The Best Drybrushes for Miniatures, Models & Slapchop Techniques

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Qualche mese fa abbiamo deciso di dare un'occhiata I migliori pennelli per dipingere le tue miniature. That article was intended to look at your primary brush set, the standard brushes if you will. Today we are specifically looking at the best Drybrushes for painting your miniatures and models. If you just want basic results, then there are some cheap options on this list too. but if you want to become the Ultimate Slapchop pro or just paint your armies quickly. We’ll show examples and products below that will help you get the best out of these products and this technique.

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I must admit that for a long time I had an aversion to drybrushing. This is only becasue it was my only technique back when I was 13. My whole painting approach consisted of, spray a model black, then drybrush (more specifically “overbrush”) a colour over a certain area. It gave me layers and shadow and back when I was 13 it looked great! But we’ve come a long way from that now and looking back, they look awful!

Chaos Terminator dipinto da me quando avevo 13 anni con oro spazzolato a secco (sovra spazzolato) sul rivestimento

Con moderazione e applicando la tecnica nel modo corretto, il pennello asciutto è incredibile e fornisce risultati sorprendenti. Può anche essere usato come un modo rapido per ombreggiare, evidenziare o persino aggiungere agenti atmosferici e consistenza a un modello. Una delle cose che i migliori pennelli a secco sanno è quali spazzole usare.

Per il drybrushing, avere il miglior drybrush fa davvero la differenza, come mostrato di seguito.

Dry brushing has really taken off and thanks to the popularised Slapchop method of painting, is swiftly taking over as the go-to style for rapid results Army painters, it’s genuinely started taking over from Airbrushing. Due to its affordability, accessibility and almost paint-by-numbers approach.

Nowadays, Drybrushing really has taken over, but to get the results you see above and below are easily achievable by just about anyone. So long as you follow some simple steps on dry brushing, you’ll be making incredible-looking miniatures and even armies in little to no time at all!!!

Following Byron’s multiple tutorials, and with the right tools, you’ll quickly realise the benefits here. Whilst Airbrushing will still give the smoothest gradients, it’s quite an outlay. Even our beginner’s guide to airbrushing equipment will cost you around £80 ($100 USD) just to get very a starter set. if you then want to upgrade to a proper Airbrush, that’s at least the same again, if not double again for a top-end airbrush.

And I know for a fact that Drybrushing (with the right dry brushes) is taking over from Airbrushing for the majority of people, because has the top article for both “Best Airbrushes” and “Best Drybrushes”. We used to see 500 daily views on the former of those two articles and only a couple of hundred on this one. That has all but flipped on it’s head now with far more people looking for better drybrushes than airbrushes!

And I kinda blame both Slapchop and Byron of Artis Opus for this Sea-Change. Because since they released the Series D and followed it up with their amazing videos. People have quickly realised that the barrier to entry for getting incredible results like those shown above is really low.

In only 1 meeting with Byron in person, I was able to unlock the basic principle of this technique myself and deliver results at least good enough to feature my art on Warhammer Community

But don’t worry, you don’t need to sit down with Byron to Unlock these techniques yourself. I created a video for you which I and many others have found is the missing link between the pros like Byron, and the rest of us noobs watching his videos without direct feedback.

The results you get out of your drybrushing, or your slapchop, largely depend on how much you want to put into it. if you are happy with a few coats of grey and some coloured translucent paint over the top. Fine, get whatever brushes are cheapest. The point of this hobby is to have fun, that’s all. If you are having fun at a cost that’s within your means (ok maybe a bit over for most of us, but our wives will never know ) then you;re doing the right thing.

But in the last few years, we have truly unlocked, not only a new style of drybrushing product, but a whole technique around them too!

I migliori pennelli a secco per dipingere miniature e modelli

8. The Army Painter Drybrushes

Il pittore dell'esercito Sfortunatamente i pennelli a secco sono tra i più deboli offerti. Sia la serie Wargamer (manico bianco) che la serie Hobby (manico rosso) più economica e solo un po 'troppo rigida e ruvida.

Il miglior pennello a secco per miniature e modelli - The Army Painter Drybrushes

Mentre lo scopo del lavaggio a secco è quello di rimuovere la vernice dal pennello prima di applicarla a un modello. I peli sintetici di questi pennelli non trattengono abbastanza vernice quando essiccati per eseguire una buona finitura a pennello asciutto. Tendono a lasciare l'effetto più incoerente di tutte le opzioni nell'elenco. È un peccato perché il più piccolo dei due pennelli Wargamer ha una forma interessante che dovrebbe consentire di applicare la tecnica del pennello a secco in aree più piccole.

Non fraintendetemi, questi non sono male e per il prezzo, vi permetteranno di lavare a secco. Ma non meglio di qualsiasi spazzola per capelli sintetica economica con un bordo piatto.

7. Giochi Workshop Citadel Drybrushes

A slight step up and made with a blend of synthetic and Ox hair, these are pretty much the standard dry brushes used by most miniature painters. They do a good job. Until I realised there are much better options at a fraction of the price, they had been my go-to for all forms of drybrushing.

