Warhammer Imperium Magazine – Premium Sets Savings Breakdown

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Ok, here’s the next Warhammer Imperium Article, this time we”re going to take a quick look at the Warhammer Imperium Premium Subscription Savings.

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Just in case you missed it, we’ve already done the savings breakdown for the main collection itself, so if you haven’t already, please go and check that out.

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Full Army Breakdown with Costs - Featured

Warhammer Imperium – Preium Kit – Cost / Savings Breakdown

If anyone here remembers Warhammer Conquest and it’s premium subscription. you may remember how disapointed fans were to recieve what was essentially 4 cardboard boxes and some dice.

They really stepped up to the plate with Mortal Realms and brought us some models and paints as premium kit. Now (apart for 3 green paints in thje last set) it’s all models from various races.

IMHO, this is imediately worth it just looking at the pictures. but lets do the breakdown anyway

Premium Kit 1 – Chaos Space Marines£36-£40£62.50£22.50 – £26.50
Premium Kit 2 – Tyranids£32-£40£67.50£27.50 – £35.50
Premium Kit 3 – T’au Empire£34-£40£67.50£27.50 – £33.50
Premium Kit 4 – Orks£34-£40£67.75£27.75 – £33.75
Total£136 – £160£265.25£105.25 – £129.25

All in all, you’re looking at something from 40% – %49% off these models! So if you have £2 a week to spare, why not buy more plastic models? remember, there’s no need to ever build or paint them. This hobby is all about building the biggest pile of shame.

How does the Premium Kit (& pricing) Work?

A lot of people may be wondering, “what if I only want set 3, or set’s 1 & 4?” Well unfortunately with this type of subscription it’s pretty much all or nothing.

Though you can cancel premium after a specific premium kit is released (this is noted inthe FAQ on the website). Though it will cost you more.

First thing to note, if you want any of the premium kits, you must start your subscription with hachette directly with your starting issue being 1-5. If you subscribe starting with issue 6 onwards (assuming you bought 1-5 in local shops) then the premium ption is not available to you.

As above it works out at £40 a set, but this is actually only if you get all 4 sets across all 80 issues. If you get fewer sets, it can actually cost a bit less.

Premium kit 1 comes alongside issue 15, and subsequent kits with issues 33, 51 and 69 respectively.

This is where it can get complicated depending on the issue you started your collection with becasue it’s potentially £8 cheaper if you start you subscription (with premium) from Issue 5.

Then comes the complexity of how many issues are in each delivery. because this is different for everyone depending what isue you stared your sub with! to keep it easy, I’m going to assume you started with Issue 1 and if you want to risk playing about by getting some issues in shops and subscribing with premium from Issue 5 onwards the results be at your own risk.

Warhammer Imperium - Premium Kit Contents

You can cancel premium at any point and just continue your regular subscription. if you are betweek premium kits, you will also be refunded your premium payment back to the issue which the last premium kit was released with,

Warhammer Imperium Premium Kit 1 – Chaos Space Marines

This premium kit comes with issue 15. Assumig you started your sub at issue 1, this will be your 5th delivery. And in that delivery, you will get Issues 15 – 18.

So, by this time, you have spent £36

If you cancel premium at this point, you will be refunded £2 per issue for issues 16 – 18 and this kit only cost you £30

Warhammer Imperium Premium Kit 2 – Tyranids

Premium kit 2 comes with issue 33 (delivery 9) Again, assuming you started at issue 1 – In that delivery, you get issues 31 -34.

So – since issues 15 – 18 where you got Premium Kit 1. You’ve only spent another £32

If you cancel at this point, you’ll be refunded £2 for issue 34 and this kit will have only cost £32

Warhammer Imperium Premium Kit 3 – T’au Empire

Premium kit 3 comes with issue 51 (delivery 14) and in that delivery, you will get issues 51 – 54. So again, the extra £2 you’ve spent since issue 34 (Premium Kit 2) is now another £40

If you cancel premium at this point, you’ll be refunded £2 for issues 52 – 54 and this kit will have only cost £34

Warhammer Imperium Premium Kit 4 – Orks

Finally Premium Kit 4 comes with issue 69 (Delivery 18) Which contains issues 67 – 70. With the £2 extra spent per issue since issue 54. You’ve now spent £36 on this Premium Kit

I’m not sure what happens or even if you can cancel at this point? But i also don’t know if there’s anything stopping you. at this point you;ve only spent £140 (expected was £160). So if you cancel premium at this point will they refund you for issue 70 too? Bringing the total cost of premium to £138? potentailly £130 if you started from issue 5?

