Mortal Realms Magazine Issues 74-80 Contents Confirmed

This is it guys, my final post on Mortal Realms. But with Dominion out next week, I’m sure you’ll have your AOS fix covered for quite some time. I think we all pretty much know what’s coming in these issues, after all, we all saw the original army photos. So I suppose this issue is less of a reveal of what’s coming and more of a. this is the order it’s coming in. Lets take a look at the contents of Mortal Realms issues 74 – 80.

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As we close off this chapter of Games Workshop and Hachette’s partnership, let’s look to the future. The Grim Dark future that is as the aforementioned parties gear up to release their next series. Imperium!

Based on 40k 9th edition. (here’s hoping we see another AOS series in a couple of years based on Dominion.

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We have a lot of questions surrounding Imperium still. Specifically when it’s out!

Well, come back on Monday and I’ll tell you.

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Mortal Realms Magazine Issues 74-80

Let’s do this

Mortal Realms Issue 74 Contents

Release Date: 21/07/21

I swear we already had these as I’m looking at my shelf and I’ve built them? But I’m guessing I had these from an earlier boxed set as I look back over the complete list and can’t see them listed.

Anyway, you want two copies of this issue. One so that you can build them with Hurricane Crossbows and the other so you can build them with Longstrike crossbows.

though to be fair, each type uses different bases and it;s not clear from the army pic which one we get. My money is on the former so you may need to pick up some oval bases for the larger Longstrike versions.

Issue Price£7.999.99€$19.99
Total Value£2532.50€$55.00
Total Saving£12.0122.51€$35.01
Mortal Realms Contents Issue 74 - Vanguard-Raptors With Hurricane Crossbows
Mortal Realms Contents Issue 74 - Vanguard-Raptors With Longstrike Crossbows

Mortal Realms Issue 75, 76 & 77.

Release Date: 28/07/21

A pretty large but classic model (I really wanted the Black Coach in this collection)

Not a bad price at all for a huge model, so feel free to pick up a few of these whilst it;s so low. just make sure you can get all 3 issues squared away or you’ll end up with half built Engines. get those preorders in before teh scalpers do.

Picture below on a WFB square base, this guy now comes with a 120x92mm Oval base (in the next issue)

Issue Price£23.9729.97€$59.97
Total Value£37.5049.00€$96.00
Total Saving£13.5319.03€$36.03
Mortal Realms Contents Issue 75-77 - Mortis Engine

Mortal Realms Issue 78 Contents

Release Date: 18/08/21

Nothing exciting here. just the base for the mortis Engine above and Celestant Prime below.

120x92mm Oval Base is worth £3 and the 100mm Round Base is £3.50 (or local equivalent). however, I noted these with a value of £0 below to make the calculations for the above and below issues easier. (at a total value of £7.50, you are still losing £0.49p RRP. you can always get third party bases at this size a lot cheaper.

You need the base for these models but again, you can just buy these seperately

Issue Price£7.999.99€$19.99
Total Value£00€$0
Total Saving£00€$0

Mortal Realms Issue 79 & 80 Contents

Release Date: 25/08/21

At last, this glorious fella wielding hammers and magic. An absolute bargain of a price. Buy 2 of this guy. buy 4, buy 10! You can’t field more than one but you can paint as many as you like.

You will never in the future of GW get him for this price ever again. more than 50% off (if like I said above you get the bases seperately or elsewhere) but even with the cost of his base added to this. he’s still more than 50% cheaper than retail.

Issue Price£15.9819.98€$39.98
Total Value£5064.50€$139.00
Total Saving£34.0244.52€$99.02
Mortal Realms Contents Issue 79-80 - Celestant Prime

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3 thoughts on “Mortal Realms Magazine Issues 74-80 Contents Confirmed

  • June 25, 2021 at 1:53 pm

    Thanks for these articles! They’ve been really helpful over the past year or however long it has been.

  • June 25, 2021 at 2:22 pm

    Thank you for providing all the information! It is a little bit of a let down that issue 78 is just bases but then again you’re getting a 50 quid mini for dirt cheap. Keep up the good work mate!

  • June 25, 2021 at 6:20 pm

    Excellent updates over the past couple of years. The Mortis Engine is a huge disappointment – it just doesn’t fit in a Nighthaunt army, unless there’s significant changes coming in a new battletome. A waste of 5% of the issues (when the base is included). As you say – the black coach would make much more sense.


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