Warhammer Collector Coins 2021 – Full Collection Breakdown

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Right we, that’s us, I think we’ve found our niche well and truly in this hobby verse. It seems to be cataloguing all Games Workshop’s off-side products, to their growing number of Officially Licensed offerings, From the Obvious coverage of the Partworks Magazines to the details of the Space Marine Heroes and McFarlane Toys Sets. Now we’re gonna cover the Monthly Warhammer Collectors Coins. Why? Well, I’m sure someone out there (like me) has a few of these and is wondering which ones they are missing.

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How to get your Warhammer Collector Coins 2021

The Warhammer Collector coins are a free giveaway item, available on the first Saturday of each month (unless something massive like Dominion is released, in these cases, it’s delayed a week). Simply spend £60 in your local Warhammer store and the coin is yours. (yep, that includes the cost of the carrier-bag, which is once how I was able to breach that £60 target)

In my case (though this depends on the store), as I spent over £200, I was able to choose 3 coins in one purchase which was great. and was all thanks to the store still having coins in stock. I mean, I could have always just split the purchase down into 3 separate transactions. Though some stores may frown upon this.

The only other place to pick them up (as I’ve had to do with a couple) is to pick them up from eBay. Expect them to sell for anything from £15 – £25 depending on how desired the coin is.

Warhammer Collector Coins 2021 – Coin Holder Booklet

Once you have 6 coins (and again, assuming the store has stock), you can walk those coins into your local store and show them off. You’ll be rewarded with the collector’s booklet.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins 2021 - Collectors Booklet Front Cover

It’s only a thin sleeve but houses 12 coins, 1-year’s worth of collectables.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins 2021 - Collectors Booklet Front Inside

You could of course get multiple booklets by taking your 6 coins to multiple stores or go on different dates, or take some of yours and some of a friends coins to get your book. But why? why do you need more than one. don;t be that person, please.

Warhammer Collector Coins 2021 – Special Coins

Games Workshop has been doing coins for a while now. If you were an Indomitus early bird you could snag a double-sided metal coin featuring ultramarines on one side and Necron the other.

The same with Dominion which had 3 marked coins in a presentation box offered as a super early-bird.

If you go into Warhammer World you also have the choice of swapping your money for me of two collector coins in the entrance atrium.

these are just a few extra examples of the special coins GW offers, though these are clearly not part of the monthly collection.

Warhammer Collector Coins 2021 – Per Month

I expect that this extra reward is used to encourage people back to their physical stores after the absolute insanity that was 2020. GW put this coin programme in place in December of 2020, just before they were told to close up retain again thanks to Covid. but once they reopened, any missed coins were still available to pick up for those who rushed back to the store.

Each month, you can also (if you’re quick enough) bag a free mini. Most of the time the store will take one or more (depending on store size/stock/staff time) boxes of relevant minis from the shelf and build them up ready for you to take one of the set home with you. Just don’t expect your mould lines removed, gaps filled or barrels drilled.

Warhammer Collector Coins 2021 – Per Month Summary

Below is a quick breakdown of the monthly coins, you can see them in detail below.

November 2020Daughters of KhaineAoS
December 2020Death Guard40k
January 2021Ultramarines40k
February 2021SlaaneshAoS
March 2021Lumineth Realms LordsAoS
April 2021Be’LakorAoS
May 2021Ghal MarazAoS
June 2021Adepta Sororitas40k
July 2021Stormcast EternalsAoS
August 2021Grey Knights40k
September 2021Orks40k
October 2021TBC
November 2021TBC
December 2021TBC

The coins break down into 1 of 2 universes with the 40k coins coming in Silver and the AoS coins in a very inconsistent bronze-copper colours

Warhammer Collector Coins – November 2020 – Daughters of Khaine

Well, I’m an idiot, and thanks to @tomeofminis on Twitter who quickly spotted and pointed out my error.

The first Coin came out in November of 2020 and was a Daughters of Khaine coin.

Yay, to eBay I go, because I don’t have this coin!

Warhammer Store Collector Coins November 2020 Collector Coin - Daughters of Khaine

The free model this month was a warrior from the Witch Aelves boxed set.

