The Army Painter Wet Palette – First Look

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Earlier today The Army Painter announced a new tool in their line up by launching their very own Wet Palette.

I (personally) have been somewhat unimpressed with the previous offerings of Retail Wet Palettes. So much that I have reverted to my own DIY option. Don’t get me wrong, I just preferred my DIY palette, but maybe that’s just becasue it’s what I’m used to .

The Army Painter Wet Palette - In Use

Now that The Army Painter is releasing one, I may need to rethink the wording of my “how to make a wet palette” article. Especially as there is a new wet palette on the market, which could mean “all” the retail options aren’t so meh.

A wet palette is one of the better tools you can get your hands on. This isn’t the first time a major miniatures/wargames/hobbyist company has released a palette dedicated to miniature painters. But this could be an improvement on what we’ve seen before, Let’s take a look at what we know

The Army Painter Wet Palette - Specifications
  • 138 x 198mm (5.4″ x 7.8″)
  • 2 Hydro Foams (These are mould resistant, not mould retardant)
  • 50 Hydro Sheets
  • Retaining Strap (to hold it closed
  • Hard Plastic Lid & Base
  • Brush Holder (For Army painter Brushes only)
    • Holds 6 Wargamer Brushes and 10 Hobby Brushes

We would be ignorant if we didn’t say this looks very, very similar to the Redgrass Games everlasting wet palette… Whilst it’s just over 1cm smaller, everything from the rounded corners to the hydration foam. Even the existence of the strap to hold the unit shut is similar. However, this comes in the Army Painter’s (and Batman of the Future’s) Signature Black and Red with a The Army Painter logo emblazoned on top.

Where this really differs is that the Palette is 3 parts, the base and the lid can both be used as wet palettes (or so it appears from the image below, I’m sure you could stuff an extra hydration foam in that lid). The plastic centre part acts as a brush holder. It leaves me to wonder, as all these parts are made of the same hard plastic, which part actually makes a seal when the unit is closed (is there a seal?).

Oh, and the price, this is only €19.99! (approx £18, $21 USD, $30 CAD, $32 AUD). Almost half the price of its direct competitor.

The Army Painter Wet Palette - In Use 2

To compare this with the Everlasting Wet Palette (and other options) properly we need to know what the paper is like. This is the most important part of the palette. I can’t wait to get my hands on one to try it out.

I’ve reached out to The Army Painter to ask if they will send us a review sample.

Update 11/10/19: they are sending one for me to Review!

The wet palette is available to pre-order right now at an incredibly competitive price. The palette will be out in December.

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The Army Painter Wet Palette - First Look
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The Army Painter Wet Palette - First Look
Earlier today The Army Painter announced a new tool in their line up by launching their very own Wet Palette.
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2 thoughts on “The Army Painter Wet Palette – First Look

  • September 24, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    I’m curious about this. I’ve seen the Everlasting, and it’s gotten great reviews, but I just hasn’t broken down to spend the cash for it. If this one works out well at a lower price, then I think I’ve found my palette. I’m also using a DIY one but would love something a bit more professional.

    • September 24, 2019 at 3:51 pm

      Same here for the reasons I’ve said above. TAP agreed to send one for review before release. Looking forward to sharing it


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