JoyToy x Warhammer – Venerable Dreadnought & More Command Units.

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It was only last week when I said “we can hardly blink, without JoyToy revealing a new range of models”. Here we are back again with more boys in blue. this time in the form of the expected Joytoy Venerable Dreadnought and some extra command units which we did not expect to see until after July. Let’s take a closer look.

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JoyToy X Warhammer – Venerable Dreadnought & More – Introduction

Just a couple of reminders really. One, don’t forget to check out our article showing the full JoyToy Collection of Warhammer Action Figures – it’s getting rather large now!

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Featured 2

Two, painting these things.

It’s weird, but I see so many people asking for grey versions of these models so they can paint them. I remember when the Warhammer POP models came out and people were selling the store exclusive primed version for upwards of £50 on eBay, yet the Ultramarine POP (identical sculpt) was still selling at around £12.

Guys, there’s minimal difference. You can just as easily paint over the pre-painted ones. You should be putting primer on both anyway….

There are a few reasons I’ve seen people aren’t painting these. below are just some of those reasons and my contrary thoughts on them.

  • I want to paint it in its bare form to ensure all details are preserved.
    • True for miniatures sure, but at this scale, the existing vinyl paint job does not impact any of the detail at all.
  • In the past, even the edges of decals have been visible.
    • It may be true on the painted McFarlane figures (I don’t know), but in my experience above, there’s no such issue here.
  • I don’t want to waste paint re-priming the model.
    • Even if you get it in bare grey, why aren’t you priming the model before painting?

Anyway, those are just a few reasons, do you have any more? We have a comments box below. But really. as someone who loves these JoyToy sculpts, I just want to see more community paint jobs of them.

JoyToy x Warhammer Venerable Dreadnought & Command Units

I think we are on like wave 7 or 8 now. I don’t really think wave’s works anymore as they are just releasing new products every week. here’s the lastest

JoyToy x Warhammer -Venerable Dreadnought & Command Units
Image Courtesy of Gamecores

Whilst I love the fact that there are more models coming out, it’s getting rather expensive for the collector. It’s already hard enough to keep up with GW products. having Games Workshop themselves adding a new boxed game every 6 weeks or so. Things like Warhammer Imperium and the upcoming Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine. Or even just building your own army out. who can possibly afford to keep up with this hobby in a world of increasing Utility and petrol prices!?

I’m not blaming GW here. it’s not like they are trying to Nickel and Dime us like Videogames manufacturers do lately (I’m looking at you Gran Turismo 7). These are fantastic models and we want them all. But these, like many GW releases of late, they cater to an existing audience. Where there’s only ever a finite number of hobbyists with a limited amount they can spend (and that amount is shrinking rapidly).

I’d very much like to see GW focus on bringing in some new audience members. Make a simple-family game, and not the throwaway mini-boxes that end us as Game (UK retail store) exclusives. Something like the original HeroQuest, where the family can all play together… Not an overcomplicated math test, just a move, roll to fight, narrative adventure with expandable content.

Or at least just bring back Space Hulk….

JoyToy x Warhammer Ultramarine Command Units

Once again we have more of the poster-boys in blue. We have had a small scattering of other factions so far with the Death Company and Space Wolves Intercessors. We have some Imperial fists on the horizon too. But it does appear that the focus of this collection will be smurf based.

Primaris Lieutenant Erastus

It took me far too long to figure out where this Lieutenant sculpt came from. I know it’s this one. I remember it. I have it. in fact, I’ve painted it, a few times. Turns out he was from the Dark Imperium set and was also available in Warhammer Conquest issue 56 (along with the ancient below)

JoyToy x Warhammer - Primaris Lieutenant Erastus
Image Courtesy of Gamecores

This figure is identical to that sculpt, even including the relic hanging from his belt, and purity season on the lower left of his torso. it would be a cool model to purchase solo.

Veteran Sergeant Castor

I can’t see that this is based on any particular Seargeant model we’ve had in tabletop format yet. But is a solid mix of various Sargeant units. The chainswords were introduced to Primaris when Indomitus was released. We also have the option here of including either a Bolt Pistol or Bolt Rifle.

