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I’ve been wondering this for a long while. “Why is it that GW is so far ahead of the curve when it comes to Miniature wargames?”. Well. the team from MiniWarGaming are aiming to finally close that gap with their Kickstarter (as a verb because it’s actually on Gamefound) Campaign – Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched. Based on the look of these minis, this may actually be the first real competition Warhammer miniatures have.

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So WTF is is Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched?

TLDR: It’s an incredibly awesome range of plastic miniatures for use in Wargames

So is it its own game? well from what I’ve read, it appears no.

This is a range, a large range, of miniatures. And if you have been into the Warhammer games for a while. the designs may look a little derivative of some of your favourite demon-worshipping spacemen.

Ravaged Star - Armies of the Veil-Touched - Chaos Model

David Nordquist hasn’t been shy about the inspiration for these. A long time fan of Chaos Space Marines you can see the heart of those models as the baseline for this range. But no, they are not “Chaos Space Marines”.

They are Chaos models sure, but, I repeat, they are not “Chaos Space MarinesⒸ™”. They are Inspired by Chaos Space Marines but also charters from the likes of Willow, Mortal Kombat, Vikings (in general), The Witcher (Videogame), and a touch of David’s own face. More Chaotic and beardy than it already is. Also when it comes to the Sorrowspite models in this range, I’m also getting some Resident Evil feels.

For more details check out this ass-covering, please don’t sue us, video below. (Jokes)

It seems odd that there’s no mention of a specific Ravaged Star “game” in this Campaign, after all, the last team-up between MiniWarGaming and Lazy-Squire Games was Stormsunder, which was a load of miniatures and a game. These are essentially just proxies for any game system which has 32mm chaotic space warriors – so, 40k then?

Maybe there is a game, it will be made clearer later in the campaign, maybe I’m just blind. But due to the number of models revealed here. It could do with its own little wargame system.

After all these miniatures are the first I’ve seen that actually hold a candle to what GW offer, this could be the start of a range that could actually challenge 40k. IMHO

Ravaged Star – blah of the blah blah Miniatures

Yeah, so the name is somewhat unwieldy. let’s just call it Ravaged Star and save us a few internet bytes. After all “Armies of the Veil Touched” just means “they aren’t from The Warp, Honestly!”

First up, these designs are literally jaw-dropping. As David said in the video above, “Heretic-Astartes is the best 40k army” and he is correct. If you disagree that’s fine, let’s be gracious and just both agree that you’re wrong.

Chaos Space Marines are what got me into 40k as a kid. so I’m all for these beauties.

Allow me to be clear about why I’m excited so excited about these models. and more specifically why I prefer them to so many other ranges and games.

  1. They are Sci-Fi models – An instant draw for me and probably many of us. As we know, futuristic 40k is the more popular of the existing wargames. Far-future warfare is what many of us love
  2. 32mm Heroc Scale – I love the design asthetic of so many sci-fi existing wargames, Infinity, Star Wars Legion, Even Crisis Protocol has an appeal. But the tiny canvas of 28mm miniatures is an instant turn off. There’s just not enough canvas for me on many of those individual models.
  3. Scenic bases on every miniature. No need to argue over round, square, beveled, curved or straight edge bases. Every model in this range has a pre-sculpted scenic base.

Honestly, I think it’s the scale that is the real draw. This to me is what GW are doing that makes them really stand out from the crowd. (that and the plastics they use)

The one question I have is about the production quality. Well, not quality so much, based on what I have seen. I’m more just curious about the production “result”. The reason for that is that these are going to be mass-produced in PVC plastic, which operates differently from what many of us are used to, Polystyrene.

My Experience with this material is with figures from the likes of Reaper Bones and Heroquest. It’s commonly used on models that are a little less display quality and a little more generic boardgame-pieces quality

I went looking for more details on the models final quality by checking out previous campaigns. The aforementioned Stormsunder doesn’t have many detailed reviews available on the miniatures themselves. (hmm, maybe we should reach out to ask for a copy and change that). The earlier campaign by Lazy-Squire Games was Wild Assent. This has high-quality resin miniatures. At least in the unboxing videos. it did. So we have no final production models to get a true suggestion of how these will turn out.

Let me validate this because PVC can be a double edge sword. On the cons side, we may see more flexible final sculps where the detail is not quite as sharp or pronounced as the like of GW models. Games Workshop’s Plastic is rather inflexible, it doesn’t bend and flex as much as it warps. But, the main struggle I’ve had with PVC is cleaning up mould lines. It’s just harder to shave down PVC as it’s kinda rubbery, it just bends out of the way and sends your knife bouncing up the surface leaving a choppy texture where it should be smooth.

However. the benefits of PVC are that any bends or warps in the material can be easily resolved and restored using heat. So either a heat gun or a mix of hot water to allow you to bend the piece back into shape and then cool water to set it in place.

You also have the benefit. I’m assuming based on their previous campaign, of receiving these models pre-assembled. Having just spent over 200 hours just on the building and cleanup stage of Fury of the Deep. The idea of opening a box and getting straight to painting them really excites me.

And if they are still doing it, the boxes come with their own foam cutouts for placing the models back into storage whilst keeping them protected. believe me, this matters. I’ve just paid out £60 for foam trays just to protect HeroQuest.

See what everyone’s hobby-friend Angel has done with his sample model below…

You can see even more examples of these being painted on MiniWarGaming’s Instagram page.

As if I wasn’t excited enough about these things!

We are intending to get hands-on with one or some of these sample models. so keep an eye on our socials and YouTube channel for hands-on Impressions.

Ravaged Star Campaign

The previous campaign Stormsunder achieved over $800k from its $90k goal, following on from Wild Assent which achieved a similar figure. I’ve no doubt in my mind that Ravaged Star will achieve its funding Goal. In fact, I’m fairly certain it will happen on Day 1. If not within a just few short hours.

Offering Pledges from $49 for a single set, up to $500 for the top pledge getting all of the warpacks. The sweet spot seems to be around $120 for one of the four faction-specific warpacks. But the problem I have is that all of these look so great, how can I not just go with the Top Tier Pledge? Especially as there are still stretch goals to come?

Short answer, “I can’t”. I’m backing the whole bundle. You do you.

But make sure you take at least 5 minutes out of your day in the next week to at check out this campaign.

My only remaining question is, what’s next in the Ravaged Star Universe?

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3 thoughts on “Ravaged Star: Armies Of The Veil-Touched Kickstarter on Gamefound

  • January 25, 2022 at 3:29 pm

    I am absolutely speechless after looking at all this goodness!!!

    Just a very important warning: the campaign will only last for 8d8h, starting today, so your advice of “take at least 5 minutes out of your day in the NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS to at least check this campaign out” shouldn’t be taken LITERALLY ;)

    Thank you very much for pointing me to this campaign!!!

    • January 25, 2022 at 3:32 pm

      You know what. I have no excuse. Not only was it stated in the campaign, but David also emailed me with the dates…

      • January 28, 2022 at 7:18 am

        I had a look at the Stormsunder crowdfunding and… what a mess :(
        They still haven’t delivered a single miniature, they have actually accumulated a delay of 6 months and hope to ship everything in Oct 2022 with exactly a delay of 1 year on the ETA.

        Stormsunder is ofc a different beast, they have tokens, manuals, etc. but in their timetable they state that minis are around 40% complete and, honestly, this worries me a lot regarding the Ravaged Star campaign…


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