Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Full Collection Savings Breakdown

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I had a plan, I really did. now I’m gonna sound like one of those guys after the fact of begging for scraps he knew he was owed but now nobody believes him. I’ll explain in a mo, but let’s have a quick look at the Warhammer Imperium Collection and break down the costs and savings of getting this collection (not including the paints and brushes and stuff as I don’t know what we are getting throughout.

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The Warhammer Imperium trial was intended to be released back in February but due to covid, it was delayed by one exact month. I got a ton of details and slowly built a few articles regarding Warhammer Imperium. I got exclusive info, I was well happy, proud of such an achievement from a commitment to a wonderful series of magazines. and then it all went and got released early anyway. So now I’m like, “I did have exclusive info, I did, I did!”

As I mentioned before, I like many of you have suffered mentally through this recent lockdown and you may notice that very few articles have been coming out. But today, in a brief respite of my usual soul-crushing anguish I decided to sit down and record my video for Mortal reals to throw up on my YouTube channel. (plz subscribe and like stuff)

Here’s a preview…

Warhammer Imperium Issue 1 Preview

When I cracked open Issue 1 of Warhammer Imperium I only just realized it showed the complete contents of what we are getting!

Ah crap I thought, I need to calculate the value of all this and get it up online! But “I have a couple of days,” I thought, I’ll take my time, not get stressed.

But thanks to some super sleuths and Hachette making parts of their site live early, loads of info started circulating today. I contacted the wonderful person at Hachette who has been providing us with info and advised her of the state of play in the online communities we have.

Low and behold, they decided to publish early. Today in fact! So now I’ve scrambled with the help of Rob to pull the info together as to what models and sets are in this collection! so without further ado, let’s break down the cost of all these models. (RRP)

Warhammer Imperium – Cost/ Savings Breakdown

So, lets take another look at the army Image

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Full Army Contents

Yeah, this is worse quality than what you get on Hachette’s site Don’t worry, we also have a High-Res copy which we have broken down below.

Warhammer Imperium Savings Breakdown GBPUSDCADEURAUD
Space Marines£319.55$578.00$691.00€456.50$964.40
Sisters of Battle£125.00$210.00$250.00€160.00$350.00
Adeptus Mechanicus£105.00$171.00$206.00€135.50$285.00
Total Value£1239.75$2029.50$2448.50€1594.00$3254.50
Warhammer Imperium Collection Cost£701.22$1109.00$€786.20$
Total Savings£535.53$920.50$€807.80$
Percentage saved43%45%51%

That’s not bad at all, we are looking at a 43% saving already on RRP and this is before we consider the addition of any paints given throughout the series!

I know you can get at least 20% off most of your Warhammer goods by shopping at any of the online stores we share in our Affiliates ads section along with many others places like your Friendly Local Game Stores. But 43% is just super-duper awesome.

This is especially true for many of the issues where we will get massive value on just one sprue. I’m specifically thinking of the Necrons Royal Court which is exclusive to GW’s site and costs £68! Well, with Imperium, you’ll be able to pick that up for £8.99!

Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Total Collection Cost

Assuming you are getting every mag in this series, Issue 1 will set you back £2.99. Issue 2 is £5.99 and every issue thereafter is £8.99 (£1 more than the previous mags).

So the cost of all 80 magazines across this series is £701.22

This however does not include the things you may be charged extra for, such as the 3 extra binders (normally £7.99 each) and any surprise extras they release throughout the collection, but with that stuff, you get the cost as it comes out.

As for the premium content…

Warhammer Imperium - Premium Kit Contents

Which I’ll Calculate in a separate post. That’s an extra £2 per issue, over 80 issues it’s £160. Or to make it easier to swallow premium £40 a set, which already looks like decent value!

Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Imperial Forces Value

Before I begin, there are some caveats to the list below which I’ll note at the bottom, there are exclusive monies, models from OOP sets and Many of these models will also come in various boxed sets yet we do not get other models from that set. So the actual value may vary depending on how you would be able to build the same collection.

Warhammer Imperium magazine - Full Army Breakdown with Costs - Imperial Forces

I’ve thrown together this nasty image above (just as I coloured them in as I worked out what was what) as a general rule, the colour is based on the set which the models are from.

