JoyToy X Warhammer Figures – Upcoming Releases for 2023

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Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the JoyToy Warhammer action figures – in fact, there’s a boatload coming our way in the next few months. Read on to see what gluttony of riches we have popping up on the horizon – and believe me, if you’re an action figure collector and a Warhammer 40k connoisseur, you don’t want to miss what JoyToy have in store for you.

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We’re going to keep this brief so we can gaze and salivate at some gorgeous figures shortly. JoyToy have been producing 4″ action figures based on the 40k franchise, featuring mostly Space Marines, but have branched out to include Chaos Space Marines, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Death Korps of Krieg and those walking talking coffins we all know and love as Dreadnoughts. The amount of figures they have produced is staggering, and we’re doing our best to catalogue them in our article breakdown here.

But for now, we’re going to focus on what’s yet to come, covering August, September and October releases.

So without further ado, let’s delve in deep with JoyToy.

August Releases

Roboute Guilliman

You know what, let’s metaphorically blow our load early and get straight to what (in my opinion) is the best figure to come yet. You know him, we know him, Chaos and Xenos players wish they didn’t know him, it’s the main man himself, Roboute Guilliman. Rowboat Girlyman. Rabbit Gorillaman. Rub Bootay Goolayman. George Foreman Grilliman.

Whatever meme name you want to call him, it’s Bobby G rendered at 1/18 scale, and the details are nothing short of amazing – the 40k model is faithfully recreated at a higher scale with the same amount of splendour and detail to pour your eyes over. He comes with interchangeable heads (so you can go either helmet or raw) and hands, like most of these figures do. We’ll let the pictures do the talking here, but being a big blue Primarch, you can expect him to tower over the rest of your collection (sans the Dreadnoughts).

Ultramarines Victrix Guard

Next up, we have the Victrix Guard that accompany Marneus Calgar.

With a sword and shield in hand, this is another exceptional action figure to have, especially if you’re a fan of Roman bird-face men.

MSRP: GBP £36.00, USD $43.99

Ultramarines Primaris Captain with Power Sword and Plasma Pistol

Quite the mouthful, but an excellent figure none the same.

MSRP: GBP £36.00, USD $74.99

Ultramarines Terminator Captain

Just in time for the Leviathan release, we have a new Terminator Captain to coincide. No helmet option with this one though – like the Leviathan miniature, this captain is just baiting for a headshot.

MSRP: GBP £60.00, USD $149.99

September Releases

Ultramarines Primaris Captain with Relic Shield and Power Sword

This one’s straight outta Indomitus. A fantastic miniature rendered at a slightly larger scale, in my opinion more impressive than the other captain with the sword. He even has the skeleton of some poor shmuck who didn’t eat his corpse starch strapped on his shield.

MSRP: GBP £60.00, USD $66.59

Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht

In what I believe to be the cream of the crop for September releases, we have High Marshal Helbrecht, who already had quite an epic miniature, though this time he’s missing his servitor attendants cleaning his sword and polishing his boots.

Regardless if you’re a Templar fan or not, a big golden Crusader knight toting a big gun is always going to stand out on your mantlepiece.

MSRP: GBP £64.00, USD $71.99

Black Templars Emperor‘s Champion Bayard’s Revenge

Who is Bayard, and what is he revenging on? Again, another Black Templar translated from an exquisitive miniature, though missing the Ork boss he’s presumably revenging on.

MSRP: GBP £43.00, USD $47.69

Blood Angels Mephiston

Have you ever wanted a 5″ figure of Space Dracula?

No seriously, watch Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula and tell me you don’t see a cheeky bit of Mephiston there. He even gets two capes – just to upset Edna Mode, I’d imagine.

MSRP: GBP £56.00, USD $69.99

Salamanders Captain Adrax Agatone

You know what, for a moment I misread this guy’s name as Agrax Earthshade. It’s a great figure all the same.

MSRP: GBP £56.00, USD $69.99

Space Wolves Arjac Rockfist

Looks like JoyToy are throwing Space Wolves fans a bone out there with a scaled up Arjac Rockfist (who still yet has to cross the Primaris Rubicon, right?).

MSRP: £59.00 GBP

Iron Hands lron Father Feirros

Woah ho, this is quite the lad. His name alone is packing a lot of iron.

This looks to be an impressive figure who’s got a lot going on, from the axe, the shoulder-mounted bolter and the pneumatic crane on his back. One to look out for.

MSRP: GBP £63.00, USD $77.99

Ultramarines Chief Librarian Tigurius

When this guy tells you to ‘shush’, you’d better do it unless you want a face full of skull staff and back-flag.

Tigurius is another prolific Ultramarine character you can add to your collection, and stays very faithful with ornate detail (as all these figures do).

MSRP: GBP £60.00

White Consuls Captain Messinius

Another Space Marine character, though he comes packing with a big hand and a somewhat uncanny resemblance to Till Lindemann, the singer from Rammstein.

MSRP: £47.00

White Consuls Intercessors

More Space Marines, this time in white. The White Consuls have two variants, as you can see below.

MSRP: £28.00

Chaos Space Marines Black Legion Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour

Now for something a little different – an evil warthog-man with a chainsaw gun and axe.

Jokes aside, this figure is oozing with detail and drip – even adorning himself with the head of a Tyranid warrior and a fellow traitor Dark Angel. With accessories galore, this is one figure any heretics out there don’t want to sleep on.

MSRP: GBP £64.00, USD $67.50

Chaos Space Marines Crimson Slaughter Sorcerer Lord in Terminator Armour

Try saying that five times in a row in quick succession, you might actually summon Erebus and Lorgar in a mirror, like this dude is out to do.

It’s a very ornate looking figure, coming with his magic staff and a Combi-melta/chainsaw combo.

MSRP: GBP £56.00, USD $69.99

October Releases

Ultramarines Terminators

We have new Terminator figures introduced to the range.

When I say figures, JoyToy are gracing us with a sixpack of them, each with varying accessories like Thunderhammers, Combi-Bolters, shields, power swords, Power Fists, Auto-cannons and even those shoulder missile launchers (which I’m sure can’t be good for your ears), so were you to get a full set, it’ll be like you’ve gone to Cawl and asked for one of everything.

MSRP: GBP £40.00-£38.00, USD $46.90 – $49.90


These upcoming figures are up for pre-order, and be sure to check out our master article which will break down all the figures JoyToy have released to date (though the article is in the process of being updated, so please bear with).

If you’re a fan of high quality action figures and Warhammer 40K, then this is the crossover you’ve always dreamt of.

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