Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Army Points Breakdown

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In all the excitement of the announcement of Hachette’s latest partworks magazine, Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol, there’s one more thing worth covering that we usually wouldn’t – and that’s the game side of things! More specifically, the points cost of each model and unit in the collection, as these are essentially mini-armies straight out the gate. If this tickles your fancy, please read on to see our Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Army Points Breakdown.

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Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Army Points Summary

FauxHammer.com is a hobby website, so that tends to be where the focus of the content we produce lies. However, we’ve started to branch out a little bit and discuss the gaming aspect of Warhammer, as we did with our coverage of the Boarding Patrol boxes that came out earlier in the year. As we’ve gone from 9th to 10th Edition in that time, the game has radically changed, and with it how GW calculate their points has also had a refresh.

Long gone are the days where extra weapons and loadouts complicated and added to points costs, and generally speaking, each unit has a standard points cost to account for all wargear options. The only exception to this are certain warlords, who for extra points, you can add enhancements and abilities. For the sake of brevity, we have not accounted for those here, as these beautiful tables would be stretched out too long, and it’s not like GW themselves provide these rules for free online (outside of whatever faction has a new codex).

Here’s a quick visual reminder of the armies in the collection.

Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Current Full Collection

Without further ado, here are the sum total of points each army in the collections collates.

Space Marines515
Astra Militarum405
Chaos Space Marines610
World Eaters725
Leagues of Votann540
Genestealer Cults745

All in all, it is evident that the points values are all over the place, averaging out at around 580 points. Astra Militarum get the least at 405, despite being heavy on miniatures, whilst Genestealer Cults peaks at the top with 745, who are also miniature heavy. It goes to show that it is down to what each extra Hachette includes in addition to the Combat Patrol box. The Astra Militarum and Aeldari ones, for example, include an extra HQ model, which are on the cheaper side. The World Eaters one went ‘nah, fudge that noise’ and went all in with a Maulerfiend, a large Heavy Support model, immediately boosting that faction’s points value.

So are these armies balanced? Warp no.

When 10E launched, GW also launched a new game mode – Combat Patrol. This game mode is designed with the Combat Patrol boxsets in mind – in that, you literally just obtain those boxes and play only the models in that box. To make it balanced, Combat Patrol has its own set of rules and datasheets modified from the parent game, doing things like giving each faction set stratagems and enhancements to choose from (and the list was quite narrow for both). This mode is great for those learning the game, or just wanting something casual and smaller scale.

Obviously, this magazine doesn’t account for that, by adding in those extra models.

However, it’s still fantastic to receive an extra model or unit to build up, paint and play with, and really adds to the value of this magazine. Just remember, the Combat Patrol game has set models to use for that mode, so your Maulerfiend cannot join the World Eaters Combat Patrol game (it’s already stacked anyway with bloody 20 Berzerkers). If you’re starting completely anew to 40K, this magazine is an amazing way to start an army – or several – and the Combat Patrols are great stepping stones and foundations to larger forces.

Below, we’ve outlined the points values of each unit included in the collection, and for expediency’s sake, we’re just gonna let them speak for themselves. On a whole, each faction has a decent mix of units that fulfill specific roles to make a balanced force. There isn’t much to analyze on a deeper level, as each one will have something fast, something smashy, something hurty and lots of chaff to throw at your opponent and sit on objectives. To utilise these units at their best, just know your rules, detachment rules and mission objectives – strategise around those three things, and you’re as good as Retributor gold.

If you want more information on what’s available across the whole collection, check out our full collections savings breakdown, which contains a list of all the models we’ve identified. If you’re after more info on the collection as a whole, as well as info on how to subscribe and what else is available, check out our big announcement article.

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Imperial Forces Points

To represent the Imperium of Man, we have the poster boy Space Marines and the unbreakable Guard Astra Militarum.

Space Marines

Terminator CaptainHQ95
Terminator LibrarianHQ75
Terminators (x5)Elites185
Infernus Marines (x5)Infantry85
Primaris Chaplain on BikeFast Attack75

Astra Militarum

Cadian Command SquadHQ65
SentinelFast Attack70
Field Ordnance Batteries (x2)Heavy Support120
Cadian Shock Troops (x20)Infantry120

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Chaos Forces Points

Coming in from the Great Game, we have the forces of Chaos repped by the undivided Chaos Space Marines and the ‘need-a-snickers-bar’ World Eaters.

Chaos Space Marines

Dark ApostleHQ75
Chaos Space Marines (x10)Infantry180
Havocs (x5)Heavy Support135
Master of PossessionHQ80

World Eaters

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut/
Lord Invocatus
HQ100/ 140
Khorne Berzerkers (x20)Infantry400
Jakhals (x10)Infantry70
Maulerfiend/ ForgefiendHeavy Support155/ 170
Not accouting for Lord Invocatus or Forgefiend alternate builds

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Xenos Forces Points

And finally, we have the aliens. It would be a boring galaxy without them, wouldn’t it? We have hungry hungry Tyranids, vertically challenged Leagues of Votann, peace-loving Orks, high and mighty Aeldari and the dodgy Genestealer Cults.


Tyranid PrimeHQ65
PsychophageHeavy Support125
Von Ryan’s Leapers (x3)Elites75
Barbgaunts (x5)Heavy Support60
Termagants (x20) + Ripper Swarms (x2)Infantry120
Parasite of MortrexFast Attack80

Leagues of Votann

Uthar the Destined/ KahlHQ90/ 70
Hernkyn Pioneers (x3)Fast Attack90
Cthonian Berserks (x5)Elites100
Hearthkyn Warriors (x10)Infantry110
Einhyr Hearthguard (x5)Elites150
*Not accounting for Kahl


Deff DreadElites130
Warboss in Mega ArmourHQ80
Deffkoptas (x3)Fast Attack100
Boyz (x20)Infantry170
Boomdakka SnazzwagonFast Attack90


Windriders (x6)Fast Attack160
Guardian Defenders/ Storm Guardians (x10)
+ Heavy Weapons Platform
Infantry110/ 115
*Not accounting for Storm Guardians

Genestealer Cults

Goliath RockgrinderHeavy Support155
Aberrants (x5)Elites185
Acolyte Hybrids (x5)Infantry85
Neophyte Hybrids (x20)Infantry180
Atalan Jackals (x5)Fast Attack90

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