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Warhammer Plus Review - Featured

Well, It’s here, it finally launched. Following a near physical cavalcade of unhappy opinions about the approach to this and the steps GW has taken to protect their IP. But if you can just put that aside for the sake of considering what we get here, then you may be pleasantly surprised by what’s on offer. Come join us as we Review Warhammer+ Day one edition.

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Warhammer+ Review – Introduction

In case you have been living under a rock you probably know what Warhammer plus is. Not to be confused with or even really compared to Disney+ Its Game’s Workshops’ own subscription service. (notice I did not say streaming service). With this service, you get several benefits, more than just some shows. But there are 2 main pillars of digestible content’

  • Warhammer TV
  • Warhammer Vault

The added benefit to this service is the inclusion of a free exclusive mini (one of 2) when you take out an annual subscription (release date TBD) or if you take out a monthly subscription and that stays active for a year.

You also get free access to both the Warhammer 40,000 app and the upcoming AoS app, each of these normally has its own subscription cost.

If you subscribe now (either for 1 year or 1 month), before 31st August 2021 and stay active beyond September 30th 2021, you also get a free £10 voucher. So if you are subbing monthly, that’s 2 billing periods to cross those dates. Spend £9.98 to get £10.00 back.

If I understood this correctly, Warhammer Plus is basically free for 2 months and you get £0.02p back for trying it out! nice.

Warhammer+ Review – Summary

It’s early days, super early days. Warhammer+ had a bunch of issues for a good few users at launch and some of them are still persisting now. But equally, I’ve seen just as many reports of successful subscriptions and logins. Considering more people comment when things don’t work versus when they do. This is a slight indication that in most, people did not have too many issues.

The content at present is rather light (as suggested) but expected to grow at a rate of something each week on a Wednesday. “Warhammer+ day”.

What that is and how much that is unclear right now, it could be a new episode of one of our existing shows, a new show or just another painting guide. As the main website suggests

Quality-wise, the content is ok. but we’ll get onto this in detail below. I’m happy to be trying the service out and subscribing now in order to get my £10 voucher.

This review will be updated as we get more from the service.

Warhammer+ Review – Accessability

The main issue with the Warhammer+ launch was the lack of clear communication. We knew it was available today (August 25th 2021) but it wasn’t too clear when. We knew we could upgrade an existing Warhammer App subscription but weren’t sure how.

So forgive people downloading the app as soon as it went live in the stores, or trying to upgrade before there was any announcement from GW. But to be fair that’s on GW for not communicating this better upfront and informing us of what, when, how. In an industry where fans are gripped by FOMO. if we see a think, we are gonna try and get that thing as soon as we possibly can.

As it turned out, Warhammer+ had a soft launch at 10:00 am GMT. The usual release time for GW products on Saturdays. Some new websites went live long with some Apps on the iOS app and Google Play stores.

Sign-up/upgrade to Warhammer+ was odd. I had a simple experience, I went to the MyWarhammer website on my PC, signed in and had the option to upgrade. Upgraded, chose my exclusive mini (Assassin), and then had pages linking me to the Vault and Warhammer TV (which until 1 pm only linked me to their Youtube page).


Others, however, including several of my friends have reported issues. No upgrade button. When clicking upgrade just a spinning cog. to name just a couple. Those who had subscribed to the 40k app with iOS seemed to have the most issues as the option to change your subscription level was presented in the app store, yet selecting it provided no change to their MyWarhammer account.

As I had subscribed to the Warhammer app via the MyWarhammer website rather than through iOS, I was able to upgrade easily there. I only subbed to the 40k app on Sunday as I’d heard a rumour that being a Warhammer app subscriber would get us our mini earlier. When I upgraded, I immediately had a refund for the £1.99 app subscription processed on my account.

For now, if you want a subscription. If you already have a MyWarhammer account, the account you now need to use to log into every Games Workshop service, (also the account that cause me to lose out on Beast Snagga) go to WarhammerpPlus.com and log in. If you don’t have an account, go to WarhammerPlus.com and create one. If you are iOs or any other platform, be patient, this is a huge system with many moving parts, it will come good.

Warhammer+ Review – Features

Warhammer plus breaks down into several features. Users of the Warhammer App will be please to know the quality of the services and the presentation is top-notch. I haven’t really used the Warhammer app as I don’t play the game, but I have heard what most people are saying about it.