Miglior Drybrush per miniature e modelli - Giochi Workshop Citadel Drybrushes

They are cheap enough to replace when you need to and readily available, which is very important to a lot of people.

The only main issue I have with them is that they do not last long enough. The ox hair is firm but brittle. After a couple of uses, you will have several stray hairs. Depending on how neat you like to be, this can cause chaos with follow-up drybrushing attempts. You either need to trim the brush making it even smaller or just replace it often

6. Rosemary & Co. Smooshing Brush

This range was designed to be an inexpensive artist-blending brush. The “Smooshing” Brush is made from badger hair. But these were designed more for Oil paints than Acrylics. There are different types of artists blending brush available but this seems to be the one that dry brushers would previously choose as a consistent set.

Il miglior pennello asciutto per miniature e modelli - Rosemary & Co Smooshing Brush

I peli sono strettamente chiusi nella ghiera per creare un pennello denso. Uno che è che sarà fermo al tatto, ma comunque flessibile. La forma a cupola consente l'applicazione a qualsiasi angolazione. Ciò lascia una fusione più coerente sulla superficie del modello.

Inoltre, i capelli folti assicurano che le setole si proteggano a vicenda dalla flessione e dallo schiocco che tendi ad ottenere con spazzole più piatte.

Sono disponibili in piccole, medie e grandi dimensioni.

5. Pennelli trucco economici

I used to feel like this wass some kind of secret that only a few people knew. The main best type of drybrush is cheap make-up brushes. When I say cheap, I mean budget store cheap. You will typically find these in Pound, Dollar or Euro stores.

Il miglior pennello asciutto per miniature e modelli: pennelli per il trucco

for a more consistent benchmark choice e.l.f is a commonly seen brand and the pennello elastico per occhi is a primarychoice. Though this one is only available in one size and personally, I don’t find it to be firm enough.

Quello che stai cercando è un pennello per il trucco con ghiera rotonda e una testa a cupola. Oltre a ciò, vuoi qualcosa che abbia setole e fibre densamente imballate con più flessibilità di uno scatto.

Pensa, più setole toccano una superficie, più liscio sarà il tuo strato di pennello asciutto e queste setole si proteggeranno a vicenda dalla flessione mentre spingi il pennello contro la superficie. Più morbide sono queste setole, più sarà liscia. Ma non andare troppo morbido in quanto non saranno abbastanza forti da spingere effettivamente la vernice su un mini.

Basta avere un'idea dei pennelli prima di acquistarli se puoi. Passali sopra la parte posteriore di una nocca per vedere se scattano bruscamente in posizione o flettono dolcemente indietro. Inizia con il pennello elastico per occhi as a benchmark for the brush texture & feel. Though this is a bit soft and not as dense as proper hobby drybrushes, it will cost you about as much as a proper drybrush too!

But again, if you just want a cheap drybrush, go grab something from a budget store and consider that a win.

4. Green Stuff World – Blue Series

Another example of Green Stuff World’s limited ability to innovate within this industry. I’m yet to find the Exact product on AliExpress that GreenStuff World stuck their badge on here, but there’s probably one on there. After all, from their refillable water dispenser, and portable airbrush, This seems to be how they operate nowadays and it’s a shame. They were a great brand once and were respected for taking those little, unusual components like modelling chains and such similar odd gubbins. To a company that seems to just take the cheapest, potentially hobby-useful, stuff from other industries and slap their badge on them

And let’s not get started with their blatant “taking artists’ work without permission to promote their products”.

Suffice it to say I have little respect for Green Stuff World products of late, especially since they complained at us for reviewing their Average paints as Average. (Spoiler alert, they’re ok. )

As for the drybrushes…

Well, like other companies they’ve taken the style popularised by Artis opus, but in this case, they completely missed the mark in regard to what those brushes do and how they do it. But at least these do offer a viable alternative for those wanting to avoid natural hair.

That’s right, this is a synthetic brush.

For those wanting the ultimate blending technique you get from Drybrushing, this does have that inherent property where the bristles will not store enough moisture. The end results is generally a bit more chalky than natural hair alternatives.

But it’s still a better shape and bristle density than other above

3. The Army Painter Masterclass Drybrush

Domed dry brushes are certainly the popular choice nowadays, Initially Designed by Artis Opus and released in 2021 Il pittore dell'esercito lead the charge as the first official large brand Copycat. If you ask them they will say they were designing these for a long time before the AO release, and that fact that they are both the same shape with the same type of hair as Artis Opus is purely a coincidence… I’m just not buying it.

Nobody made any advances in dry brushing for years, and then long after Artis Opus spent almost forever testing various types of brush and hair (I’ve seen their prototypes first-hand). TAP come out with incredibly similar brushes diameters an all) just several months later?

And I’ll happily remove this comment where I have directly inferred TAP directly copied AO. Just as soon as TAP offer up any timestamped evidence that they were working on prototypes of this style of brush before AO’s Kickstarter Campaign.

