Games Workshop announces new Citadel Contrast Paints (incl Release Date)

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Games Workshop has been teasing “a revolutionary new way to paint” for the last month. On day 1 of this year’s Warhammer fest, they have now announced the rumoured “Contrast Paints”.

Update: 12/05/19 – we now have the names of all the colours

Update: 12/05/19 – No official date yet, but unofficial comments from Warhammer Fest suggest that these paints will be out by the end of June

Update: 26/05/19 – The Release Date has finally been revealed

I was hoping for a re-release of their whole paint range in Dropper Bottles but based on these coming in the exact same pots. I wouldn’t hold my breath that Droppers Bottles are coming any time soon. I guess we need to continue transferring them to Dropper Bottles ourselves. Or just buying paint that comes in droppers already.

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Rumours of this being something like Army Painter’s Quickshade Tins have been swirling for a while. But this is slightly different in that these paint’s are more akin to a pigment dense wash.

The whole pitch here is that you can simply apply one coat of the 34 new colours (yes they don’t match the names of existing colours) over one of the 2 new primers. This will shade, colour and “highlight” the model in just one quick coat. Although, this “revolutionary” “new” method is rather similar to the decade-old Army painter’s Quickshade Washes.

As you may have noticed from the top image, these paints are also in a new size of pot somewhere between the existing standard 12ml pots and the easily tippable 24ml shade & texture pots.

Games Workshop Citadel Contrast Paint - Painting

Citadel Contrast Paint – Colour List

34 new Paints

  1. Apothecary White
  2. Black Templar
  3. Space Wolves Grey
  4. Gryph-Charger Grey
  5. Basilicanum Grey
  6. Volupus Pink
  7. Blood Angels Red
  8. Flesh Tearers Red
  9. Magos Purple
  10. Shyish Purple
  11. Aethermatic Blue
  12. Leviadon Blue
  13. Ultramarines Blue
  14. Talassar Blue
  15. Terradon Turquoise
  16. Akhelian Green
  17. Dark Angels Green
  18. Militarum Green
  19. Iyanden Yellow
  20. Nazdreg Yellow
  21. Gryph-hound Orange
  22. Snakebite Leather (It’s Back Baby!)
  23. Cygor Brown
  24. Guilliman Flesh
  25. Fyreslayer Flesh
  26. Darkoath Flesh
  27. Plaguebearer Flesh
  28. Ork Flesh
  29. Skeleton Horde
  30. Aggaros Dunes
  31. Creed Camo
  32. Gore-grunta Fur
  33. Wyldwood
  34. Warp Lightning
Games Workshop Citadel Contrast Paint - Colour List

2 new Primers (which seem to come in both spray and pot variety)

  • Wraith Bone
  • Grey Seer

There’s no clarity yet on why these new primers are so special or if/why they are required. I assume they are just white or grey with a bit of gloss sheen in them to help the wash run into the recesses and stay away from the highlights

The results are quite interesting and this will surely encourage more beginners to get into the hobby. As it should now be much simpler to get your armies tabletop ready.

There’s still no news on a release date but we hope to hear more as Warhammer fest Continues

Citadel Contrast Paints – Release Date

The release date has now been announced via Warhammer Community Website. The paints will be available to preorder on June 8th 2019 and will be available to buy on June 15th 2019.

Also, the image below is from the Warhammer Community team (so please stop digging at me for my typos)!

Games Workshop Citadel Contrast Paint - Release Date

As I said though, this does just seem like a pigment dense Shade. See my results below after applying several different coats of their existing shade paint to a mini.

I’m looking forward to hearing more and getting my hands on the new paints

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