JoyToy X Warhammer – Wave 4 Revealed

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Remember a few months back when I mentioned my contact in China suggested that Joy Toy were looking at making monthly releases? this is getting insane! It was only back on December 18th when the second half of Wave 3 was revealed. is it Wave 3, was that 4 and this is 5? Who knows? Who cares? What people do care about more is that they preordered wave 1 (Incursors) from GW back in September and there’s still no sign of them. But here we are looking at Joytoy x Warhammer Wave 4, or 5, or whatever wave we are on now.

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Upcoming Releases – Waves and More

Before we move on, I want to show you the below image which has been circling the hobby sphere for a couple of weeks now. Due to the fact that this just has pictures of GW models, we took it with a tablespoon of salt. But now that these models below have been revealed, exactly in line with what is pictured on the image – we, like Neo in the only good Matrix film, are “beginning to believe”.

last year we had a rumoured release list too;

  • Wave 2 (China Release 2021) – Primaris Assault Space Marines – Ultramarines
  • Wave 2 (China Release 2021) – Primaris Assault Space Marines – Blood Angels (see below)
  • Wave 2 (China Release 2021) – Primaris Assault Space Marines – Blood Angels Death Company
  • Wave 2 (China Release 2021) – Primaris Assault Space Marines – Unknnown Chapter
  • Primaris Librarian
  • Primaris Chaplain
  • Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour
  • Primaris Invictor Tactical Warsuit
  • Sisters of Battle (this one is unclear, the translation is bad, but we know (have heard) we are getting “Arbites”?)
  • Chaos Space Marines – Black legion
  • Chaos Space Marine Terminators – Black Legion
  • Chaos Champion – Black legion
  • Chaos Space Marines – Thousand Sons
  • Orks

Aside from the Orks and the Chaplain, all of the other models from the above list have either been revealed as of this post or are in the image below. Said image also shows a lot, lot more!

The translation along the side of the images seems to suggest (based on google translate) the month they will go on preorder in China. You can easily do this yourself. if the translation is right, then the numbers represent the month of the year, 1=January etc. the bottom blue section is “release date TBC”.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Upcoming Releases 2022

Holy Carp! That’s a lot of stuff. So let’s quickly compile it as a list.

It seems like this infographic is an indication of Joytoy’s aims rather than set dates for specific models. Many of the models seem to crossover their designated release timeframes.

Below is our best guess based on the above.

January 2022Ultramarine Inceptors
Ultramarine Aggressors
Ultramarine Captain in Gravis Armour*
March 2022Black Legion Chaos Space Marines
Ultramarine Reivers
April 2022Black Legion Chaos Space Marine Devastators
Black Legion Chaos Space Marine Dreadnought/Hellbrute
Ultramarine Bladeguard Veterans
Ultramarine Venerable Dreadnought**
May 2022Tor Garadon
Imperial Fists Primaris Dreadnought
Imperial Fists Intercessor Squad
Death Korps of Kreig
June 2022Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought**
World Eaters Chaos Dreadnought/Hellbrute
TBCUltramarine Primaris Dreadnought
Blood Angels Primaris Dreadnought
Black Templars Primaris Dreadnought
Black Legion Emperor’s Champion
Blood Angels Aggressors
Ultramarines Captain
Ultramarines veteran Squad
Sisters of Battle
*appear to be a mix of what we reported in Wave 3 and 4
** appears to be classic scale rather than Primaris scale

I’m inclined to believe that the squad sizes shown above are indicative of what we will get. The most common complaint about this range is that the squads come in sets of 4, not 5! And the Intercessor Squads shown above, also indicate 4 models in the set. Interesting to see if the Death Korps and Adeptus Sororitas come in sets of 10. And at a more human scale in comparison to the more towering Space Marines?

But still, take this list with a pinch of salt, though it has come from a very reputable source.

Whatever the case. this is an exciting list. Are you disappointed with any of it? Is there something you’d like to see from JoyToy which isn’t shown above? And why is it Outriders? let us know in the comments

I do worry that the approach with this range is still not the best, where you can buy McFarlane figure off the shelf, even now. GW’s western approach is to sell as made-to-order, months in advance of the actual release. This really should be an ongoing and readily available range. I do hope it moves that way. personally, I preordered mine from various companies that export them from China. No, I’m sorry I won’t share who, as I think someone somewhere may get in trouble. But seriously, google is your friend. it’s really not hard to find “JoyToy Warhammer Export”.

My other worry with these is that, because they are (almost) all Ultramarines, is Nick Bayton buying enough of them to sustain the range. After all, he is the only person in the world who actually likes Ultramarines.

