Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review

With a brand new Starter Set now up for order, there’s no better time to dive into the deck-building and arena combat chaos of Warhammer Underworlds. Find out more in our Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review.

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Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Summary

There has never been a better time to get into Warhammer Underworlds. With the release of this complete and beginner friendly boxed set, you can fully immerse yourself in the fast-paced arena combat and deck building mayhem of Warhammer Underworlds. Containing some smashing miniatures and all the cards, boards, tokens, and literature you need to get stuck right in, this box is a brilliant resource for any newcomer to the system. It is also extremely reasonably priced, so you won’t break the bank picking this set up.

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Introduction

Warhammer Underworlds has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Games Workshop’s Age of Sigmar answer to competitive deck building games, Underworlds sees you take command of a Warband of your choice, usually numbering between 3-7 miniatures, build a deck of ability cards for them (or just buy a pre-purchasable hand if this sounds like too much hard work) and take the battle to your foes in a quick-fire, turn-based arena combat game.

Compared to a lot of Warhammer systems, which require hundreds of pounds of miniatures, a large dedicated play space, and books, more books, and even more books still to get started with, Underworlds is by comparison far easier to get into. Requiring only the far slimmer rulebook, a handful of models, a couple of small hex-covered boards, some decks of cards, and some specialist tokens and dice, Underworlds is much more accessible – especially when all of the above is occasionally released as an entire box, as it is at the start of each season, or in a handy Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set like this one.

Another big draw of Warhammer Underworlds for many people – especially miniature painters – are the magnificent models available as part of the range. Outside of dedicated Warhammer commanders, heroes and leaders, you’ll be hard-pressed to find models bursting with as much character as those in an Underworlds warband – all of which are named, hold a unique battlefield role, and have a sculpt that reflects that.

So, what does the latest iteration of Warhammer Underworld’s all-important Starter Set offer would-be Underworldsers? Read on to find out!

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Unboxing

We’ll make a start with a complete look at the box and everything in side it, as it would arrive if you’d just purchased it. So, here’s the box itself.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Unboxing 1

We’re heading back a few Underworlds seasons with the box art and the setting for the Warhammer Underworlds box, returning to Seasons 1 and 2 and the Mirrored City of Shadespire – the very season the two warbands in this set first premiered.

Lifting the lid, we have the first of two books you’ll find in this set: the imposingly titled “READ THIS FIRST” book – or, rather, the beginner’s guide.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Unboxing 2

Beneath that, we have the larger rulebook. You’ll need this for your proper games, so keep it close to hand.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Unboxing 3

Beneath that, packaged in shrink wrap, are the two folding, double-sided Underworlds gaming boards and the two sheets of tokens that you’ll need to play the game.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Unboxing 4

Finally, we have everything else: the models on their sprues, and the two decks of cards you’ll need one to control each warband.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Unboxing 5

Weirdly enough, printed on the carboard insert is this little note.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Unboxing 6

I can confirm there’s nothing under the insert, so this is either a printing error or mine wasn’t packaged correctly. Either way, everything’s here so we can crack on!

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Contents

There’s a heap of stuff in this box, just have a look at it all – courtesy of Warhammer Community.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 WHC All

In all, that’s:

  • 1 x Warhammer Underworlds Read This First/Beginner’s Guide book
  • 1 x Warhammer Underworlds Rulebook
  • 2 x Warhammer Underworlds Token Boards, containing:
    • 38 x Glory Points tokens
    • 8 x Activation tokens
    • 24 x Wound/Generic counters
    • 6 x Raise counters
    • 13 x Move/Charge tokens
    • 13 x Guard/Stagger tokens
    • 2 x Generic feature tokens
    • 1 x Double-sided scatter token
    • 9 x Objective tokens
  • 2 x Double-sided Gaming Boards
  • 2 x Rivals Decks
    • 1 x The Sepulchral Guard Rivals Deck
    • 1 x The Farstriders Rivals Deck
  • 10 x Citadel Miniatures
    • 3 x The Farstriders
    • 7 x The Sepulchral Guard
  • 8 x Warhammer Underworlds dice

We’ll have a closer look at all of this right now.

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Books

The Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set comes with two books: a Rulebook and a “Read This First” book – though this could be less aggressively referred to as a beginner’s guide.

We’ll take a closer look at both now. As this is a starter set, it’s really important that these books are easy to get to grips with.