So he’s a great all-round model with options across the spectrum.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Veteran Sergeant Castor
Image Courtesy of Gamecores

In fact, this is an almost directly comparable unit to the McFarlane Seargeant we have already seen. Sans campaign shield here. However, this one comes with the Bolt rifle. So Swings and roundabouts.

But having this sculpt with these loadout options finally gives us the opportunity to just buy 5 of them and make a normal Space Marine Intercessor Squad and paint it however we like. (assuming they sell this as an individual model)

So I truly hope this one inspires some community to paint jobs.

If JoyToy are sensible, they would release this model on its own (not in a set of 3 as they have revealed them here), and would perhaps even release one in plain grey primer to overcome the fear so many people have of painting over these as they are.

Primaris Ancient Posca

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Ancient models. I just don’t see the value of walking into a futuristic war holding a big flag. No matter how pretty it is. (I also just hate painting them).

Seriously, if, “in the grim-darkness of the far future – there is only war”. you’d think someone genetically enhanced and trained to be a super-soldier would be sensible enough to carry something more than a flappy banner.

And if you are any other a Space Marine trained to fight in a war. Surely your training would be enough to push on and achieve your objective. If war and fighting it’s all you know, and you’re fighting in a war, should you really need to feel inspired to keep fighting? If so, I think we need to re-evaluate the training regimen.

JoyToy x Warhammer - Primaris Ancient Posca
Image Courtesy of Gamecores

It’s a good model though and nice to see that even though the scale is now large enough to include actual writing on the lower sections of the banner – they haven’t

Solid loadout again. Chainsword, Bolt pistol or Rifle.

JoyToy x Warhammer Venerable Dreadnought

Do I like this?

Ummm. yes, but no, but yes, but no. but yeah.

I suppose “why” is the question I have here. Everything from Games Workshop since Dark Imperium was released has been primaris, primaris, primaris. Whilst we have had the odd few first-born marines come out in the form of character models. they have all been quietly upscaled to almost-Primaris-size.

So why have we got a, now legacy, dreadnought?

JoyToy x Warhammer - Venerable Dreadnought
Image Courtesy of Gamecores

It looks gorgeous at this size, it really does, but when you look back at the group shot above, it does look squat when compared to the Primaris Marines. Even in the shot directly above it looks a tad top-heavy. You know, like someone/somebot is skipping leg day.

I worry about what this will look like when directly compared to the already released Invictor Warsuits. Some of the design elements of this, such as the hand, the shoulder-mounted, searchlight, the grenade-launcher and the fonts used just don’t meld with the newer design standards of GW models. Not JoyToy or Games Workshop’s fault. It’s just looking dated now and it was an odd choice to bring to the range.

It’s nice. It is nice, but I think it will just look odd standing next to the rest of the collection.

More Redemptor stuff please JoyToy.

Where to buy JoyToy Venerable Dreadnought & Command Units

Again, we’ve said it before, LockerToys is our go-to place. And they sent us some shots of their in-hand Chaos Lord (where I think the paint-job (specifically the face) looks better than the promo shots).

But anyway, keep an eye on this page (bookmark it) for preorders coming up soon.

JoyToy Venerable Dreadnought & Command Units – Final Thoughts

Another great selection of models, but nothing here tops the BladeGuard models they announced just a couple of weeks back (IMHO). My hope here is that they release these all individually and not have the 3 Primaris Marines above in a set of 3.

Really I want that Intercessor Seargeant to start making its way to community painters so we can see some of the great work that can come from these models.

We’ll be getting hands-on with all of these as we have so far, so please keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for unboxings of every single one.

Please Note: This site uses affiliate links. Our Affiliate Partners are shown below
(Affiliate links will result in compensation to the site on qualifying purchases)

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4 thoughts on “JoyToy x Warhammer – Venerable Dreadnought & More Command Units.

  • March 31, 2022 at 11:07 am

    I’m the opposite, the Dreadnought is the first one I’ve seriously considered actually buying!

    • March 31, 2022 at 12:22 pm

      I like it, it just doesn’t look right against all the Primaris stuff

    • April 2, 2022 at 10:55 am

      The Sergeant with Chainsword isn’t. no models on that sprue have chainswords


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