New Warhammer 40k Joy Toy Figures Leaked

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It’s Saturday again, and like any Saturday I wake up, have breakfast and think, you know what. it’s a quiet day, there’s no new massive Boxed GW game out that I have to fight online pundits for. I can just chill out, listen to some low-Fi beats and finally edit those videos on how to Paint Chrome Space Marines that I’ve promised people. But no, something that I just have to scream about appears online and so here I am at the tappy-tappy board again. (listening to Nightcore pop covers) and talking about some leaked images of some more upcoming JoyToy Space Marines.

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Joy Toy Space Marines

If you arent familiar with the (now released in china) Joy Toy Space Marines, check out our main article looking into them.

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Featured 2

They are super detailed and more importantly model accurate Warhammer Action Figures.

Unlike the McFarlane and Ban-Dai collectors models. These smaller models would look amazing on your shelf, but would also be just as appropriate in your kiddos toy box ready for making k’thoom-k’thoom or dakka-dakka noises with.

Basically, this is exactly what I wanted when I was 10 years old, but GW simply didn’t care enough about enriching my childhood. Well GW, I’m an adult now with disposable income, so I can buy and play with these figures as much as I want.

Oh, that’s what you want me to do, Well then. I WILL!

Leaked Wave 2 Joy Toy Space Marines

So, today’s images come from (of all places) Facebook. The only source I have found for these shots was on the Warhammer 40k Fans Facebook Group.

Now, I’d love to share and thank the user who posted these, but there’s a certain etiquette and standard that i like to uphold and hold others to when it comes to crediting sources. and in this case, the poster has not named his source and has been somewhat ignorant to comments on their post.

Perhaps there’s a good reason for this, maybe they have a contact or source that they cannot share, but they have said that the latest image has come from the sculptor’s social page and despite several people asking and myself having messaged privately over the last week. This page has not been shared. Which is just rude. At least a response saying “sorry, I cannot share this” would be polite.

So, since that user has refused to comment, I’m gonna be a bit of a D-word and not share him as the source. Sorry, but, what goes around.

So anyway, I’ve taken the shots, done a bit of cropping & upscaling in photoshop, cleaned up the colours and blurred the backgrounds to bring focus on the sculpts. and below is what appears to be upcoming from Joytoy. (and if you share them, please credit your source, us!)

Edit: After almost a day of searching I’ve managed to find a contact in China, who exclaimed: “how did you get these!” and confirmed they are real! (I can’t share my source, just so you know – but at least I’m telling you.)

Looks like someone over at Joy Toy is so excited about how awesome these sculpts are that they couldn’t help but share them. I don’t blame him. they look awesome!

I highly doubt that GW are too fussed about their licensed partners sharing stuff early though. Todd Mcfarlane himself has been sharing their Space Marine sculpts long before they have been announced on Warhammer Community pages. Actually, most of them have been in shops several weeks before WH Community has announced anything about them.

Hopefully, my new source turns fruitful and we can get some more exclusive info on the upcoming models soon.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find out when these Joy Toy models are going to be announced by Warhammer Community so we can order them in the UK.

Hopefully, I find out they are announcing them on WH Community tomorrow



I’ll shut up now so you can see the new models.

Joy Toy Primaris Assault Space Marine

The first guy up evocative of our 9the edition poster boys is an assault marine, weather he is one of the below forming a collective unit or one of a whole unit of Assault marines is unclear, but he’s super cool and everything is in proportion.

Look at that Aquilla! HEY McFarlane! HEY BAN-DAI. That’s how you do chest Aquillas!

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Leak - Assault Marine

It;’s hard to tell if this model is 3d printed, sculpted, but of both. the various colour parts indicate there are some multi-medium shenanigans going off.

Joy Toy Primaris Librarian

Jaw, meet the floor. yep, this is a spot-on recreation of the model he is based on.

the scale is spot on, The details too. the hanging belt tail, the keys the clock, the cables coming out of him, even the purity seals are perfectly placed. The sword looks faithful but is obviously side on in this image. I love how they have even been brave enough to sculpt a face on him, as I’d normally opt for a helmet due to them being easier to paint.

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Leak - Librarian

The only qualm I have is the part I praised on the model above, the Aquilla has been shrunk to fit on the visible area of the chest, whereas on the model the edges are hidden beneath his robes. I can live with it. it’s still better than the competitors.

Joy Toy Primaris Assault Squad leader and Captain in Gravis Armour

We have a couple of shots of these next two chaps. The first of which is a leader for the Assault team and this also give me hopes that we’ll see a full squad of assault warriors. I hope a squad 5 this time because the previous Vanguard models came out in 2 sets of 4, which just doesn’t make sense with 40k’s standard unit size.

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Leak - Marine & Captain 2

The detail on the captain is awesome. the Power fist however looks a bit odd. I don’t dislike it, it just looks a bit gorilla-arm in this pose. On the actual model, this is based on, from the Dark Imperium set. the right arm seems a little more compact, but this looks more accurate for a real person to be inside that suit.

Below we can see the possibility of the Assault marine.

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Leak - Marine & Captain

Really hoping this implies a full assault squad, then the commend level models coming separately.

Since Joy Toy also make Mechs, what is the chance of us seeing a to-scale dreadnought in the future?

Joy Toy Chaos Space Marine

Just as I was wondering if this series would be all Space Marines, they flip the switch, well slightly, it’s still a Space Marine, but this time, it’s an extra naughty one.

The detail on this almost makes me want to weep with joy. I’m almost considering sacking-off Gw models and just buying and painting these insisted.

But I won’t because I’m addicted and GW knows it. (my wife doesn’t know it, she thinks I’m buying all this stuff because it’s needed to run the website) shhhhhhhh!

Joy Toy 4-inch Warhammer Space Marine Action Figures - Leak - Chaos Marine

Once again I really hope this guy is just the first part of a larger squad.

How do you think they’ll be painted for release? Black Legion. I’m betting Black legion. seems to be the defacto GW use on their models.

Leaked Wave 2 Joy Toy Space Marines – Final Thoughts

More stuff from GW that we need to spend money on.

Seriously, my boss at work loves GW, thanks to their constant releases I have to put so much more effort in and keep getting promoted just so I can keep up! I don’t actually have time to paint (or in some cases even Unbox) these things.

I genuinely care more about the Joy Toy models than any other upcoming GW release.

I’m a painter first and the thing I’ve loved seeing with the previous actions figures is the detail people put into the larger sculpts


Not sure if you know of this Louise Sugden person, but she’s kind of a big deal!

Do you want these things, then jump on the bandwagon and help me “politely” bully WH community team into telling us more

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