Honestly, I’m getting the premium sub, and I’m not going to risk delaying the deliveries to later issues (which is the most likely scenarion if you start your sub at a later issue) just to try and save £8. It’s a bargain as it is. But I am genuinely curious as to what happens if you cancel premium after the last Premium Kit delivery.

If anyone has done this with the previous subs, let us know what happened in the comments?

Warhammer Imperium – Preium Kit – Cost

Ignoring the above it’s Really easy to calculate this.

There are 80 issues in total, and if you want the 4 premium sets, it will cost you £2 extra per issue.

Over the course of the 80 issues this is a total of £160

Or a better way to look at it, is £40 a set (if you are buying them all and don’t cancel your premium sub early).

If you read the section above, you’ll see there is potential to get this for as little as £140 for all 4 sets (£35 per kit). maybe even as low as £132 (though i wouldn’t risk trying it.

Warhammer Imperium – Preium Kit – Value

Right let’s work out what’s in these sets then shal we.

Thanks to Sprews & Brews who beat me to the punch on working out the models from these sets.

Premium Kit 1 – Chaos Space Marines

This is confusing already. on the surface, this looks like 10 Chaos Marines, 2 Greater Possessed and a Chaos Lord. However…

If you check out the two models at the bottom left. One of them is a Havoc. the other is the Aspiring chamption from the Havocs set.

But the other 8 are standard Chaos Space Marines? it;s hard to tell at such low resoltion. This could be a photo error when they grouped the models.

It could be that we get 5 Havocs and 5 Marines, but this makes no sense.

The marines come on 4 sprues. 2 identical sprues with torso on them., then a sprue of 10 sets of legs and a sprue of 10 sets of backpacks.

As for the havocs, the 2 models clearly shown are on 2 of the 3 sprues which come in that box.

So I’ll reach out to chachette for clarity and in the mean time assume it’s just 10 chaos marines.

Update: I figured it out when looking for the Greater posessed. they were only available in Shadowspear and subsequently the “start Collecting Chaos Space Marines” boxed set. checking that sprue, I found all the Chaos Marines on it too.

10 Chaos Space Marines
2 Greater Posessed
Start Collecting! Chaos Space Marines *£45.00
Chaos Sorcerer£17.50
  • * Based on the cost of the Start Collecting Box, devided by the number of models in that box then multiplied by the 12 models you get in this premium kit.

Total Estimated value of this set is £62.50

Premium Kit 2 – Tyranids

Nice easy one this

It is about time we got new tyranid models though

Termagant Brood£20.00

Total value of this set is £67.50

Premium Kit 3 – T’au Empire

and again, 3 easy kits to work out

And new T’au, where’s the new T’au GW

Fire WarriorsFire Warriors Strike/Breacher Team£30.00
XV25 Stealth Battlesuits£20.00
Cadre Fireblade£17.50

Total Value of Premium set 4 is £67.50

Premium Kit 4 – Orks

Also, why no new orks since Orktober 2017? Are primaris marines all GW makes now?

Ork Boyz£22.50
Ork Gretchin£12.50
Ork Big Mek With Shokk Attack Gun£22.50
Biel-Tan Green£4.75
Warboss Green£2.75
Straken Green£2.75

I’ll be honest, i guessed the 2 layers paints as none of the photos available are high enough quality to see the names – and GW has a lot of greens!

The total value of this final set is £67.75. However if you ignore the paints, the models alone would cost £57.50 RRP.

Warhammer Imperium – Preium Kit – Cost / Savings Breakdown – Final Thoughts

So, that’s a fairly solid saving for these models. i suppose it depends how hngry you are for more?

Unless you are a super fast painter, then you will unlikely find the time to build all the models you get with the normal sub, nevermind these extras.

But regardless, of times. it’s still an absolutely fantastic deal when we look at the RRP of GW products.

I’ll definately be getting the premium sub this time. I can’t pass this discount up!

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