Joy Toy Warhammer Action Figures – Wave 4

Ok, sorry for that long intro, but you did want to know all that right?

To move on, let’s have a look at some of the models due to hit our shelves a lot sooner.

All images courtesy of user “Kazuya” on Gamecores. Wat o give JoyToy Feedback on these models? go post on there and tell them what you think.

Ultramarine Primaris Captain in Gravis Armour

Brother Captain Voltian

Absolutely stunning model this one. The Primaris Captain in Gravis armour was a centrepiece of the Dark Imperium boxed game which birthed the Primaris Space marines. This faithful recreation nails every last detail

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Captain in Gravis Armour - Brother Captain Voltan Helmet

And like with many of the recent JoyToy releases, he now comes with an optional head! finally, we get to see the face of the now-named Brother Captain Voltan

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Captain in Gravis Armour - Brother Captain Voltan Face

No joke, after seeing this I have now cancelled my £200 Bandai preorder for the same sculpt, because A, this looks so much more accurate than that thing and B, £200 for that thing! what was I even thinking…

Ultramarine Reiver Squad

Considering we’ve already had both Incursors and Infiltrators, we could have done without the Reviers to be honest. or anything else in Phobos Armour for that matter. I’m one of those people who actually like the Phobos armour. but this is more than we needed.

Though it’s only 3 now, not 4, or the ideal 5. for some reason, 3 just make more sense than 4, yeah it’s still not a full squad. but there’s something about a trio of marines that make it more mentally acceptable. with 4, you constant just feel like 1 is missing. 3 feels more like an intentional and acceptable creative choice.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Reivers Helmets

Continuing to hate on these, the effort put into pre-production models they have displayed her is well below par from what we’ve come to expect from JoyToy.

No edge Highlighting, just like the Space Wolves from Wave 3, and check the “Assault” transfer from that guy on the right. did they even try to affix that properly?

Check the mask sculpt from the guy on the left too. maybe it’s just the angle but it looks a little more ape-like than I tend to associate the Reivers with.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Reivers Faces

And what the H E (Hockey-sticks) is going on with that purity seal on the Sergeant?

Here’s hoping this is just rushing preproduction shots and we’ll actually see the finished articles with some shading?

Reiver Brother Sergeant

Unlike previous releases, these early previews do not show the character names. But we know this to be the sergeant of the squared because he’s stood at the front. he also has a full face shown, rather than half the Reiver mask.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Reivers - Brother Sargeant

Some more grenades on his chest, and some new head choices, otherwise there’s little difference between this and the previous Phobos Releases from Wave 1.

Revier Brother A

Not even a grenade swap on this one. The body matches the above model completely. so aside from the missing purity seal and different head, the sculpt is the same

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Reivers - Brother B

He does at least feature a grapnel launcher and a spiffy knew handle on his combat knife

Revier Brother B

Once again sans name.

We now loose half the grenades, so at least this has some difference

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Reivers - Brother A

This model has its own head style and comes equipped with a Bolt Carbine.

Ultramarine Inceptor Squad

What is better than a half-human half-machine badass? Exactly the same thing, but with a jetpack. Except of course in Robocop 3.

But here, that statement is very true.

All of these models come with flight bases, but is anyone else slightly miffed that the bases aren’t circular, scenic and with a bevelled edge

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Inceptors Helmets

It’s nice to see that instead of head swaps this time, they’ve included the option of the armoured shroud, seen on many of the inceptors. How you’re meant to fit this inside the upper carapace is anyone guess. it’s hard enough to put the optional hands-on the existing models.

if you are trying to do that yourself and are struggling. I’ve found that swearing a lot as you do it, seems to help.

Inceptor Brother Sargeant

Breaking down the models, the Sergeant stands out with his signature red helmet and the markings on his knee.

I’ve no idea what those markings actually mean, however. I do miss the time when GW would publish the correct chapter markings and designations for armour plates, but that seems to have just died off sometime around 8th Edition.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Inceptors - Brother Sargeant

What other unique features does this model have over the other two.

well none, but I hope that doesn’t bother you too much because we are about to play spot the difference.

Inceptor Brother A

The difference here is that the helmet is blue and he has no markings on his knee…

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Inceptors - Brother B

That’s it.

Inceptor Brother B

And this is different to the above in that the photo is taken from another angle…

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Inceptors - Brother A

Seriously, that’s it, go look for yourself, I cannot spot a single difference. the only way to make one of these two stands out will be to apply the shrouds shown on the squad image at the top of this section…

Ultramarine Aggressor Squad

It’s almost like JoyToy discovered how to sculpt Gravis armour this month and just couldn’t stop.