Warhammer Collector Coins – December 2020 – Death Guard

The first second coin arrived just before 2021 blessing papa Nurgle himself.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins December 2020 Collector Coin - Death Guard

The free mini this month was one model from the Plague Marine set

Warhammer Collector Coins – January 2021 – Ultramarines Uriel Ventris

Bit of an odd one. The Uriel Ventris Ultramarines coin was intended for January was delayed thanks to Covid. But this became available in February 2021

Warhammer Store Collector Coins January 2021 - Uriel Ventris

The free mini was also delayed and was offered as an alternative choice of model in February (see below)

Warhammer Collector Coins – February 2021 – Slaanesh

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The Slaanesh coin was our February pick.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins February 2021 Collector Coin - Slaanesh

Due to the Covid delay, this month you had the choice of one of the Daemonettes of Slaanesh or you pick up one of the one month delayed Space Marine Primaris Reivers

Warhammer Collector Coins – March 2021 – Lumineth Realms Lords

The Aelvish Lumineth Realm Lords was the coin available in March

Warhammer Store Collector Coins March 2021 Collector Coin - Lumineth Realm-Lords

With this month’s coin (or without for that fact) you could also pick up a Vanari Auralan Warden and try to get it home without the speak breaking.

Warhammer Collector Coins – April 2021 – Be’Lakor

The Chaos is strong with this Be’lakor coin from April 2021

Warhammer Store Collector Coins April 2021 Collector Coin - Be’lakor

This month you were able to pick up a free Be’Lakor model, yeah, you wish. Sorry, Couldn’t help myself, it is April After-all. This month you were able to bag one of the Horror’s of Tzeentch (AKA, Pink Horrors)

Warhammer Collector Coins – May 2021 – Ghal Maraz

from Character a focussed coin to a weapon focussed coin. The Skill-Splitter itself is emblazoned on this month’s coin.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins May 2021 Collector Coin - Ghal Maraz

This month’s free model was a bit of a curve able. nothing to do with the coin really and you could pick up a free Skeleton Warrior. and no, not the fun new Deathrattle Skeletons. but one of the now 5000-year-old Grave Guard. (that’s roughly when GW commission the original sprue).

Honestly, I think GW just wanted rid of some old stock here

Warhammer Collector Coins – June 2021 – Adepta Sororitas

Sister’s are doing it for themselves. Specifically battling in this case. June’s coin was all about those SoB’s

Warhammer Store Collector Coins June 2021 Collector Coin - Adepta Sororitas

This Month’s free model was appropriately from the Battle Sisters Squad Box

Warhammer Collector Coins – July 2021 – Stormcast Eternals

Sharing the spotlight with Dominion and its respective new Starter Set children (Warrior, Harbinger & Extremis) this month’s coin was full Stormcast.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins July 2021 Collector Coin - Stormcast Eternals

The model this month was awesome as it wasn’t simply pulled from a retail box. This month had an exclusive Stormcast Vindictor, complete with scenic base.

Warhammer Collector Coins – August 2021 – Grey Knights

piggy-backing on the heels of the Hexfire release which featured the new Primaris Scale but not Primaris (does it even matter at this point, Squat marines are DitW) Castellan Crowe, we have a Grey Knights Coin.

Warhammer Store Collector Coins August 2021 Collector Coin - Grey Knights

The exclusive mini this month was one of the Grey Knights Strike Squad models. Which appear to be OOP now, but may (hopefully) just be getting re-packaged.

Otherwise here you g guys, here’s Hexfire, now you can start a new Grey Knights army. you just can’t get the models anymore.

Warhammer Collector Coins – September 2021 – Orks

September 2021 appropriately 9thanks to all the new Orks) featured the Orks themselves. does anyone this whole last month’s releases should have been saved for Orktober, just because!?

Warhammer Store Collector Coins September 2021 Collector Coin - Ork

The free model this month is one of the classic Ork Nobz. I wonder if they will also give away the Ammo grot from this set as one of the models when stock runs low? Probably.

Warhammer Collector Coins – October 2021 – TBC

Warhammer Collector Coins – November 2021 – TBC

Warhammer Collector Coins – December 2021 – TBC

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