CONFIRMED – “Henry Cavill to Star in Warhammer 40K Amazon Limited Series” – with Horror Star Rahul Kohli?

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Really? Well, who knows. There have been a lot of articles posted online today making at least half of the same claim I’ve just made in the headline. So in my usual style I want to summarise what all this is about and cite the actual sources of this news. The Rahul Kohli bit is easy, I made that up myself, but for good reason. See below.

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Update, this has just been confirmed by the Warhammer Community team!

This is on Henry’s official Instagram page, he doesn’t Twit, he’s not a Tweeter.

Henry Cavill to Star in Warhammer 40K Amazon Limited Series

Whilst this has been posted on numerous world-news and celebrity-news sites as “Famous actor to star in this thing” Those articles are aimed at the general public, people who have no idea what Warhammer is and probably think this is a TV Show spinoff of the 2016 movie starting Travis Fimmel.

But those of us who are actual Warhammer Fans are a bit closer to the situation and want more detail.

I shared in the giddy Geekdowm when I found out that Henry Cavill was only 20 minutes away from my house at Warhammer Word.

So, what’s been happening?

Henry Cavill – Warhammer 40K Series – Recent Events.

before these last couple of weeks, Henry Cavill has hit mainstream headlines a few times with his love for Warhammer. Featuring on the Graham Norton Show where he shut down Graham, and in interviews for the Witcher Series where he likened a lampshade to a Blackstone Fortress.

But in recent weeks, our Favourite Adeptus Custodes fan has been on a bit of a career rollercoaster. First he exited the Witcher series – Then there were numerous reports and videos popping up that indicated he had a very different attitude to the Series than the writers had. he wanted to remain true to, and celebrate the work by Andrzej Sapkowski. But the writers opted for a more “ahem, ‘Woke'” and accessible series.

“My journey as Geralt of Rivia has been filled with both monsters and adventures, and alas, I will be laying down my medallion and my swords for Season 4. In my stead, the fantastic Mr Liam Hemsworth will be taking up the mantle of the White Wolf. As with the greatest of literary characters, I pass the torch with reverence for the time spent embodying Geralt and enthusiasm to see Liam’s take on this most fascinating and nuanced of men.

Liam, good sir, this character has such a wonderful depth to him, enjoy diving in and seeing what you can find.


I’ve watched the Series, I’m struggling to enjoy it due to the direction it’s gone, as a fan of both the games and the books, I struggle to enjoy the TV series. Specifically due to the casting of Yennifer and Triss. No this isn’t a race thing. But Anya Chalotra simply does not portray the strength or wisdom Yennifer has in the books. And there’s about as much chemistry between her and Cavill’s character as there would be between water and, well, more water…

And Triss, well, I personally find that the performance is just flat,

The show had its final nail in the coffin for me when season two butchered the third amongst my favourite witcher stores, that would be the story of Nivellen in “A Grain of Truth”. The others are “The Witcher” & “A Question of Price”.

Long Story Short, as a Witcher Fan, I’m with Cavill here. The Showrunners are translating ‘events’ from the books, but the Witcher show has lost the soul of what made Sapkowski’s stories so enjoyable. The Reveal or the Twist at the end is frequently ruined early on.

So, for whatever reason Henry was out of the witcher series, (though in the court of public opinion – it’s generally considered that Cavill was probably batting heads with the Showrunners) and now we have Liam Hemsworth. A great actor in his own right, but one who should stand on his own two feet rather than ride the coattails of others.

Mark my words, the Witcher has only one season left in it.

Henry Cavill – Warhammer 40K Series – Super-ManFan

Was it days or just hours after the Witcher news broke when Cavill announced he was superman?

Oh hang on, it was before. I got this mixed up. he announced he was back as Superman, before he left Witcher. I’m not going back and rewriting all that though, so new order of events.

This video Dropped on Henry’s Instagram – watch it with sound on.

Now watch it again and notice he is wearing an Adeptus Custodes shirt! It’s slightly faded, probably due to the Sweat from his daily workouts. But the Warhammer is strong in this one.

So this happened, and then he was out of the witcher series.

So WTF happened yesterday? Well in an embarrassing turn of events, Henry had to announce that he was in fact out as Superman!?

As someone who is not a fan of Man of Steel or any of the DCU movies in general. I’m still objective enough to say that they gave us the Best Superman in Cavill and even the best Batman in Ben Affleck – Say what you will, but Batfleck nailed the Dark Knight Returns style of Batman.

But for some reason, despite the praise these actors and characters had, WB showed further disorganization of their DCU by Putting cavill back in the cape, then swiftly pulling him back out of it!?

But why? once again we’ll never know. but people have speculated that after leaving the witcher and people piecing together compilation videos of perceived his attitude towards the creative team not honouring Sapkowski’s work. Is this a political Hollywood decision to blacklist the guy dishing out backhanded compliments to writers and directors?

Warhammer 40K Series – Henry Cavill….. And Rahul Kohli?

So what happened yesterday? because most of you woke up this morning to the posts about Henry Cavill coming back.

Well, for me, this started at 10:00 yesterday (Dec 15th) as I was scrolling through Twitter. I came across the following on Elon Musk’s social platform.

WARNING: Actual tweet contains NSFW Language

Rahul is another Actor/Warhammer Superfan, whilst his credits have not “yet” hit the Hollywood Box Office A-List like Cavill’s have, try to remember he is a younger actor too. So he has a couple of years still to catchup.

But you may know him most famously from starling alongside Rose McIver in iZombie. He now has frequent roles in various Netflix Thriller/Horror series like the Haunting of Bly Manor.