The current features of warhammer+ are as follows

  • Exclusive Miniature (release date TBC)
  • Warhammer TV
    • Animated Shows
    • Painting Mastercalsses
  • Warhammer 40,000 App and AoS App (when the latter is released)
  • Warhammer Vault
  • Special Offers (though so far we only know about the £10 gift voucher – hopefully there’s more to come)

Well take a closer look at these services below

Warhammer+ Review – Exclusive Mini

These are both great minis and it’s been made clear that you will get one as part of your subscription, so long as you subscribe for an annual sub or if you sub monthly and keep that sub active for a year.

Whilst the Orruk is a nice sculpt, I just feel that you get more of a diorama/model with the assassin. I’d guestimate the value of each of these being somewhere around £30 RRP, so that’s a decent discount from your investment already

We don’t know when we are getting these, how we are getting these and even though we’ve been told we can buy the other. again there’s no how or when just yet.

If you like the models and they are something you’d buy, great, go for them.

Warhammer+ Review – Warhammer TV

Warhammer TV is the most exciting part of this whole subscription, and whilst it’s been the most controversial part of the new service, it is great to finally get to watch some cool Warhammer shows.

You can view content on the website or in the new WarhammerTV app on iOS and Android (no console or windows apps). I’m really happy to report that A, you can cast shows to devices like Chromecast and B it’s already better than NowTV from a technical sense (not that this was a hard task, Now TV is just awful!).

You don’t need to be subscribed in order to view what’s on offer, you can view the WarhammerTV website for yourself.

Below I’ll summarise the status of each type of Video Content out there.

Worth noting that only the content with the “+ Exclusive Designation” is limited to subscribers, the rest of the content is free to watch as it’s already available on their Youtube Channel.

These free items include the usual Painting guides listed under “Best of Citadel Colour”, a weird name considering the best Content is still much of the stuff Duncan Rhodes hosted. Instead, these guides focus on content created for and around Indomitus (40k 9th edition) and Dominion (Aos 3rd Edition).

The learn to play guides are back, complete with those incredibly annoying (and kinda rude) camera angles where the presenter is talking at camera 1, but the director keeps switching to camera 2 to make it more dynamic.

Hey, look, I’m far from the best when it comes to knowing how to put an engaging video together. but as a watcher of many videos, I have enough experience to say this is just irritating. If you are talking to me, look at me. it’s rude not to, we learned this in school guys…

We also get the Cinematic Trailers for Indomitus, Domination and Kill Team. So unlike Amazon prime where they insist on playing adverts before your movie or show. You can now choose to play them to yourself. (honestly, though, they are cool)

The battle reports are not really my bag, but they are hosted by Nick and Patrick showcasing their usual charm and Patrick’s awesome beard (I have envy). Like the painting guides below the production quality of these is incredible with awesome animated digital annotations throughout. and not a single off-to-the-side-of-the-face camera angle in sight! Horray.

Right As for the rest…

Warhammer (40,000) TV – Exclusive Annimations

The current lineup is broken down into just 2 series. both are based in the 40k universe with no AoS content in sight. “Hammer & Bolter” and “Angels of Death”.

Hammer & Bolter

I like this series the most, there are currently 3 episodes 1. Death’s Hand. 2 Bound for Greatness and 3. Old Bale Eye.

Each independent story has a sub-20-minute running time including intros and credits. The animation is smooth, clean and reminds me of the style used in 1993’s Ninja Scroll Anime. Though updated to today’s resolution standards. It’s similar in part to Netflix’s Castlevania series.

The voice acting is ok. There are no stars here that I’m aware of. No A-list or even B-list celebrities, or even people from the upper echelons of voice acting. But none of them are bad actors and they embody the roles and style of the 40k universe well.

As for the stories themselves. personally, if you watched Old Bale Eye when it was free last weekend, then you’ve seen the best they have on offer. The satirical comedy action sketch showcased everything I love about 40k. especially the daft Orks. Orruks?

Death’s Hand ended up to be a half-decent action sequence but the slow burn intro lead me to switch off before anything actually started to heat up. Maybe it is just not my taste however so I suggest you try this out for yourself.

Bound for Greatness presents as a somewhat spooky psychological thriller, but it lacks any major substance. It’s nice to see the depiction of love in the 41st millennium, but without prior knowledge of the 40k universe, it’s hard to get any grasp of what is truly happening. in fact, without prior knowledge, it’s hard to even care.

Hopefully, this series is expanded upon, based on some animations shown in the preview trailers it looks like we have more of this style coming, but I’ll admit I was expecting more of a serial approach to these animations rather than one-shots.

