Warhammer Imperium Issues 1-4 Contents

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Yep, surprising almost no-one, it’s real! Warhammer Imperium is the upcoming partworks magazine from Hachette. Once again this is about collecting and painting models, and something about playing the game or something. I’m not sure, I never read the books. Let’s get straight in by checking out the contents of Warhammer Imperium issues 1-4

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Warhammer Imperium Magazine

If you are new to the site, let me give you a brief rundown about how FauxHammer.com works in relation to the Warhammer Partworks Magazine.

  • We get our info directly from our contact at Hachette Partworks – though when we often share our opinion we make it clear.
  • Articles like this one are released roughly every 4 weeks showing the contents of the next 4 issues (when the magazine goes live properly – more on this shortly)
  • We are now doing much more content on YouTube, so follow us there for news Tips & Advice.
  • /Like with Warhammer Conquest and Mortal Realms magazine, we will have an overarching article which we update with the complete contents as we learn it
  • Warhammer Imperium will be trailed initially –
    • This is standard practice with all partworks magazines.
    • We saw this with Conquest and Mortal Realms
    • They will release 4 (ish) issues in a local area to see what the uptake is. if successful in these trials then they will launch the magazine a few months later.
    • During the Trial, Hachette staff will not acknowledge the existence of the “trial”. IMO this would skew the results.
    • No, we do not know where the trial will be based – sorry, but… (next bullet point)
    • It won’t be available online unless you want to pay scalper prices on eBay.
  • We have a Facebook group
    • This group is filled with collectors of Warhammer Conquest and soon Warhammer Imperium
    • people post tons of models and most likely when this comes out people will post the locations where they have spotted it.
  • Warhammer Imperium standard issue price will now be £8.99. £1 more than the previous collection’s issues.
  • Warhammer Imperium collection is based around the Models from 40k 9th edition. Specifically Necrons vs Space Marines (you will also be getting some Sisters of battle and Adeptus Mechanicus Units within the Imperial forces). See our reviews of the 9th edition starter sets and Indomitus Boxed set for details.
  • It’s coming to the UK, other territories are not conformed but we have left the price details below as placeholders until we can confirm either way.

Warhammer Imperium Issues 1 – 4 Contents

Warhammer Imperium Issue 1 Contents

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 1 Cover

Release Date: 10/03/21 (Trial Only)

Issue Price£2.99$
Total Value£3.50 – 4.10$
Total Saving£0.51 – £1.11$

If you are familiar with the first issues from the last two magazine’s this first issue may seem like a poultry offering. As Warhammer Conquest gave us 3 Space Easy-Build Space marines, some paints and a brush (about £20 worth RRP) and Mortal Realms Gave us 3 Sequitors and 10 Chainrasps (again about £20 worth RRP). here we only get 2 models

but 2 awesome models

But to be fair, the average Space Marine Lieutenant will cost you £20 alone, a character like a Royal warden would around £15. There’s arguably more value here than any previous mag’s issue 1. Obviously, it’s not this simple. Realistically you can get both of these models in the Recruit Edition Starter Set which is £35 for 17 models (20 including the 3 scarab swarms) then the retail value of these models individually is anywhere from £3.50 to £4.10. Yeah, that’s for both, not each…

This actually seems sensible. With those previous magazines you were givena crazy ammount of value, and that welcomed scalpers and proffiteers from all walks to rip these magazines from shelves before you loyal fans even got a look in. We saw some many posts of people clearing out stores just so they could stick the sprues on eBay.

This time the results of Issue 1 sales should be more realistic for Hachette to predict the popularity of the upcoming series. Lets be fair, for £3, many of you are still gonna be pulling multiple copies from the shelves just to have some cool practise models.

Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus Review 40K - Primaris Lieutenant
Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus Review 40K - Royal Warden

Warhammer Imperium Issue 2 Contents

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 2 Cover

Release Date: 24/03/21 (Trial Only)

Issue Price£5.99$
Total Value£?$
Total Saving£0$

Issue 2 does the sensible thing of shoring up your Necron force first just to try and get some semblance of balance between your steadily growing armies. Again, an odd one to put a value to as these models are only available in the “Necrons: Warriors + Paints Set” from Games Workshop.

The Cost of that Set is £22.50 When you minus the cost of the paints from this set, it leaves you at minus -£0.95? already. Oh and we are going to totally ignore the Starter Brush in this value calculation because it’s absolute trash.

Now to be fair,m when we remove the cost of buying those retail paints from the value of the set, It’s already unfair as the paint set comes with 25ml bottles, whereas the shade and technical paints come in larger bottles when bought retail…. and I just can’t be bothered to work this out by price per ml to figure out the remaining cost for the models temselves. so lets just say the saving here is £0. But you do get 3 models which were previously exclusive to the paint set. yay!

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 2 Contents - 3 Necron Warriors
Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 2 Contents - Runelord Brass

Warhammer Imperium Issue 3 Contents

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 3 Cover

Release Date: 31/03/21 (Trial Only)

Issue Price£8.99
Total Value£?
Total Saving£0

Issue 3 is the one that is most likely going to teach the Necron player how they should just concede before the end of their first turn. Despite each force now having a leader and 3 infantry units. The Assult Space Marines will easily outmatch 3 Necron Warriors with Gauss Flayers.

As above, it’s near on impossible to work out the value of these. So the saving is still £0. You can argue that you save less becasue this issue is more expensive than the last. ok, do that if you want.

Still 3 cool models which were previously exclusive to the paint set.

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 3 Contents - 3 Assult Space Marines
Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 1 & 36

Warhammer Imperium Issue 4 Contents

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 4 Cover

Release Date: 07/04/21 (Trial Only)

Issue Price£8.99
Total Value£11.50 – £37.25
Total Saving£2.51 – £28.26

And now for a real taste of things to come, our first of what we expect to be several of the sprues from either Indomitus or at least the 9th Edition Starter Sets (Bring on the Outriders issue! if that comes out).

This issue will also (likely) prove that the only way to really win as the Necrons is to completely outmatch the Space Marine Force. (jokes, calm down please).

The value again was odd to decipher. You can buy these models on their own at the staggering cost of £34.50 or you can get them pretty cheap as part of the Elite or Command sets of 40k 9th edition (where the price per sprue in those sets is £13.00 or £8.75 respectively).

These units are absolute “units” and they are incredibly fun models to paint. Expect that they will be flying off the shelves when this issue comes out.

Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus Review 40K - Skorpekh Destroyers
Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus Review 40K - Plasmacyte
Warhammer Conquest Contents Issue 3 & 36

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8 thoughts on “Warhammer Imperium Issues 1-4 Contents

  • March 5, 2021 at 10:30 pm

    Is this definitely a trial run or is it the full 80 issues?

  • March 6, 2021 at 5:59 pm

    Done Subscription. I’m collecting Mortal Realms as for now they never failed me.

  • March 10, 2021 at 1:59 pm

    I tried Forbidden Planet, but they don’t have Imperium listed yet and didn’t seem to know about it when I asked

    • March 10, 2021 at 2:00 pm

      It’s just a trial for now. Only 4 issues released and only in select locations in the UK. The actual mag will be released in a few months

  • March 11, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks for the reply, I didn’t know it was a trial.


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