The “Read This First” Book

The Read This First book is designed to be, well, er, read first.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 1

This book takes you through your first ever game of Warhammer Underworlds, explaining every turn, tactic, and statistic you might encounter to you and holing your hand every every step of the way. It doesn’t require you to roll any dice (unless you really want to go through all the motions) and is designed to act like a pre-scripted tuitorial up until the final closing phases of the game, where power is handed back to you.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 2
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 3

The book starts at the very beginning, instructing you to set up the boards in a certain way, before showing you how to deploy your miniatures for each side. It then walks you through each step one at a time, explaining what is/should be happening were this a “normal” game with plenty of explanation along the way.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 4

It also gradually releases your deck to you throughout so as not to overwhelm you. You start with a reduced deck, but as the tutorial goes on, you add more and more cards to your hand as they are used and encountered during the process of play.

Resources like this are always a little bit difficult to judge on. On the one hand, they provide an easy-to-follow run-through of how a game of Warhammer Underworlds should be played. The invisible hands guiding your own, telling you what cards to use, what dice have been rolled, and which miniatures have been defeated (and then un-defeated again in the case of the death-defying Sepulchral Guard). On the other hand, it may stifle some players and feel a little too scripted. By going through the motions in such a rigorous, inflexible manner, players don’t necessarily get a very good sense of what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 5
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 6

But there isn’t really much room for a middle-ground here. Unfortunately, the box doesn’t come with a super helpful member of Games Workshop store staff who can talk you through each turn you play as they come up – there has to be some railroad tracks for the book to follow. If you’re a complete beginner and have never attempted a game of Underworlds before (as is the intention with this set) you might find this book to be very useful. If you have anything from a passing familiarity with the system and upwards, you might actually find this book to not be very much help at all. If you’ve got any experience, you’ll more than likely find yourself wanting to do something else on certain turns, or perhaps deviating from this inflexible playthrough.

You may be like me, and may find yourself asking “why” a lot about some rules and constantly fighting the urge to skip ahead. For example, I wanted to know from the outset how to get my Sepulchral Guard back on their feet, but this isn’t fully explained in any one place in the book – a complete explanation is provided, but across several pages and several turns. For questions like this, you’ll more easily find find answers either a closer look at the individual Rivals Decks, or in a read of the proper rulebook.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 7
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Read This First Book 8

But – and this is a huge but – I am not the intended audience for this book as I do have a workable knowledge of the system. I am not a complete beginner. However, when I first took the plunge into Underworlds a few years back with Harrowdeep (I think?), I would have killed for a resource like this, which is essentially one long example of how to play. For absolute, totally green beginners, this book is very useful as it does take you through the motions of playing Underworlds, and reduces the need to be constantly going to the Rulebook, battling to find the right page, and completely derailing the flow of play.

One of the best things about this book, however, are the primers in the back. Each A4 primer – one for the Farstriders, another for the Sepulchral Guard – describes in basic terms how you should be thinking about playing with these two forces. This is extremely useful, and provides in essence a super-condensed run-down of everything you should have picked up on during the scripted playthrough. These pages will be vital for playing your first “proper” game with this set.


The Warhammer Underworlds rulebook contains the most up-to-date iteration of the rules for Warhammer Underworlds, as true of the release of the latest season: Wyrdhollow.

As stated on the front of the beginner’s guide, this is not the book you want to plunge into this set with – not before you’ve made sure you’ve read and understood the Read This First book.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 1

That said, the Rulebook is an exceptionally useful resource to have (well, it’d be a rubbish rulebook if that wasn’t true), but the Underworlds rulebook does also walk players through each step of the game in a less rigid, more adaptable manner that is more useful for when you’re playing your own games as opposed to playing along with the beginner’s guide.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 2
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 3

It’s a very well-written rulebook. Warhammer IPs have a degree of stigma attached to them regarding their presentation of rules. One of the biggest turn-offs for would-be Warhammerers are often the vast tomes of rules and regulations that come attached to each faction, army and system. Warhammer 40,000 is the worst for this, which requires a rulebook, a faction codex, and in some cases a further sub-faction codex and then any rules updates and minutiae that are released post-publication.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 4

This stigma has carried over onto some of Games Workshop’s other IPs, but should be very firmly left at the door with Underworlds. Sure, in the grand scheme of popular board- and tabletop games Underworlds still has a learning curve attached to it, but its significantly easier to pick up and play than many of its competitors. It’s no Snakes and Ladders, but it certainly isn’t Aeon Trespass: Odyssey.

