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Well, It’s clear that after the announcement of the new Citadel Colour Contract Paints. That “Citadel Colour” is the brand name they want you to remember. (I expect the existing paint pot stickers will be re-styled soon too, in order to match the brand).

Game’s Workshop’s Warhammer Community Team has just released a new painting resource dedicated to painting tutorial for Citadel Miniatures.

The previous home for this content was on YouTube under the banner of WarhammerTV, However, due to the size of this video repository, the organisation of the content is quite poor now. Now with the Citadel Colour website, things are easily sorted into dedicated categories.

Citadel Colour - Website

The intro videos boasts that this will eventually have painting guides for Every Citadel Miniature. We don’t know if they will be covering their extensive back catalogue or just waiting for the older models to filter out as they paint the new ones. I expect that the Contrast Paints will make up a solid portion of the content.

It’s worth noting (at least so far) that these guides are made for the beginners, and (unsurprisingly) show how to use the Games Workshop products to paint your models, rather than show you the best ways to paint your model. An example would be how they describe the Citadel Palette as “the best thing to use for thinning your paints”. Realistically the best thing to use would be a wet palette, or at the very least a ceramic tile you can clean rather than glossy sheets of consumable paper. but games Workshop don’t sell one. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, but they are obviously going to show you how to paint only using their products.

But remember, there are other tools you should always be willing to consider.

Their advanced techniques aren’t (yet) anything that a display painter would consider as advanced. It’s more advanced techniques for the beginner. Such as Applying Decals, Painting Faces, Masking, Mediums & Varnishes. Rather than show anything significant in these areas, it’s currently just, what these techniques are and an example.

Even the Glazing example is more of an example of what glazing is rather than the deep nuances of how to do it. They do however show how the Contrast Paints can be used for glazes, which is something I’m looking forward to trying.

My hope is that these eventually include guides for ‘Eavy Metal techniques.

Citadel Colour - Contrast Paint Ultramarine

There are a few guides already which look at the contrast paints, so check these out if you want to know more about them before the release. although now that I’ve seen this applied first hand, I’m less confident of a consistent application of these colours. They are drying (at least in some of these videos) with lots of brush strokes, tide marks and streaks.

What do you think of Is it useful to you?

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