Having just watched Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe, it’s hard not to draw comparisons.

Angels of Death

This has been the more anticipated show, Trailered back in January 2020 it was sad to see that after almost 20 months, we only get 1 episode. An episode with an incredibly arty style that makes me want to repaint all my angels with candy paints.

But despite the awesome style, past the awesome intro. nothing much really happens. A few Space Marines have a disagreement, then agree, then start heading to battle. The End.

It doesn’t leave us on a cliffhanger demanding What happens next, it just cuts off with you wondering what just happened.

While this is intentionally stylised, any scene showing an unhelmeted space marine (of the 2 in it) makes you realised just how out of proportion these old tactical Marine bodies are. and what is it with Aquillas? We all buy tons of space marines and the Aquila has a standard size. Why is it that on This animation, McFarlane or Bandai Figures or even GW’s own artwork, must they change the proportions and style?

The characters have no real set-up, no reason to care about them, no motivations. no character. Again the voice acting is solid. coming from a Captain in terminator armour. 2 unhelmeted Space Marines, a Techmarine, a Chaplain and a redshirt on the space marine side. but in general the script is meh.

Despite 3 watch throughs, I have little interest in any character.

But it was still nice to see some red Space Marines animated on screen.

Here’s hoping we get more and seen enough to care about these guys over the coming episodes, but because of the lack of real substance here, they should have given us at least a couple at launch.

Exclusive Animations Thoughts

Acceptable GW does not have the money that Netflix have to make these kinds of shows, but they are shows and will always be compared as such. If you are a huge fan of GW IP, you will get a decent kick out of seeing your warriors animated.

But nothing here is really an engaging story. GW have a whole back catalogue of stories they could pull from, stories with weight and substance. I hope that moving forward they will have more to add that will tell us the stories of the various Warhammer universes.

Give us the Horus Heresy? Give us the fall rebirth of the Mortal Realms, Give us Space Wolf or similar. Something, anything for the uninitiated to watch and get excited about. A story or some stories to set this universe up.

Whatever happened to that purported Eisenhorn show that was coming? will that be here now? I thought it was to be a Netflix show? but that’s the sort of thing this platform could do with at some point (soon ideally).

How soon we will see new shows in anyone’s guess, I would hope weekly but based on the official post only saying the painting guides are weekly. I suspect it will be another month before we see new animated content. I could be wrong, I often am.

Warhammer TV – Masterclass Guides

The masterclass guide has been the piece I’ve been most excited about. I love the painting part of this hobby.

So far there are 2 guides up, hosted by an incredibly talented Louise Sugden, who is responsible for the best-painted dwarf ever.

Seriously, find me a better one?

Louise takes us through 2 tutorials in the Citadel Colour Masterclass. Painting Faces and Wet Blending.

The detail put into these is solid, with faces not only taking us through the steps but also explaining how a face is made up to convey different tones of warmth in the subsurface detail and providing a very detailed and realistic result.

Production quality is top-notch and a massive shout out to the editors who have annotated this really well with overlays to emphasize exactly what Louise explains

The wet Blending video is equally detailed showing the method along with issues such as poor colour combinations and what you can do when you get this. The technique is shown large scale on a base so you can all easily follow and practise without ruining any miniatures. then she moves on the application on an actual model part in the vivid Tzeentchean style she is known for.

She also taught me how to correctly pronounce Tzeentch. it’s taken 20 years (and £4.99) to realise IT IS a silent T. Thanks Louise!

These are 2 great guides that are a slight step above the traditional free stuff when it comes to the detail provided. it’s done in an informative and entertaining way.

I don’t know what’s to come from this series but we’re being told to expect new content weekly. personally, I would love to see a series in the style of Darren Latham’s Lord of Blights Masterclass where we have several hours of video about painting one model. I’ve never learned more from any youtube videos than I have from this course and the community that built around it during the time it was going live. And don’t worry, if those videos ever get taken down, I know of several people who have saved local copies.

in summary, great series, great detail. we have 2 unconnected videos, for now, more to come, but I’d like to see at some point a connected series of walkthroughs from beginning to end.

Warhammer+ Review – Warhammer 40,000 App and AoS App

there’s not much I can say about these apps that the community hasn’t already said. well, I can’t say anything about the AoS app as it doesn’t exist yet.

I don’t play the game, I don’t see the value. but what I’d like to see is some way in her that I can track my collection as a painter. I don’t care how many points something is or what a detachment looks like. but I would like somewhere that can just track the models I own because it’s getting confusing.