The Underworlds rulebook’s biggest plus-point is its logical formatting and top-notch organisation. The book takes you through the game in a very logical order, outlining the overarching background and themes to the system, before moving on to a few pages dedicated to building and painting your miniatures.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 5
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 6

The construction guides are also included in this book over a few pages – worry not, the figures in this box are all push-fit (though we always recommend a touch of glue here and there, especially if you are planning on handling and playing with your minis). Each model is also extremely easy to build – most of the Sepulchral Guard, for example, are only made of 3 or 4 components. Do be careful with them, though, as they aren’t as sturdy as the much larger Stormcast Eternals.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 7

There’s also a guide on how to build and change up your deck included in the Rulebook. Warhammer Underworlds will fairly frequently release new decks that can be changed out with your warband’s deck in order to keep the game interesting and to ensure everyone gets the full deck building experience. Think of Underworlds as Hearthstone but with miniatures fighting over objectives at the same time.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 8
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 9

The Rulebook is a much more complete document than the beginner’s guide. Whilst the beginner’s guide is good resource to use if you need a visual, step-by-step walkthrough of what a game of Underworlds is like (and is an important recourse to make the most of if you are a beginner), the Rulebook is what you will need for your games once you start playing properly. It goes into more detail about setting up the game and playing through Rounds and Phases; whilst this is exemplified in the Read This First book, there’s not a great deal of the “why” involved.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Rulebook 10

One of the most useful part of the Rulebook, however, is the back page. Printed here is a quick reference guide for playing the game, with reminders of all the different steps that make up a turn, and a handy cheat sheet for contested rules rolls. Dice in Underworlds are different to dice in other Warhammer games, and they can be a bit confusing to get to grips with first, but this half-page box makes everything a great deal more straightforward.

In all, the Rulebook is a great resource. Easy to understand and follow, it has everything you need to keep playing Underworlds once you’ve mastered the basics.

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Wargear

Warhammer Underworld’s latest boxed starter set comes with plenty of “wargear” – the name we give to all the resources and non-miniature gaming supplies that come with a release. From boards to tokens, we’ll have a close-up look at it all below.


There are two decks of cards in the Warhammer Underworlds 2023 Starter Set: the Farstriders Rivals Deck and the Sepulchral Guard Rivals Deck. These are all the cards you need to take each of the warbands included in this box straight to the tabletop and start playing.

The cards are delightful. Each one is printed with its own unique artwork, exemplifying either an ability or a pertinent character. The text on them is a touch small (a criticism I’ve only developed recently as I’ve found myself needing to war glasses), but beyond that, information is concise and clear to minimise rules-lawyering and maximise playing.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Cards

Pre-made decks like these are great for newcomers to Underworlds as they’re ready to go straight out of the box. As you get more confident with the system and may find yourself wanting to change things up, Underworlds also supports swapping in certain other decks, changing up your hand, and personalising how you play with your warband to suit your preferred style. This is made mention of in more detail the Rulebook that comes with this set, but it’s not likely something any beginners will want to get stuck in with right away as it does add a layer of complexity to the system. If you are a beginner, for now, we recommend sticking with the decks you’re familiar with.

We’ll look at each warband in a touch more detail and give an overview of how they play in the Models section below.


Every game of Warhammer Underworlds is played across two gaming boards. Selection and placement of these boards plays a big role in the flow of the game: each player gets assigned one double-sided board and then gets to place it on whichever side they wish, connecting with the other player’s board to form the arena. The only caveat is that the boards must be connected in such a way that allows for four hexes to be formed along the adjoining edges.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Boards 1
Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Boards 2

The boards in the Underworlds Starter Set are rather nice, too. They are printed on good-quality card that will be able to survive folding and re-folding, so they shouldn’t spoil as you play. The artwork on each side of both boards is very visually distinct from the other (which, looking back, is something that was missing in Wyrdhollow), and provide a range of different setup opportunities for your warbands.

Tokens and Markers

Underworlds is a game played in part with a deluge of tokens. If you enjoy being able to shunt lots of little colourful squares, circles, and hexes around a board, Underworlds is likely the game for you.