He also voiced an absolute C0ckwomble of a character in Gears of War 4 by playing Fahz Chutani. And it was an incredible performance. from the first scene, I truly believed that he was an absolute Pr!ck.

If you haven’t Played GoW 4, you need to for these performances alone. Fahz is a character you can’t help but love to hate. Like President Charles Logan in 24 or Ben in Lost.

Like Cavill, Kohli is a Warhammer Super-Fan, Wearing some Esoteric Shirts to Public Events.,

If you know, you know. Everyone else just sees a blue shirt with a random symbol.

But follow his Twitter feed and you’ll soon find that the main reason he is not in as many films and shows as Cavill. Is because he’s probably turning down big projects to spend spend more of his days playing videogames and painting Warhammer figures.

But his efforts have paid off because in the last year he’s shown off some incredibly well-painted models. He’s certainly no splap-chop speed painter, he’s pushing for ‘Eavy Metal quality and beyond. He even commissioned a 3D sculpt of his head to use on Space Marines.

An STL he won’t share with me despite asking several times.

And finally, I want to call out that even though I directly advised him to get Arttystaion Units au lieu de Hobbyzone. He completely ignore me and chose the more expensive poorer quality units that take ages to build.

But hey, this is what the masses choose. And everyone knows we should trust a majority who hasn’t tested both options over an individual who has.

At least he got the meilleure palette humide.

So all in all, like the Character Fahz, I love and hate Mr Kohli. He’s a great painter, gets sent free cool geek stuff just to play with, has an awesome beard and he’s met my hero Hideo Kojima. But at the same time he’s a great painter, gets sent free cool geek stuff just to play with, has an awesome beard and he’s met my hero Hideo Kojima

So with Rahul championing a Warhammer Limited Series yesterday morning and calling out to Henry to help make it happen. Is this some Hollywood background chat we are seeing? Is this how the hype train starts up its engines and begins to roll out of the station?

Or like the Emperor of mankind himself, is Kohli prophetic? Oooooh, is Rahul Koli the true Emperor of Mankind?

No, but he’s a cool actor that we’d love to see in a Warhammer Role. And he clearly wants it too!

Warhammer 40K Series – Starring and produced by Henry Cavill

So that brings us to today. I woke up this morning to numerous posts saying Henry Cavill’s next role will be in a Warhammer 40,00 series for Amazon.

Ok, a pinch of salt mode kicked in and I went hunting for the source of this to validate any shred of truth in it. Well, the furthest I got was from The Hollywood Reporter, which other sites have claimed is their source.

But what is the Hollywood Reporters’ Source? They don’t say, So I assume it’s from some industry insider source they have. An actual person rather than sites like mine who’s sources are, well, other sites…

Source Unknown, please tell me who did this pic so I can credit them?

I’ve checked over the article and there’s no citation at all so it’s just stated as fact that…

Amazon is in final talks for the rights to the game, produced by Games Workshop :, after months of negotiations and fending off rival companies that also sought the rights.

No writers or showrunners are attached, although Vertigo Entertainment is attached to also executive produce.

The Hollywood Reporter

The article also claims that Cavill will be among the Executive Producers, which essentially suggests that could, at least in part, bankroll some of this project and this position will give him some creative control. Something I’d infer we could have done with him having in The Witcher.

Warhammer 40K Series – What is it?

I mean, we can all speculate here. We know that back in 2019 it was mentioned that there was series based on Eisenhorn in the works. But that seems to just disappear.

Games Workshop : themselves have a variety of shows on their own Warhammer+ streaming service, something I’ve been paying for 2 years but haven’t watched since the first 3 Episodes of Angels of Death, (these shows really need to be on another platform to entice new people into Warhammer IMHO)

But what could this show actually be?

It’s a hard one because a sci-fi fantasy show based on this IP is not typically accessible to the general public. The stories and setting, whilst eternally vast and interesting, are incredibly messy. And whilst I reet this news with excitement, there’s also a level of trepidation.

The closest show I can liken this project to is Rings of Power, which, well, we all know how that’s gone down. The only fantasy show in recent memory that has properly broken through to the mainstream is game of Thrones, and it’s spin-off, House of the Dragon, and whilst this has a fantasy setting, the characters and relationships are relatable to the masses. I genuinely find the initial series eerily similar to an extreme version of the corporate ladder.

Whatever they make, it’s gotta have a focus on Space Marines right? I mean, we can do Eisenhorn, for which I can only imagine 40k Blade Runner. But it’s the iconic Space Marine which is the centre of the 40k universe. There’s a reason there are so many subfactions of them now. they are for most people, the thing that attracts them to 40k. That’s the reason they are in every edition of the game.

Artwork by @MHarveyMusic

Anything not directly based on the eternal Grim Dark war in the 41st millennium, or the Horus heresy that preceded it. would probably end up like a stylised version of The Expanse. And whilst that is an interesting-ish political drama spaced out with some action scenes.

Can you honestly imagine sitting down with your Warhammer illiterate friend or significant others and them being interested in even the way these characters speak to each other? Emotionless monotone human-weapons covering battle plans. The language the characters use in the books is strategic and detailed, but incredibly boring.

I genuinely can’t see that picking up enough of a fanbase to warrant the continuation of the series.

And whilst I’ll watch it, and you’ll watch it, there simply aren’t enough of us in this hobby where our watching or even repeat watching will sustain it.

It needs to be accessible to a much wider audience to get past series 1. and that’s going to require some significant changes.

I’m excited, I’m nervous,

I now understand what ambivalence is.

Wat would you want to see from a 40k show and who would you case? let us know in the comments.

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