The total Value of the Imperial Forces is £563.35

Space Marines Value

Total Value £337.25

Space Marines Firestrike Servo-Turret£21.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Primaris Invader ATV
Lieutenant in Phobos Armour
3x Suppressors
3x Eliminators
10x Infiltrators
Infiltrator Sergeant
Start Collecting! Vanguard Space Marines£60.00$95.00$115.00€80.00$165.00
Marneus Calgar with Victrix Honour Guard£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90.00
Roboute Guilliman£37.50$60.00$75.00€50.00$105.00
Primaris Librarian in Phobos Armour£20.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Primaris Captain *(Imperium Magazine Exclusive)£22.50$35.00$45.00€30.00$60.00
Space Marines: Assault Intercessors **£16.30$60.00$70.00€45.00$98.00
Paint Set Assault Intercessors ***£6.75$18.00$21.00$13.50$29.40
Primaris Lieutenant ****Indomitus/Recruit Edition£20.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Easy Build Primaris Aggressors (OOP)£20.00$50.00$60.00€40.00$84.00
  • * Estimated based on other Primaris Captain prices
    ** Assault Intercessors are a bit tricky to work out. you can obviously buy the Assault Intercessor 10-man squad box for £36.50 RRP. However, the models you get here are not the multi-pose models from that set. it is 2 of the Easy Build Assault Marine sprues from either the Indomitus or 9th Edition Starter Sets. We took the lowest price of these by Dividing the cost of the starter sets by the number of models in the box. the Cheapest was the Recruit Edition at £1.63 per marine.
  • *** Based on 3 x cost of 1 Assault Intercessor from the Assault Intercessors Box
  • **** Based on the cost of a Primaris Lieutenant

Sisters of Battle Value

This is great that we are getting all the models from the original Sisters of battle Army Box. I stood outside Warhammer World in the freezing cold to pick that box up.

1 x Cannoness
10 x Battle Sisters
5 x Seraphim
1 x Repentia Superior
4 x Sisters Repentia
3 x Arco Flagelants
1 x Penitent Engine
Sisters of Battle Army Box (OOP)£125.00$210.00$250.00€160.00$350.00

The total value of this set its quite obviously £125.00

Adeptus Mechanicus Value

3 x Kataphron Destroyers/Kataphron Breachers£35.00$58.00$70.00€46.00$98.00
Tech-Priest Dominus£22.50$36.00$43.00€29.50$60.00
Tech-Priest Enginseer£20.00$33.00$38.00€25.00$55.00
Skitarii Rangers/Vanguard£27.50$44.00$55.00€35.00$72.00

The total value of the Admech forces is £105.00

Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Necron Forces Value

As before here’s the breakdown photo

Warhammer Imperium magazine - Full Army Breakdown with Costs - Necron Force

Update: the Necron Destroyer which was advertised as part of the full collection during the UK trial, has been removed from the collection (they did say, and it all still is, subject to change).

Skorpekh Lord
Canoptek Reanimator
Indomitus /
Necrons Royal Court *
Canoptek Spyder£25.00$38.00$50.00€32.50$61.00
3 x Skorpekh Destroyers
Skorpekh Destroyers£34.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90.00
20 Necron Warriors
6 x Scarab Swarms
2 x Necron Warriors£58.00$90.00$110.00€70.00$154.00
Paint Set Necron Warriors **£8.70$13.50$16.50$10.50$23.10
Royal Warden ***Indomitus/Recruit Edition£15.00$25.00$30.00€20.00$28.00
Flayed Ones ****Kill Team: Pariah Nexus£30.00$48.00$60.00€39.00$66.00
Lokhust Heavy Destroyer£21.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Necron Overlord£17.50$28.00$35.00€22.50$29.00
Triarch Stalker£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$79.00
Necron Cryptek£20.00$35.00$40.00€25.00$55.00
Tomb Blades£30.00$49.00$60.00€39.00$79.00
Annihilation Barge / Catacomb Command Barge
Annihilation Barge / Catacomb Command Barge£30.00$48.00$60.00€39.00$66.00
Canoptek Wraiths£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$79.00
Chronomancer *****£25.00$38.00$50.00€32.50$61.00
Lychguard / Triarch Praetorians ******£30.00$48.00$60.00€39.00$66.00
  • *Seriously! this 1 sprue costs £68 RRP!
  • ** Based on cost of Necron warrior box divided by the 10 warriors in that box then multiplied by the three you get in this box.
  • *** based on the price of similar Necron Characters
  • **** based on the cost of a similar-sized unit, these are currently exclusive to Kill Team Pariah Nexus
  • ***** Not yet released, price assumed based on similar character prices
  • ****** I didn’t colour them in but as a few people pointed out there are 5 Lychguard and 5 Praetorians (it’s the same set) in the bottom right corner, which actually makes the Warrior count accurate as i was counting 28 originally.

The Total Cost of the Necron forces is estimated at £547.70

Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Terrain Value

And Finally the Terrain, here’s the photo I made for the breakdown

Warhammer Imperium magazine - Full Army Breakdown with Costs - Scenery

That looks worse than one of my kid’s colourings, perhaps next time I should use more complementary colours, this is garish. I dare you to paint a mini using only these colours!

