Warhammer Imperium Magazine Issues 47 – 50 Contents Confirmed

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Welcome Australians! you took your time. It’s a big one guys. for those who have followed, you’ve heard me say that the middling issues were lacklustre. well, that’s a smart move from Hachette and GW, whilst it risks your ongoing engagement with the series. it leaves space at the back of the collection for much larger and clearly more valuable issues. All the people who unsubscribed before now, basically indicated to the publisher a lack of interest in the series and so these later issues will likely see fewer in production (speculation). Pitty, because you want the content coming in Warhammer Imperium Issues 47 -50!

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We did a detailed breakdown of Dirty Down Rust for example, super quick and sharp video, well sectioned and explained. And based on feedback from the audience and other content creators, it was the best of all the recent Rust videos out there. But we’ve had as many views in 3 weeks as the larger creators got in their first 30 minutes!

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Warhammer Imperium Magazine Issues 47 – 50 Contents Confirmed

Warhammer Imperium Issue 47 Contents

Release Date: 27/08/22

Issue Price£8.99$13.95$€9.99$19.99
Total Value£5.50$9.10$10.80€7.20$12.80
Total Saving£3.49-$4.85$-€2.09-$7.19
Percentage Saving-63%-48%%-39%-56%

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 47 - Pink Horror
Warhammer Conquest Full Contents Issue 40 - Wild Rider Red

First up, a paints issue, yep I hear you BOOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!, Let’s move on

Warhammer Imperium Issue 48 Contents

Release Date: 03/08/22

Issue Price£8.99$13.95$€9.99$19.99
Total Value£17.50$30.00$35.00€22.50$49.00
Total Saving£8.51$16.05$€12.51$29.01
Percentage Saving49%53%%56%59%

Our final piece of the Ruined Factorum Sprues,

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 31 & 34 Contents - Ruined Factorum

Twinned with issue 31, you get this set.

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 31 - Manufactorum

Warhammer Imperium Issue 49 Contents

  • Penitent Engine
  • Arco Flagellant
  • 2 x Sisters Repentia
  • Seraphim Superior
  • Repentia Superior
  • 4 x Battle Sisters

Release Date: 10/08/22

Issue Price£8.99$13.95$€9.99$19.99
Total Value£12.85$21.42$25.71€17.14$32.85
Total Saving£3.86$7.47$€7.15$12.86
Percentage Saving30%35%%42%39%

First off, ignore the Savings. 30% off is based on the Sisters Combat Patrol price, divided by the sprues in the box, this is 1 of 7 sprues. but for the units on this sprue! woah! This is arguably worth more than the next one we are going to look at.

Whatever the case, this will sell out fast. The Penitent engine alone sells on eBay for more than this issue costs! scalpers will pull this from shelves in droves!

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 49 - Sisters of Battle

Warhammer Imperium Issue 50 Contents

  • The Royal Court
    • Canoptek Reanimator
    • Skorpekh Lord
    • Plasmancer
    • 2 x CryptoThralls

Release Date: 17/08/22

Issue Price£8.99$13.95$€9.99$19.99
Total Value£70.00$115.00$140.00€90.00$180.00
Total Saving£61.01$101.05$€80.01$160.01
Percentage Saving87%88%%89%89%

The one you have all been waiting for, The Necron Royal Court, the units here are huge. The towering Canoptek Reanimator stands out on any tabletop and the Skorpekh lord is an equally chonky impressive beast. The other models are hit or miss, but once again due to the value of these models (in resale value) Scalpers will be all over them.

Warhammer Imperium Magazine - Issue 50 - Necron Royal Court

Warhammer Imperium Magazine Issues 47 – 50 – Final Thoughts

I think this is the best round we’ve had yet, we knew that the big issues were coming and here are two of them back to back.

make sure you get your preorders in, scalpers won’t care. and don’t blame me if you want one and didn’t preorder it, it costs nothing to do so at Forbidden Planet and you can cancel at any time.

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One thought on “Warhammer Imperium Magazine Issues 47 – 50 Contents Confirmed

  • June 19, 2022 at 3:10 am

    Regarding your request for feedback on your YouTube channel if it was me I think what I would do is add a bit more of your personality and increase the organisation of the channel. The videos themselves are decent but looking at it there is seemingly a great variety of content with not much focus. There are already dozens of painting tutorial websites so what’s your USP? Do you collect a specific army or want to start a new army? If so maybe a series on building it up all the way through to taking it to playing some games or even entering a tournament. It could be a 40k army, a Kill Team or a Horus Heresy Legion. Take people on a journey with you so they are watching multiple videos in a row. The hook on this website for many people has been the Hachette magazines so why not do a review then build and paint the subscription each week and link it to the facebook group? Maybe try get an interview with someone who makes the magazine or even get a behind the scenes tour? If you’re primarily a painter and want to just do reviews of products then that’s a really crowded market so it’s going to be tough to get traction. Given Hachette is an entry point for Warhammer how about looking at what newbie guides are out there and doing it much better? Why not be the guy that everyone links to when a newbie asks for tips on the Warhammer40k Reddit? Then carry on with a series on progressing to intermediate (blending, interesting bases, sharp edge highlighting, basic NMM, intermediate tools, simple break down of how to try oil paints etc) with the tools someone might have available. A proper structured series always has potential and intermediate painting to make good looking armies without expensive tools is much less catered to than high end painting with an Iwata airbrush. If you are going to do special effects videos then make it an ongoing thing in it’s own playlist. You could cover pigments, fluro paints, texture paints, blood effects, UHU gore, Ice effects, resin pours, painting camouflage etc. JoyToy reviews and unboxing is another angle that only a few people are covering that seems to have been abandoned on the channel (probably because it’s a bit expensive – IDK).

    I’d also take a look at the branding and making it less fussy on some videos. Having a big semi-translucent strap title across all the video images just doesn’t look attractive and makes it seem overly informational. The Videos tab is basically your shop window on YouTube so make it appetising. I’d probably do a consistent large text style over the image on every video in either black or white depending on the background colour with only a few key words and keep most of the information to the actual YouTube video title. For example on the Warhammer Imperium content preview videos it has the Warhammer Imperium logo, then “Warhammer Imperium” in text followed by “Issues 38-42” right over the image of the issues in the background and then a line down “Contents Confirmed”. Looking at YouTube it then has the video title with the exact same text again. Why not skim it down to the Warhammer Imperium Logo, Issues X-X with a small “confirmed” stamp somewhere and then a picture of the issues so we can see all the nice cover art. Also why not make these videos and use them as part of the article on the website? People who use YouTube could be subscribing to make sure they don’t miss an update and then being driven to the website for the more in-depth details in the article.

    OK this was way too long… just some of my late night thoughts so feel free to discard.


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