Artis Opus – Series D Kickstarter Launch

Last Updated on May 12, 2022 by FauxHammer

They’re at it again the greedy beggers! They have only just finished the Series M Kickstarter Campaign and now Artis Opus have just launched another one. But this one seems to be the most interesting launch yet.

Series D for Drybrushes

We have already written up our guide to the best brushes for miniature painters, but the focus of that article was solely on detail brushes. The standard round brushes with a fine point that you will use for the majority of your miniature painting.

I have been considering for a while now to ask the community what they think the best drybrushes are. but Artis Opus may have just come and answered that for us by releasing them.

Artis Opus has not responded to our requests to them to provide their Series M and Series S brushes for review. And I’m reluctant to buy them as they are very expensive and there have been some reports from the community of quality issues.

But the Series D is really winning me over, as they say in the video this is not as much a brush as it is a new technique. Also, they have David Soper recommending them.

If you don’t know who David Soper is, then you will at least know his work. David is IMHO the best miniature painter in the world with credentials to back that statement up. He is a 5 times Slayer Sword winner! FIVE! Check him out on his blog or his Instagram.

I briefly spoke with David recently and he confirmed he would not recomend them if he didn’t truly believe in them.

But anyway, I’m not here to promote David I’m here to let you know about the new Kickstarter from Artis Opus.

I really hope this one is just as much of a success as the previous campaigns. check it out by following this link.

What Drybrushes do you currently use? what do you think of these? let me know in the comments.

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