more layers I applied, the more I noticed that Vallejo “Matte” Medium started drying glossy (sigh).

Then I watched the below video and tried out a fluid I had not tried yet for glazing. It has several names.

  • H2O
  • Council Pop
  • Government Juice

Or my personal favourite; “Water”!

Yeah, water! So it turns out you need to learn to walk before you try to run. lesson learned

I’m going back to water now as my thinning medium of choice. The other fluids (oh, grow up) will have their uses and I will look forward to discovering the function of each. I need to get my hands on distilled water, but I’m not sure what this is that makes it different from the tap variety of water or where I can get it.

Check out the latest results below (unfinished wolf) I did rush it a bit at the end as my first successful attempt was not the best. but it’s the first attempt I’m happy with.

It goes to show, don’t give up. haha can achieve the results you want with practice and a pro is not made overnight!

As promised, the link to the video I used, obviously I used different colours. I also didn’t do a 50/50 mix of my base and highlight as I used 3 colours – Eshin Grey, Dawnstone and Administratum Grey, Instead of Russ Grey and The Fang)

I’ll try again by going straight from the base colour to the topmost highlight.


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