3 x Armoured ContainersBattlezone: Manufactorum – Munitorum Armoured Containers£32.50$55.00$65.00€42.50$90.00
2 x Hemotrope ReactorsHaemotrope Reactor£30.00$49.00$60.00€38.00$76.00
2 x Battlezone ManufactorumBattlezone: Manufactorum – Sub-cloister and Storage Fane£70.00$120.00$140.00€90.00$196.00
Thermic Plasma ConduitsThermic Plasma Conduits£25.00$38.00$50.00€32.50$61.00

The total value of the terrain is estimated at £157.50

Warhammer Imperium – Cost/ Savings Breakdown – Final Thoughts

All in all, this looks like a mighty collection and at the time of publication, this is subject to change.

At 45% off RRP before we even consider paints, extra freebies and the magazines themselves. This is almost like stealing. especially with some of the upcoming issues.

Personally I;m disapointed to see that we did not get the Space marine character sprue from indomitos, or the Primaris captain and Necron Overlord from the Indomitus set. Nor do we have any bladeguard. awwww But I am very glad to see the vanguard in here.

Whilst I’m not the biggest Necron fan, there is a good variery of models here and some of the newer Necons are incredible sculpts.

I know I for one will be counting the days until this magazine arrives on shelves. Will I have time to paint it all? No, But that’s not the point. the point is just to collect the plastic army men people? Right!?

Anyway, I’m gonna go sleep. In the morning I need to calculate the savings of the Premium Sets.

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23 thoughts on “Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Full Collection Savings Breakdown

  • March 4, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Great breakdown…. things happen with the release of info. Great to have it grouped on this page. I’m look forward to this magazine. I was slightly disappointed that there are no large tanks/dreadnaughts/Warsuits, but other models make up for it. Look forward to following updates here

  • March 4, 2021 at 10:20 am

    Looks like a cracking set; now I just need to wait for the inevitable leak of what is in each issue and put my order in with forbidden planet.

  • March 4, 2021 at 10:43 am

    Excellent Breakdown! but the sisters do include Seraphim and a Canoness (from that special sisters box)

    Also who is the cyan guy next to Gulliman? looks like the primaris chaplain to me but I could be wrong.

  • March 4, 2021 at 1:08 pm

    I think valuing the contents of the starter sets at their standalone prices is misleading.

    You’ve valued the warriors, scarabs, royal warden, skorpekhs, intercessors, liutenant and outriders as being worth £174.50.

    A new player can of course just buy the Recruit and Elite starter sets from GW for £97.50, and get an extra rulebook, captain and overlord on top.

    • February 9, 2022 at 10:52 pm

      Replace the elite edition with the command edition and you have also some of the terrain pieces.

  • March 4, 2021 at 7:01 pm

    I think you over-costed the whole set. Take the Primaris Lieutenant, Outriders, Assault Intercessors, Royal Warden, Skorpekh Destroyers and Warriors and replace them all with one £65 Elite starter box.

  • March 4, 2021 at 10:02 pm

    the cyan dude is the exclusive captain

  • March 6, 2021 at 8:35 pm

    Looks an amazing set of plastic on offer. The one thing I’ve struggled to find out though is which areas the trial run is taking place?

    • March 6, 2021 at 10:01 pm

      It’s not been revealed. It would probably throw off the results

  • March 9, 2021 at 12:43 am

    hi I have no clue if anyone could help me but would it be possible to make the space marines in this into a salamanders army thanks

    • March 10, 2021 at 5:04 pm

      You can paint them to match any faction you like. but the magazine is likely to focus on Ultramarines unit types, load-outs and faction-specific rules. you would need the Salamanders Codex Supplement to use them properly in-game.

  • March 9, 2021 at 10:57 am

    Hi mate, just to let you know – In front of the deathmarks I think they are actually Immortals. They look chunkier and you can see that their weapon is beefier, whereas all the warriors have Gauss Flayers. So maybe you get 2 x Immo/Deatmark kits?

  • March 15, 2021 at 12:54 am

    Yeah, I think it’s 10 Immortals / Deathmarks and 5 Lychguard / Praetorians rather than the other way around.