So, from top to bottom, left to right, we have the square Move/Charge and Guard/Stagger tokens; the Raise counters; the Wound/Generic counters; the Activation tokens; the Generic Feature, Scatter, and Objective tokens; and the Glory Point tokens.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Tokens (2)

These are all used to represent different things in your game. The square tokens all serve to remind you what you have/haven’t done with your fighters. The Raise tokens are Sepulchral Guard-specific, and denote who has or who hasn’t been brought back from the dead. The Wound and Generic counters are for tracking wounds or marking off anything else you might need to remember. Activation tokens remind you which of your fighters have been in a Round, whilst the hex-shaped tokens represent battlefield objectives and hazards. Last but not least, the Glory Points are your victory currency – the little coins for you and your foe to squabble over.

The tokens in this set are good-quality, printed on decent card and with nice, well-finished artwork. I had no snags or tears when removing them from their punchboards, either, which is always a sure-fire marker of decent quality.


Warhammer Underworlds is played with its own dice. Dice come in two different colours: white for Attack Dice and Black for Defence Dice. Aside from the fact that they are printed with their own unique Underworlds symbols, there’s nothing particularly special about these dice. They’re functional, not stylistic.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set Dice

As you’d suspect, the different symbols all mean different things. On the white Attack dice, exclamation points refer to critical successes, the crossed swords and the hammer each represent a different attack type that has to be rolled to make certain attacks, whilst the circles or semi-circles each refer to different levels of successes. The story is largely the same with the black Defence Dice, except that hields and arrows represent different types of defensive success. There’s more info on reading the dice during a game of Underworlds in the rulebook, and a flowchart showing what would count as both a successful dice roll and a failure on the flow chart on the back of the book.

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Models

Both warbands in the new 2023 Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set are not new to the Warhammer range. People who subscribed to the Mortal Realms magazines will recognise the Farstriders from Issue 47 of the subscription service, though they are no longer available for purchase directly from GW. The same is true for the the Sepulchral Guard, who are another kit from a few years ago that are no-longer listed on GW’s webstore.

If you’ve got a particular hankering to get your hands on these models – either to paint or to play with Underworlds – this may be the only opportunity you get to pick them up for a while.

The Farstriders

The first of the two warbands in the new Warhammer Underworlds starter set are the Farstriders. Technically belonging to the “old” generation of Stormcast Eternals units (with their more endearingly termed “Sigmarine” style armour as opposed to the more slimline minis we’ve seen post-Dominion), these guys do exemplify just why people were so quick to draw comparisons between Stormcast Eternals when they were first released and classic Space Marines.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Farstriders

Big armour, big shoulderpads, big weapons. Sure, there are some pretty glaring similarities, but these are nonetheless really characterful miniatures/

The models in this warband, whilst few in number, are rather nice. In spite of the fact they are ultiamtely the same base Stormcast Eternal each time with a few different trinkets and flourishes on their armour, what really sets the Farstriders out are their poses on their gorgeous sculpted bases. Here are mine, which I painted a few years ago:

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Farstriders Painted

Compared to the Sepulchral Guard, who inspire when given Raise counters, getting the Frastriders to Inspire may be a little trickier for beginners. The Farstriders become Inspired should they make an attach with each of their weapons in one turn. “How do I get them do do that? They can only make one Attack action each round!” you cry. Well, there are two ways to do this: the easier way is to activate the same fighter twice consecutively in one Phase. For example, you take your turn with Almeric Eagle-Eye once, he shoots something, and then you active him again in your next go and he hits something with his axe. Presto! Inspired.

The other thing you can do is use their Reaction cards correctly – for example, you charge in with one of your figures and make an attack with their melee weapon as his Attack action, then shoot with their ranged weapon as a Reaction. Just like that, you’re inspired! Of course, this requires you having the right cards in your hand, and is a little more situational. For beginners, it’s best to focus on trying to get your fighters inspired the “easy” way, one at a time. Once you’re a bit more confident, have a go with Reactions and other abilities – it might help you out.

Sepulchral Guard

The second warband in the new Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set is the Sepulchral Guard. Representing the forces of Death, this collection of grave-spurning skeletons.

The first thing you’ll notice about this warband is that they outnumber the Farstriders 2.3 to 1, but this is because as a warband these chaps play entirely differently to the (comparatively much physically stronger) Stormcast Eternals.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Sepulchral Guard

Whilst they can’t bring quite the same amount of beef to the board as the Farstriders can, what the Sepulchral Guard can do is whittle their opponents down over time, keeping them off-balance with their much higher numbers. Whilst not packing the raw power of the Stormcast Eternals, the Sepulchral Guard are designed to slowly take objectives and sit on them, then getting back up again once taken out of action. Their whole plan of action is to prevent your opponent gaining any ground by slowly creeping over the entire board with your much larger force.

