WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review

Looking for an independent miniatures hook-up that doesn’t break the bank? Or perhaps you’re after some truly unique, fun and quirky models to expand your collection, or just perhaps looking for some quick and easy figures to practice your painting on? Maybe you have big D&D campaign coming up and need to find yourself a suitable figure to represent your latest original character, or are looking for a unique Blood Bowl team to make your friend’s green with envy. Well, we might have just the thing for you…

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WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review – Summary

With an impressive array of miniatures sculpted by a range of talented and unique artists, WePrintMiniatures is well on the way to becoming a big-name producer of all thing plastic. Whether you’re after some proxy models for your games of Warhammer, a new miniature for your D&D campaign, or you just want something a bit different to practice your painting skills on, WePrintMiniatures will have something for you. Sure, the quality of a small minority of their figures can leave a little to be desired, by and large the detail on their products is excellent – and besides, they have on their side serious trump card: they’re excellent value for money.

WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review – Introduction

I first came across WePrintMiniatures quite by chance on Twitter a few months ago. One evening, when scrolling through my recommended people to follow, WPM‘s official Twitter account appeared amidst the legions of algorithm-selected hobbyists.

On a whim, I picked up one of their one-off mystery minis box and was both pleased – and amused – by the figures I received. So, ladies and gents, I present to you the affectionately named Stabby Man, Blonde Arwen, and Boob Cowgirl.

I have since found out these are not their names. From left to right, we have Willtram the Male Assassin, Aurielle, and Irvina. But this sample is very much WPM all over. The site supports a number of artists who sell their 3D-printed figures through their platform.

They’re excellent for use as part of a D&D campaign, and there are plenty of figures available across the range that could be used to sub in to your competitive armies as proxy units or heroes.

As such, WPM produce low-cost, good-quality 3D-printed miniatures with often familiar, quirky, amusing and irreverent designs.

So, when the opportunity arose to receive and review a “Best Of” sample from WPM‘s range, I jumped at the chance.

WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review – The Figures

Here’s what we were sent:

WePrintMiniatures Sample Review All

From left to right, we have Biboru, Rosco Goodsong, Devil Wheeler, CrowEye, Silencia, Leprechaun Pogo Star Player, Salome, and Thrower Unicorn Ultimates.

None of the miniatures require any assembly and all arrive with a base. Okay, should arrive with a base, but I only had six bases in my little sample box when eight were needed, so had to sub in a few spare slotta bases I had lying around. Who’d’ve thought that after over a year in the hobby, I barely have a bases going spare?

That the figures cannot be painted in sub-assemblies or easily left in states of disassembly to help with converting of kitbashing will be a turn-off for some people, but for those of you who’ve spotted a limb or a head you’d rather have on another figure, the printed resin is easy enough to cut through so that you should be able to remove and then reposition or repurpose any components you want to.

Anyway, this is a thorough and very representative sample of WPM‘s range. It has everything from those somewhat familiar-looking characters who could perhaps be from somewhere else, to striking and detailed original figures that’d be perfect for D&D or even your favourite fantasy football tabletop game. There’s also plenty of silliness thrown in for good measure in order to keep you smiling.

There are a few printing supports on a few of the miniatures, most obviously visible on the figure below.

WePrintMiniatures Sample Review Fantasy Football

These can be taken off very easily with either a pair of nippers or a hobby knife. None of them are in particularly difficult places to reach, so any clean-up was easy enough to complete. That said, though, should you be unhappy with your figure(s) for any reason, you need only let WPM know and they will sort you out. The company prides itself on delivering five-star quality and service to its customers, and in my experience, they deliver this on both accounts.

There are a handful of slightly larger knobbles and lumps on a few of the figures. Whilst again these were no issue to remove, the relative sizes of them did make it a little more difficult to do so. You can see one on the inside of the Black Mage from Final Fantasy‘ Biboru’s right arm, and there’s another lump on the leftmost edge of Salome’s cape.

WePrintMiniatures Sample Review Pair

This kind of thing is to be expected with 3D-printed figures, though, and is completely forgivable. What’s a nodule of resin between friends, after all?

On the whole, though, the quality of the print is great and won’t require too much preparatory labour, nor obstruct painting too severely.

WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review – Painting

The big draw for me is that, because WPM‘s figures are cheap, they’re excellent for practicing on. You can spend time mastering new techniques for miniature painting before committing to those more expensive figures you’ve had sitting in a backlog.

Vallejo Game Colour Review Wizard Layered and Complete

Biboru was painted entirely using Vallejo Game Colour paints, as I was also testing these out for a separate review. The figure lent itself really well to painting, with good, clear sculpted lines and details on the clothes, hat and staff. I did the same with Leprechaun Pogo Star Player and Salome.

Vallejo Game Colour Review Witch Hunter Complete 2 ed
Vallejo Game Colour Review Leprechaun Complete

Also, another thing I found these figures particularly useful for was testing paints I’d never used before ahead of future reviews. I’m always a bit nervous about committing to using a new type of paint, so WPM‘s timely delivery meant that not only could I practice some techniques on their figures (including my first-ever attempt at OSL that you can see on the miniature above), but that I could also try out some new paints.

WePrintMiniatures Sample Review Rosco Goodsong

The miniatures themselves are very well printed. There are some extremely slight print/layer lines on the figures, though you have to get really close to make these out. This will affect how the figure paint, though as any washes or particularly watery paints you may use will pool strangely on the texture of the figure.

WePrintMiniatures Sample Review Thrower Unicorn Ultimates
WePrintMiniatures Sample Review Silencia

Some figures within the sample are better than others, it has to be said. I didn’t get on so well with the Thrower Unicorn Ultimates that you can see above – the figure felt a little blocky, there wasn’t much to really get stuck into across the figure, just a lot of open textures. But at the same time, there are figures like Devil Wheeler and CrowEye (below) who are absolutely covered in intricate design details.

WePrintMiniatures Sample Review Devil Wheeler
WePrintMiniatures Sample Review CrowEye

All in all, though, there’s a lot to like here. Whilst the figures may not be as detailed as, for example, GW miniatures (but what do you expect? GW has factories, armies of artists, hordes of sculptors and billions of pounds at their back), there is an impressive mastery of texture and shape across all of the figures in the sample. The artists WPM have at their disposal have seriously outdone themselves, and have produced an impressive and varied range that any hobby shop would be proud to display.

WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review – Price and Availability

The big, big thing that really sets WPM apart from their competitors is their pricing. Everything is super cheap. All the figures featured in this review cost less that £10 to buy individually, and of course WPM do their sub-£10 mystery box – another excellent resource if you just need a few miniatures to practice on before committing to painting something more expensive.

But aside from that, the scope and diversity within WPM‘s range is staggering. There is so much available: from orcs and monsters to D&D heroes and villains, futuristic wasteland scavengers and odes to classic films and popular television series.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of figures available at WePrintMiniatures‘ website. Have a look, there will almost certainly be something that appeals to you there.

WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review – Final Thoughts

Super cheap
Good quality
Huge variety of products available
Fun, quirky designs
A big difference in sculpt quality across the range
A few bits here and there that will need cutting off and cleaning up

As I said above, the big draw for me is the price. The fact that WPM‘s range is relatively inexpensive means that you don’t have to feel too guilty about picking up a figure to practice on. If you make a mess of things, it doesn’t matter: you haven’t broken the bank, and you also don’t have to live with the guilt of having wrecked a more expensive mini – or, heaven forbid, a whole unit of minis.

There’s some really lovely stuff across the range. Sure, some figures are better than others, but on the whole the quality of what is on offer is absolutely excellent.

All in all, there’s very little here to be upset about. Fun figures, plenty of detail, and lots of diversity across the range. WePrintMiniatures truly are onto a winner.

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Rob has spent most of the last 20 years playing World of Warcraft and writing stories set in made-up worlds. At some point, he also managed to get a Master's degree by writing about Medieval zombies.

2 thoughts on “WePrintMiniatures Product Sample Review

  • December 4, 2021 at 7:38 am

    I feel like I should probably point out that many of the miniatures on the WPM site are available from various sellers on Etsy, and often at far lower prices – Dynamic Print Studios and Zeaks are two well-reviewed UK based printers that are definitely worth a look, and cheaper than WPM by quite some margin…

    • December 6, 2021 at 3:07 pm

      If you only look at the price and not the service and rewards they offer you are missing the real value. They also have a lot! of miniatures NOT available elsewhere.


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