  • March 15, 2021 at 7:44 pm

    Wrong again there are Immortals / Deathmarks and 5 Lychguard / Praetorians

  • August 22, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    The Sisters and Adeptus Mechanicus values are WAY off here – and I haven’t yet checked the Space Marines for the same issues.
    The Adeptas Sororitas is being valued as if it was the same as the OOP army boxed set, which also included the hardback codex and some other bits (had a load of dice I believe).
    In reality everything here is actually included in the Sisters Combat Patrol box for £68 – except the combat patrol also includes a Sisters Rhino (which is £28 individually).
    The Adeptas Mechanicus is also nearly identical to the Combat Patrol Boxed set (also £68), except there’s a Tech Priest Dominus (£18) instead of the Dunecrawler (£35).
    Basically Fauxhammer has these two sets of models valued at £230 total – but in reality you can get all of this PLUS two vehicles for £154. Even if we halve the value of the included vehicles before deducting them, what you get here is actually about £122 of miniatures.

  • February 1, 2022 at 2:57 pm

    I am very excited to see what the release of the Skorpekh Lord and the other Royal Court stuff will look like. In the Indomitus box it´s one sprue with all the parts spread out.

  • February 16, 2022 at 4:16 pm

    FauxHammer, any reason why you used the full GW cost for the cost breakdown instead of the actual cost one would pay from any other distributor with the 15-20% discount? I know you make a brief mention of it in your write up, but I think it would have been much less misleading to include another column with the actual cost from 3rd party sellers. Also as Godmademedoit pointed out in a previous comment the reference point for the sisters of battle and ad mech units is way off as you can buy the combat patrol boxes for each faction, getting all the same models as well as an additional model for a significant discount over the price you’ve listed, even at full GW price. While Imperium still comes out at a discount, your price breakdown just comes out looking a bit disingenuous after closer inspection.

    • February 16, 2022 at 4:51 pm

      Fair comments and when it comes to this, the problem is, everyone will have their own view. There’s no way to please everyone with this type of breakdown so I just have to make a call which way I want to go with it. It’s a struggle I;m having right now as I’m in the middle of the same breakdown with Stormbringer.

      With the Sisters stuff, at the time of writing, the only way to get some of those models was to get the Army Box. so that’s what I listed. They have since all been released individually and I have meant to return to it, and even promised to several times. But then things get in the way, like life. or Stormbringer.

      As for the reason why I chose RRP. it’s a few.

      Firstly, the 20% isn’t a given. it’s frequently 20% on most websites and FLGS, but some individual units only had 15% or even 10% off in various stores. Some stores offer 22%. Some prices change throughout the year. So which discounted prices do I choose? And then what about how each store does or doe’s not allowed for free shipping at certain values, or has a paid membership programme to get further discounts

      The point was to write this in a way that It would be a fair indication but I would not have to keep editing it as prices change. For example, I’m not going to go back and edit all of the content lists created so far because we are about to see a price hike. I will fix forward when I have new prices, but I’m not revisiting old ones.

      If I do start considering discounts. Then why am I not also considering the discounts you can get on the Magazine by purchasing it from Forbidden Planet? Well, that’s because that discount would also need to consider shipping and how many issues you can get per order to obtain the max discount.

      Then I also had to consider what is a fair comparison to the method of getting the models. with Imperium it’s weekly. so if you were to try and emulate this without the mag and just buy some models weekly. how would you do that? you’d buy individual kits.

      So with all that, the only fair and direct comparison I’m left with is Imperium RRP vs Individual (where possible) Models RRP.

      And as I always recommend to anyone who is not happy with the way I’ve done it. feel free to work it out a different way and share the results.

      But be aware the second you put down a model and discount 20% off the RRP and share that with the world. You’ll get more people complaining in 6 months when (for some odd reason) you can no longer get it at that price.

      So, that’s why I chose to do it this way. But I do try to add links to the items, should anyone want to see the true value of them

      Hope that helps you understand why I have gone this way.

      • February 16, 2022 at 5:54 pm

        I appreciate the detailed comment! Things can definitely get complicated quickly and satisfying everyone is impossible. I do really appreciate your content and the work you do. I guess I was just disappointed upon further inspection that the discount wasn’t as great as I initially thought. It also makes sense that as different box sets come and go and other projects take precedence the list won’t be as accurate. Again, thanks for sharing your insight on the matter and keep up the good work! Cheers

  • March 5, 2022 at 4:41 pm

    GW retail price aside, what is total number of little Army men on offer? It’s the price per figure that I want to know before making a decision on this.

    • March 7, 2022 at 7:24 pm

      so how do you want me to answer that? it’s a good question, but “GW retail price aside” what do you want it compared to. “the number of little army men divided by…?”

      Are you counting vehicles as 1 figure as GW do? or do you want those ignored in place of just the 50mm base and below models?

  • March 7, 2022 at 7:41 pm

    The vehicles and terrain are easy enough to see in the collection picture. I would find a count of the 50mm based and smaller models helpful. Thanks so much for the single issue summaries. I may pick up singles from Forbidden Planet.


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