They’re a fun warband but have a slightly higher learning curve than the Stormcast Eternals – but not by much. If they were too difficult, they wouldn’t be in the starter set. With the Sepulchral Guard, you play the long game.

As miniatures, though, these guys are spectacular.

I painted these guys about three years ago now and entered them into my first ever competition – a remote, mid-Covid contest run by my then-local Games Workshop. I even managed to come first! Here they are, having sat stationery in my display cabinet for few years.

Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set 2023 Sepulchral Guard Painted (2)

What drew me to these models then is what still draws me to them today. In essence, each one of these figures is a skeleton – and, as this set morbidly reminds us, underneath all that hair, skin, meat and muscle, we are all just bones, and were you to set our skeletons side-by-side, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell us apart. But these minis ooze character and are each as unique as any D&D party of hodgepodge, weird and wonderful heroes.

Each skeleton brings a completely different energy to the set, from the commanding Sepulchral Warden with their cloak and spear to the indomitable Champion, striding confidently forwards with their greatsword. Then there’s the Pricne of Dust, crown on his brow, weapon raised high in triumph or command, who stands in stark contrast with the Rising Petitioner, encapsulating that moment in every zombie film where the first corpse drags itself out of its grave, covered in dirt and slime. Of course, there’s also the Harvester, armed with their scythe – the set wouldn’t be complete without a Grim Reaper-inspired skelly, would it?

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Price and Availability

Clocking in at an extremely reasonable £40.00GBP/$65.00USD/€55.00EUR, the new 2023 Warhammer Underworlds Starter Set is an absolute steal. What’s more, your friendly local gaming store might be able to give you a further discount of up to 20%, so you could be looking at spending as little as £32 on this complete and very enjoyable boxed game.

Here at FauxHammer.com, we were expecting this to clock in at the £65 mark like the Underworlds seasonal box sets, so were pleasantly surprised when the price was announced as being way cheaper.

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Where to Next?

Now you’ve whet your appetite for Warhammer Underworlds, the Games Workshop store catalogue is very much your oyster. Have a look at the other warbands that are available, as well as the seasonal sets and the alternative decks that you can use to start really personalising your Underworlds experience.

Be aware, however, that nothing lasts forever on GW’s webstore. As new seasons of Underworlds are announced, old warbands are cycled out and replaced by new ones – and it’s never clear when, or if they will ever return. If there’s something you want, you’re best to get it soon than risk missing out on it.

That said, things aren’t all doom and gloom. Your friendly local gaming store might have some older warbands kicking around still, so if you want to try and get yourself something not listed on GW’s webstore, it’s worth shopping around. Check out the affiliate links off this page too!

Warhammer Underworlds: 2023 Starter Set Review – Final Thoughts

Really nice miniatures with unique sculpts
Figures are very straightforward to build, which is great for beginners
Thorough and easy-to-follow beginner’s guide
Good-quality tokens, dice, and boards
Complete rulebook also included
Whilst magnificent models, both warbands have been kicking around for a while – it might’ve been nice to see something new

Warhammer Underworlds is a fantastic game that does a lot to shake the “Warhammer is super complicated and can’t be enjoyed quickly, easily, or on a small budget” ball and chain stigma so tightly lashed to the ankle of the Warhammer IPs. Sure, no one is arguing that £65 isn’t expensive, but both within the wider context of Warhammer ( and board games as whole (where these days you’re lucky to find any worthwhile products that aren’t circling the £100 mark), 2023’s Warhammer Underworlds starter set is extremely reasonably priced and of excellent quality.

The minis in the box are superb, unique, and pleasing figures to both have on the tabletop and to paint. The Sepulchral Guard remain to this day one of my all-time favourite warbands, so I’m delighted to see them make a triumphant return in this set – they are exciting models, each bursting with character in spite of being generally featureless skeletons.

But there’s a great deal more to this box than just the minis: the guides and rulebooks are straightforward and follow on well from each other; the beginner’s guide keep everything straightforward, whilst the rules expand on points players who have read the prior book will be familiar with. This really is a complete, thorough, no-expenses-spared induction into Warhammer Underworlds, and the care and attention that has been spent on this product really shows.

There is no better time, and no better way, to get into Warhammer Underworlds than with this magnificent set.

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Rob has spent most of the last 20 years playing World of Warcraft and writing stories set in made-up worlds. At some point, he also managed to get a Master's degree by writing about Medieval zombies.

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