Warhammer+ Review – Warhammer Vault

Another great addition to the series and they have said that more content will be coming.

Basically, this is access to a ton of written content in PDF format that you can view in your browser, there’s no app for this stuff :(

Once again you can see all the content yourself by checking out Warhammervault.com.

Warhamme Vault

Currently, this library consists of White Dwarf back issues from Jan-Dec 2020, Warhammer Visions 1-30 a bunch of lore sections from the pages of previous boxed releases and an Age of Sigmar Painting Guide from 2018.

It’s nice to go through this back catalogue, personally, I recommend you check out page 8 from the May 2020 issue of White Dwarf.

There I am, preserved in infinite digital glory. I’m happy to see these issues are presented in the vault at a higher quality than was possible from the digital editions. (yeah, when my models got published I bought 3 physical copies and a digital copy).

I’m looking forward to more being added here. Inferno for one? I’d especially love to see some Black Library stuff here, at least some primers. maybe some audiobooks to entice us into that part of the hobby. I’ve wanted to do the whole lore thing but the universe is so massive now I just get lost. I often stand in the Black Library section of Warhammer world looking at the myriad of books until I start to heavily perspire due to the overwhelming number of volumes.

It would be grated to see some tasters in here?

But who among us prays that they try to get all the way back to issue 1 of White Dwarf?

White Dwarf 1st edition.png
White Dwarf issue 1 June/July 1977 Source

Whilst you’re at it GW, bring back the citadel Journal. you remember, it was like a blog but made out of trees.

Warhammer+ Review – Price & Availability

£4.99 ($5.99 USD) a month or buy a year and get 2 months free. Yeah, it’s not a bad price at all. We need to be realistic and not think that well because it’s half the price of a Netflix we should have half as much content. Games Workshop will have nowhere near the number of users so they aren’t making enough to put out that level of content.

For the price, you get a decent load of stuff and if you are happy with your lot now, then it’s just going to get more valuable as it goes along and more content is added.

I pay Pateron content creators more for content less frequently than GW promise with this. i can take or leave the apps, but the painting stuff alone is worth it to me. especially with my free exclusive mini and £10 voucher.

Honestly, sign up now and get your 10£ back, you’re gonna spend that £10 on GW stuff anyway so you may as well give it a whirl for free in the meantime and see if you like it.

But with the things going out of our bank accounts from GW it does add up. Each month now, there’s White Dwarf £5 on subscription. Now Warhammer Imperium Released today £36 a month, £45 if there’s 5 Wednesdays in a month, and now this too.

That’s up to £55 just on subscription content alone. nut just this month, we’ve also had Hexfire, Beast Snagga & Kill Team!

Look the point I’m trying to make here is that if any of you tell my wife how much I’ve spent this month on Games Workshop products she’ll divorce me.

So keep your bloomin mowvzes shut da lot o ya!

DiS iz A oRk rEViEw NoW!

Warhammer+ Review – Final Thoughts

I like it. Exclusive mini, yep, i;d buy that anyway, there’s £30 back. £10 gift voucher. well yeah, I need to spend £60 next month anyway for the new Collector Coin. so there’s another £10 back. So basically it’s cost me £10 for a year’s worth of Warhammer+ and what I’ll learn from the painting guides alone is invaluable.

She’ll buy this right? How do you justify your spending to your SO? Seriously, I’m running out of excuses.

The back catalogue is good but needs expanding upon. it will be.

I love the painting guides already.

Battle reports aren’t for me, but who knows maybe they’ll get me into the game if I watch enough of them, the guys are really entertaining.

The shows I feel were a bit of a letdown. At least so far. With such a great and vast story to 40k, let’s see it. Luetin does a better job of talking about the backstory and history than these things do. But his stuff isn’t really animated and it’s been going for years.

Please GW, Set up the world, set up the universe first and then give us stories in it. I know what we have now is for existing fans. but lets at least try to pull in some new hobbyists at some point, please?

Audio shows or something, Music to paint to.

Anything not based on 40K. Give us Sons of Anarchy with Outriders, Remember the Titans Blood Bowl. Event Horizon Space Hulk. Actually, I think that is just Space Hulk

As I said, subscribe to the first 2 months now, DO IT NOW

In general, I’m super happy with my purchase and look forward to what comes out next Wednesday.

As for ranking his service. I’d say it’s fair offering for what you pay.

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  2. Does anyone know where I can see the Darren Latham videos mentioned? I’ve never been able to find them after the YT channel was deleted. Thanks.

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