Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 3 + Another Bonus Figure

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I am genuinely scratching my head as to why the Warhammer Community team aren’t a bit more vocal about these? They do the same with Space Marine Adventures games. Rise of the Orks is now available exclusively at Game in the UK (probably other stores worldwide) and has been for some time. But Games Workshop is doing a poor job of telling us these rather unique things are even out! They’ve had a great drive in the last year or so partnering up with other companies. But at least tell us, your die-hard fans when and where we can get hands-on. Did you know that the Series 3 40k McFarlane toys have been available to preorder for a few weeks now? No. Well don’t worry, we’ll tell you what’s what With Warhammer 40k McFarlane Toys Series 3 along with a new bonus figure you probably don’t know is part of Series 2.

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Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Explained

Right, here’s a quick Recap;

McFarlane 40k Toys Series 1 launched in late 2020 following a discreet unveiling at Mcfarlane’s own toy convention. Hot on the heels of the more poseable and more expensive Bandai models. This set had 4 models (3 unique sculpts)

McFarlane Warhammer Action Figures - Featured

It’s worth noting that all of these models are pretty much unavailable now, though a few places do still stock the Ultramarines Primaris Assault Intercessor.

McFarlane’s 40k Figures Series 2, which has been available to preorder for months and is releasing in the UK around now-ish. I say “ish” because some stores have them on the shelves already whereas others haven’t had any yet.

I had mine on preorder from a few places as I know these can disappear quite quick when released. The release date has moved out twice in the last month. So when I nipped into Warhammer Chesterfield last week, I literally cleared the shelf of all they had and cancelled my preorders. (I also didn’t realise that one place I preordered from had a 10% cancellation fee on preorders. booooo, won’t be shopping there again.)

This series has 6 different models and 4ish (again with the ish) unique sculpts.

Warhammer 40k McFarlane Toys Series 2 - Featured

So, iI said 4 ish sculpts here. The Hellblasters are essentially the same sculpt, but the artists proof version has removed the Blood Angel iconography and made it generic. So it’s the same sculpt but it also isn’t. That’s 1/2 sculpts. The 3 Battle sisters above are identical sculpts, just different (or unpainted) schemes. one of which we didn’t even know about until this last week and I have detailed below. So we’re at 2/3 The Gold Label Blood Angels Lieutenant is the same sculpt as above but has different weapons and more adornments to treat it as its own thing. making 3/4 sculpts.

Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 3

So with an already bumper set of models out there, are you expecting another great improvement with McFarlane 40k Series 3? Well, umm. before you read on, maybe relax your expectations. The new series has only 3 models, though each of them is a unique sculpt…


The 3 models are;

Lets Take a closer look… As I throw hate on this whole new set with the full intention of buying them all anyway!

McFarlane Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister – Order of the Bloody Rose

100% Identical to the previous releases in terms of the sculpt and accessories, but this time in Red and White.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Sisters of Battle - Order of the Blood Rose - Pose 1

This is the Mcfarlane/games Workshop equivalent of issuing Nike Air Force Ones in a new colourway. If you like it, buy it. But despite all the Sisters fans out there, are there enough people into The Order of the Bloody Rose to make this one worthwhile?

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Sisters of Battle - Order of the Blood Rose - Box

I’d say vote with your wallets, but my worry is that if sales dry up for these figures because of a daft marketing decision, will it be taken as — nobody wants GW Action figures?

Becasue we do want them. we really really do. Just mix in a new sculpt once in a while.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Sisters of Battle - Order of the Blood Rose - Close up Profile

Why not make us a sister with a face, it’s one of the most iconic parts of that army. Female fighters sans helmet. We know you can do faces McFarlane

McFarlane Necron Flayed One

With so many Factions available across the 40k ecosystem, I’m sure that absolutely nobody was looking at this range screaming, we want more Necron action figures.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Necron Flayed One - Front

Yes, I know that since Indomitus released, Necron are GW’s tertiary poster boys right now, but when this line was release I was hoping for a bit more range than this.

And if we’re gonna get more Necron models, flayed ones? really?

This particular model doesn’t even have the grotesque grim darkyness of the new Flayed ones from Pariah Nexus

It’s more like the classic GW sculpts which were, not great… It’s a beaten up Necron with some flesh lazily hanging off the face and shoulders.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Necron Flayed One - Close Up Profile

The Body sculpt is identical to the model used in Series 1. Just with the hands swapped out, the skin bits added and a spikey spine. All of the surface battle damage is the same as last years model.

McFarlane Necron Flayed One – Artists Proof

Bizzarely the Artists proof version of a flayed one is actually a different sculpt to the painted version.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Necron Flayed One Artist's Proof - Pose 2

And this one, whilst evoking Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture show, actually looks better than the painted version and more Flayed One esque.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Necron Flayed One Artist's Proof - Box

It’s worth noting that all of the official images for this series currently note “Prototype Subject to Change”, I just hope this means we’re planning on making them better. rather than, we ditched this variant and just gave you an unpainted version of the crappier looking model above.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Necron Flayed One Artist's Proof - Close Up Profile

At this stage, though Prototype Subject to Change” probably means nothing at all, it’s just ass-covering in case they find a way to make these cheaper to produce and have to make changes to support a reduction in costs.

My heartfelt opinion at this stange is “meh”, but again, I’m going to buy them all anyway and so are many of you.

Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 2 – Bonus Figure

When Series 2 first released, I wrote a post about it noting that there was one special edition model. The Blood Angel Lieutenant was not only part of McFarlane’s Warhammer series. but also McFarlane’s Gold Label Series. A series quoted to have “a number of highly limited figures from across many pop culture brands”.

I’m not sure how limited, “highly limited” means, but I was able to pick up 2 of these (one to display one to store) at Warhammer Chesterfield this week, just sat on the shelf. Forbidden Planet still has them available to pre-order. eBay Scalpers even have them on at retail price with free shipping… Some of them do anyway, others are playing the long game.

Anwway, Series 2’s other bonus figure is…

McFarlane Sisters of Battle – Order of the Sacred Rose – Platinum Chase

Yes, that’s a mouthful. let me explain, as it took me a while to understand it.

First up, like with the last McFarlane Toys post I made, at this time, there’s very little shared in the official channels about this particular model. It’s neither on the Official Gw Website or the official Mcfarlane Website. But it’s part of Series 2, which is out now (ish) in the UK and has been out for a while in the US. So how do we know about it?

Well, becasue of the unique and rather odd way of how it’s available. Some people have already got their hands on it.

Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Sisters of Battle - Order of the Sacred Rose - Platinum Chase - Feature

Jack in January of 2020, (remember back then, when life was fun and free) McFarlane.com posted about a Chase program, then called Special Edition. This program was initially teased in July of the previous year at McFarlaneCon.

The program is now called McFarlane Platinum Collection.

This program was launched with the intent of releasing highly limited (I guess more limited than the gold label) models, in order to drive demand, but is under the guise of “we want to bring some excitement back to hunting for the models you desperately crave because you want that don’t you consumers.”

No, Todd mate, we just want to order the things we want, when we want them for a fair price and have them delivered. My 5yo son and 6yo daughter however do want to collect all the Treasure X, Dino Smashers and LOL surprises you can throw at them. Grown-ups (I say this loosely as we are collecting toys here) don’t want artificial limits. For evidence of this “fact” go have a chat with anyone who wanted a copy of Cursed City but didn’t get one.

Artificial limits only benefit the production company by creating artificial scarcity which drives demand, and the eBay scalpers – Who just charged me £160 for 2 of these £20 figures. (and that was cheap compared to some sellers).

So, what’s the difference between this Platinum Sister and the other 3 variants? Well, there are 2 huge differences that will make you want it!

  1. Instead of being Black and Red, or Red and White, or Unpainted….. This one is….. White and Black!
  2. This one….. has….. A tiny silver sticker on the box saying “McFarlane Platinum Collection”
Warhammer 40,000 - McFarlane Toys - Sisters of Battle - Order of the Sacred Rose - Platinum Chase - Box

That is literally the only difference on this box vs the McFarlane Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister. Seriously, even the barcode is the same. And now comes the time when I explain how you can get this variant.

Unlike the Gold series, you can’t just walk into a store or search for this specific style online and expect to pick it up. (unless eBay scalpers). To get this you need to order the normal McFarlane Adepta Sororitas Battle Sister and when it arrives you may or may not have the platinum variant. Congratulations you lucky dog, you just got the model you didn’t order, or perhaps even want. And if you’re not quick, the one you did want, maybe sold out everywhere. Hooray!

I say order, it is actually possible to walk into a shop and find this variant on a shelf (if the staff haven’t already bought it to make a profit, it happens) if that retailer has been randomly sent some of the rare ones.

Tthis makes more sense than sending you the wrong thing when ordering online. Because in store you have a choice.

But with the way the world is, Brick and Mortar Retail just doesn’t have the footfall it once had. (maybe putting this in-store only would encourage us to get our arses out of the house).

I wonder how many people got this one and sent it back saying they got the wrong thing before realising how much they could have scalped selling it on eBay. Again, it’s not like Mcfarlane’s own website has even bothered explaining what this is. Unless you’re a die-hard Warhammer and McFarlane fan (or haven’t read this post) you won’t know what this even is.

So far, these have on;y shipped in the US, I’ve no idea if this program is coming to the UK, but most preorders haven’t even started shipping here yet. The only place I’ve seen any of series 2 is in a Warhammer store and they just had the normal ones.

Warhammer 40,000 McFarlane Toys Series 3 Price, Availability and Final Thoughts

Availability wise you can preorder these now. in the Uk, you can get the best price from Forbidden Planet with about 20% off coming in at £19.99 rather than the £24.99 RRP. For the rest of the world, see Amazon. They have them at a fair price also and there are loads of models left in stock for Series 2. Though I did read somewhere that the Blood Angel Lieutenant is exclusive to Walmart.

As for Final thoughts, if you hadn’t guess, I’m underwhelmed with Series 3, a repainted sister and 2 shoddy Necron. I absolutely love the idea of McFarlane’s Toys. I’ve never read spawn but I have about 20 of those models too, along with some Metal Gear and Borderlands figures.

I’m going to keep buying them but like with most things Warhammer lately I do it through gritted teeth. This collection is great, but it could be so much better. Give us some Orks, Give us some Eldar. Give us a Terminator, a Bladeguard, a Chaplain, A Chaos marine, Plague Marines. and for the love of all that is Sigmar, give us some Stormcast.

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