Until then, I’ll just share my opinion as I would of anything that reeks of plagiarism in this hobby. By all means, go with the cheap nock-off product, whilst the actual inventors and innovators are stifled…

However, this product now exists, and despite my own personal hangups about their creation, I can still be objective enough to give you my opinion on how they perform

They are to be fair, a good bit above anything ranked lower on this list. The domed shape alone leads to a softer blend than what you would get from coarser hair brushes. However, when compared to the options below, you can tell they are cheaper just by how light they are and how soft the bristle density is. Likely made in China, and these are still natural hair brushes.

You can see our review below

Recensione del set di pennelli a secco Masterclass Army Painter - In primo piano

The main important difference is that both the length and density of the bristles are lower than their competitors below. Meaning they are more likely to clump and streak, and won’t last as long. When you need to replace one of them, you can still only buy them as a set of 3.

It’s still a good way to have a play at “next-level drybrushing” without breaking the bank. But after you’ve cut your teeth on these and need to quickly replace one. replace it with one of the brands below and you’ll see the difference.

2. Rosemary & Co – Model Drybrush

Look familiar? yeah, the Cat’s somewhat out of the bag with Artis Opus’s relationship with Rosemary & Co. These are the same brushes as you’ll get from Artis Opus. But at 4p cheaper per brush. These come with Rosemary & Co’s signature Black handles.

Other than the White handles and the Sexy Artis Opus wooden box packaging, you’re getting the same thing here.

But it is worth noting that Artis Opus designed these brushes. Rosemary and Co just make them. Personally, I’d rather put my money in the pocket of the company that is Innovating specifically for miniature painters, but if you have some aversion to the AO brand or style. Here’s an alternate colour and brand choice.

1. Artis Opus - Serie D

Abbastanza facilmente i pennelli numero 1 in questo elenco sono i Artis Opus Serie D.

I had my eye on these since the Kickstarter and initially managed to score some from the Sito Web di Element Games. And I Love them

Working with signature artists to test out various brush combinations (including the Rosemary & Co Smooshing brushes above) these have been developed to have the perfect hair length and density to provide the most amazing results. The natural hair on these will give you a softer finish than what you will get from makeup brushes. The thick density of bristles also prevents the clumping you’ll get from other brands.

Whilst many people say they are “Expensive”. As you can see from the Rosemary and Co Brushes above, it’s a relativey standard price. Then when you look at i prezzi dei singoli pennelli. Non costano molto di più del Pennello Smooshing e durano diverse volte più a lungo di qualsiasi pennello sintetico per il trucco. Finché ti prendi cura di loro.

The proof of how these operate has already been shown in the multiple demo videos available on the Artis Opus Channel. Much like with Workshop sui giochi’s paints, you aren’t just getting a tool here. You’re getting a complete upskill in hobby results. Especially once you unlock the power of the Dampening Pad and the Texture Palette, two tools that nobody else offers. Why? because whilst they may have copied the brushes, they simply don’t understand the technique.

But because of that lack of understanding, treating those similar style and shape brushes as you would and other drybrush, by wiping paint off on a paper towel or jamming the brush into the paint, tip first! You’ll significantly shorten the life of any drybrush. Which on those similar brands, are shortened anyway by the cheapening of the product.

A differenza dei pennelli Badger Hair Smooshing di Rosemary & Co, questi sono realizzati con un diverso tipo di pelo di animali. Artis Opus have been keeping quiet in regard to the type of hair they are. Probably because of how much time they spent developing them! Perhaps, just consider though, these brushes are the solreatest of un'll time.

Element Games - Wargaming Webstore

Possibly the hardest part of getting the best drybrushes is finding brushes which consistently do the job. Sure you can get some dollar store brushes and they should work. But I ended up spending a lot of money over the years on different possible dry brushes, looking for the best one. All the while nervously watching favourite makeup brands disappear off the shelves or get changed in a new revision.

Con il Serie D you get the benefit of a consistent brush you know will do the job. And when used properly, will last forever.

If you want to get the most out of dry brushing and ensure your brushes last for the longest time. Check our video below.

With these brushes, you are setting yourself up well for the drybrushing and stippling techniques which go alongside them. Techniques popularised by the likes of Byron. When spending this much on a Drybrush, it also pushes you to get the most out of it.

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    Un consiglio per usare pennelli da trucco economici è assolutamente sorprendente! I pennelli GW sono ORA QUI vicino a quello che ho comprato ieri per 2 dollari equivalenti a un pezzo (a Kiev, intendiamoci :)) in un negozio di cosmetici economico. Potrei iniziare a sembrare presto un commentatore a pagamento su questo sito: D, ma non ti fermi a sorprendermi con informazioni inaspettate e molto utili (e ho letto e guardato MOLTE altre fonti). Ho anche ordinato Artis Opus (purtroppo stanno aspettando gli stock di bancomat)

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    Non capisco come si possa dire che si possono trovare pennelli per il trucco economici in farmacia. ho appena controllato i prezzi in una farmacia locale e il pennello singolo più economico che hanno è $14 e il più costoso è vicino a 100. perché la "f" dovrei prendere un pennello per il trucco quando posso ottenere un Winsor e Newton o qualsiasi altro marchio pensato per miniature per meno in un negozio di hobby che in una stupida farmacia.


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