Warhammer Conquest All Issue Contents Confirmed

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Hey guys, we now have full “confirmation” for the contents of every issue up to issue 80.

Back in January, Warhammer Conquest launched in Spain. Along with that launch, Spanish Website “La Voz De Horus” (Translated: The Voice of Horus) released the breakdown of every issue. It was quickly taken down, but not before sites like ours got captured and shared the details.

We contacted the Warhammer Conquest Community team to confirm if this was real, all they told us is that the leak was based on the Spanish version and is subject to change.

It has changed, but only very slightly Issues 31-36 were shuffled along from what was originally expected and Issue 46 was swapped with Issue 34.

Most of the paints since Issue 31 have also had some changes. We also had some new paints which were not originally expected at all. So we only had a loose idea of what is upcoming.

But now, we have full confirmation of what we are getting right up to issue 80.

This is thanks to the Warhammer Conquest release in Italy. Where Hachette just shared the breakdown in its entirety as a.pdf.

With massive thanks to Selven or sharing this with us. Selven is launching his own Warhammer Conquest Blog for Italy (My descent into 40k) which you can check out here.

I’ve already updated the leaked content on the main article, so you can see the contents of the upcoming issues.

So, what have we learned?

Well, all the issues with models are correct when compared to the original leak. The paints have been mixed up, even more and some of them we aren’t getting at all (more on this in a mo). The most interesting takeaway is that the Primaris Repulsor is still set to arrive over 4 issues. 757677 & 78.

Now, this is really odd as the Primaris Repulsor only consists of 3 sprues.

Here, you can see them below.

A few people have speculated what the 4th issue could be. Some suggested an issue with waterslide decals (aka transfers) but we confirmed it isn’t that. Others have said it could just be the Primaris Repulsor Base in a single issue. If that’s the case, (and I wouldn’t put it passed Hachette) people will be severely effed off!

My personal hope (as doubtful as it may be) is that the 4th issue gives us the weapon sprue from the Primaris Repulsor Executioner. Which would be nice. Except there’s absolutely no value in them giving us Both the Repulsor Executioner weapon sprue and the standard Repulsor weapon sprue, because (as far as I’m aware) they are not interchangeable.

It appears to me that the turret mounts are completely different.

Primaris Repulsor Executioner Sprue

As for the paints. the initial leak advised us of paints we would be getting per issue. As the changes started being made, I held onto the original list.

So now we can confirm we aren’t getting any of the following paints (although some of these were just resupplying paints we already had.).

So that’s it, guys. that’s our lot. Unless they decide to extend the publication. It has happened before and Whilst I don’t know much about Partworks in general. I would assume they haven’t had many series flying off the shelves as fast as this. Check out Forbidden Planet, Some issues have even been out of stock before release!

If they do continue, what would you want to see them include? let us know in the comments.

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  • August 22, 2019 at 12:37 am

    I’d love for them to do some Tau mini’s.


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