What is Warhammer Stormbringer? New Partworks Magazine from Hachette

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So, this is a bit of a different post from us. I know the last thing you’d be expecting from FauxHammer.com would be details of an upcoming partworks magazine, but this really piqued my interest. So. Just what is Warhammer Stormbringer?

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Warhammer Stormbringer new Partworks Magazine

Update: It’s definitely “Stormbringer, not Stormbring”. As pointed out in our discord. https://warhammerstormbringer.com/ has been registered by Hachette Collections. I have updated “Stormbring” to “Stormbringer” on this page

So, Warhammer Stormbringer was first posted in our Warhammer Imperium Facebook Group by user Kevin Kilford – The owner of his own partworks page and community. The Nexus.

Kevin, as a partworks fan, monitors the National Title Database. this is a public website that newsagents can sign up to in order to find out about upcoming Magazines.

You can go there yourself, sign up and see the latest partwords PDF (shown below). But in our image, we’ve highlighted the words that grab our attention “Warhammer”

And so, as we see sandwiching the existing publication we know about, are 2 new listings.

  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar Test
  • Warhammer Stormbring A4 Test

Both are indicated to be available from Wednesday, February 16th, WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?

What is Warhammer Stormbringer

Right, I know you’re all expecting me to know more. after all, we have had a solid relationship with Hachette throughout Mortal Realms and Imperium so far.

So far…

Let me be clear, I know nothing more than the above. this isn’t a case of I know more but can’t release the info. As I’ve said many times, were I under NDA about this new publication I couldn’t even say this much.

I have reached out to Hachette and I’ve been advised they can’t say more at this time.

Now, whether that’s because I’ve upset them, this is super-secret, or they just realised that the best way to control the advertising is in-house (rather than my unprofessional ramblings) is yet to be seen. But for whatever reason – they are keeping this one close to the chest.

So aside from now confirming this is a new Partworks magazine from Hachette. What else do we know?

Again, nothing…..

So let’s Speculate

Warhammer Stormbringer Magazine

Ok, first thing’s first, There are 2 listing’s above. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Test (£2.99 Weekly) & Warhammer Stormbring A4 Test (£2.99 Fortnightly).

“Stormbring” is probably just shorthand “Stormbringer” (now confirmed) – Thanks Michael, who made a very good point in our Facebook group

Now unless there just happens to be another magazine distributor, working with Games Workshop who are planning to release a test at the same time. At the same price. This is just one magazine. The Weekly and the bi-weekly release probably just refers to the intent to deliver the wide-format the first week but allow reorders of the A4 format the following week should a retailer run out.

I first did some looking into what Storbring meant in relation to Warhammer.

A few sources. there’s a WarhammerWiki article on Daryth Stormbringer. There’s a 40K Chapter called Storm Bringers both 40k, this (by the other description) is an AoS thing.

I thought I was onto something regarding Archaon. But this turned out to be little more than someone converting an Archaon sword (Slayer of Kings) replica into Stormbringer (a sword) from a series of books by Michael Moorcock.

So “Stormbring” currently means next to nothing in the Warhammer universe.

It makes me wonder what this could be? Could it be a new series of Books, like Warhammer Legends? Could it be a 1 off model like a typical partworks magazine? Could it be a Warhammer Cross-Stitch collection (you know you’d buy it).

Age of Sigmar Dominion Review All

Honestly, based on the descriptions, (one being Stormbringer) and the other being Age of Sigmar. Along with “Storm”bringer being strikingly similar to “Storm”cast.

My money is on this being the successor to Mortal Realms Magazine, now based on Aos Third Edition, or Dominion, as its flagship box, is known. Seems a bit soon following Imperium’s launch. But we know Covid played a part in delaying mortal realms and Imperium some.

What do you think it could be? these are just one man’s thought’s, so guesses in the comments and on socials, please.

Doesn’t look like we need to wait long to find out

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4 thoughts on “What is Warhammer Stormbringer? New Partworks Magazine from Hachette

  • February 5, 2022 at 7:29 am

    Not sure if this anywhere near the mark but there was an old rpg game in the 80s which was called stormbringer (runecast mechanics)the 3rd edition was a colab with GW again probably wide of the mark but could it be some sort of adaption.

  • February 5, 2022 at 2:05 pm

    There has been some talk recently about “Stormbringer Crusades” the expansion of Sigmars hold over the mortal realms through a series of campaigns. Great hosts baasically dragging the materials to build outposts in the realms other than Azyr. This could be how they’re describing this new era in the Mortal Realms. It also makes sense that the contents of the next AoS partwork are the contents of the new Extremis starter set inculding the terrain, with maybe a few characters or units from before, just as “Mortal Realms magazine” was Soul Wars plus Liberators, Judicators etc from the previous edition.
    Whatever it turns out to be I’m sure most of us will be collecting it and coming here for our updates.
    Keep up the great work fellas. <3

  • February 16, 2022 at 7:31 pm

    I think it could be a mixture of Stormcast and Dawnbringer. The Dawnbringers are in the Dominion novel and are the sole person who leads a crusade out into the wilds of Ghur as part of the expansions of mankind. The novel follows one particular Dawnbringer who leads a crusade to build a new outpost with the help of mortal men, Duardin and Stormcast Eternals, she also starts to become almost the center of a cult who see her as having a connection directly to Sigmar.


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