I love these models, they have almost taken over from our Beloved and Iconic Terminator units. though they haven’t replaced them in our hearts.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Aggressors Helmets 2

This is a mean-looking, detailed squad. and the box is likely gonna be rather heavy. but JoyToy certainly isn’t shy on that front having already shown off the Invictor Warsuit.

Brother Sergeant Linuso

More effort (production time) has already gone into these guys, as they have names!

What can I say about this other than it just looks awesome? Once again we have an optional head. and the Sargeant even comes with moulded laurels on his Shoulder and Knee.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Agressors - Brother Sergeant Linuso

Knowing the collection quite well now, I highly suspect the ammo cartridges will also be mouldable to help somewhat with articulation. Though on the other side of this coming, I think they’ll leave that articulation rather restricted.

Brother Mascius

The next model loses all the sergeants embellishments and comes with his own head sculpt

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Agressors - Brother Mascius

Additionally, he has his own relics dangling from his waist which houses a different rope.

Brother Cicero

Finally, we have another slight change in that the head sculpt is unique along with the rope and relics.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Ultramarine Agressors - Brother Cicero

One detail I went back to check after seeing these is that they are taking the decals into account. None of the Ultramarine models so far have duplicated their Squad numbers. With the Original Release, it was squads 6 & 7, The intercessors were Squad 2, Inceptors are Squad 11 and the Aggressors Squad 15.

Little details, but they do matter.

Chaos Space Marines Continued

I say continued because we had 2 of these in what we believed to be the second part of Wave 3. That collection of reveals included 3 Black Legion Terminators, a Chaos Champion and 2 Chaos Marines. That now brings the total Number of Chaos Marines to 5 – a full squad Finally, let’s celebrate.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 4 - Chaos Space Marines

Having just spent the weekend building my Chaos Marines from the 2020 battleforce boxes, none of the details here are lost on me. These models are all fully unique in every way and showcase the absolute best of both GW’s original sculpts and JoyToys dedication to faithfully recreate them. they are IMHO the absolute best of this range.

Chaos Aspiring Champion

Amazing how long Chaos Space Marines aspire to be champions yet so few are. I guess many just skip the promotion straight to chaos Lord. TLDR, GW if you are reading this. more champions please. we have enough Space Marine Lieutenants and Captains to warrant you sculpting at least 1 more champion since Dark Vengeance was released – ten years ago…

Want to see which model inspired this guy and the ones below, just check out the screenshot on the product page, they are all quite hard to miss.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 3 - Black Legion Chaos Space Marine - B

Everything I can see on this model appears to be unique. , the chest, upper and lower legs, shoulder pads, backpack, head, weapons and tabard are all sculpted individually.

Chaos Space Marine A

Again we don’t have a name for this one.

Whilst he is fairly generic amongst the set as a bolter wielding nasty-marine. thanks to all the chaotic embellishments, he still looks super awesome!

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 3 - Black Legion Chaos Space Marine - C

Once again, everything appears to be unique for this model. even the similar shoulder pads have their baroque-esque points in different places.

Chaos Space Marine B

Another awesome model, and one close to my mind as it’s the last one I built. Literally number 10 in the build guide from the retail set of models. and whilst it was a pain to get that ammo belt correctly resting over his arm, it’s still cool to look at that it had to be done.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Wave 3 - Black Legion Chaos Space Marine - A

Ah forget it, I have nothing more to say, I am in awe of these.

Joy Toy Warhammer Action Figures – Wave 4 Final Thoughts

Just amazing. I admit I felt let down by the Space Wolves pictures they release and i still now just hope these were poor pre-production images like with the Reivers above. time will tell.

but with this reveal we are getting a Captain, Wow, Aggressors and Inceptors, double wow. and these Chaos Marines are absolutely gorgeous.

I already have my preorder in from a company that exports them. And within that preorder are the first 2 Chaos marines. Not sure how they’ll be released in relation to these new 3. whether it will be 2 sets, individually or if the company I ordered from mucked up and released the preorder before the set was finalised..

either way, I’m buying a lot of them!

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  • January 13, 2022 at 5:35 pm

    The named space wolf dreadnought isn’t Bjorn the fell handed, it’s Murderfang

  • January 14, 2022 at 7:44 am

    I’m wondering why the reiver brother sergeant got his helmet in blue. Hoping that joytoy will fix the problem.

  • April 6, 2022 at 1:54 pm

    Any resaler or distributor of JoyToy in Europe ? Germany for exemple ?

    • April 6, 2022 at 1:57 pm

      Nothing outside of China, Even the stores in the US ship from Chinese partners. Just use LockerToys.


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