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Update 28/08/19: This is already available in stores but only in select areas of the UK such as Bishop Auckland & Middlesborough. This suggests that this is just a soft launch. Expect no more than the first 4-6 issues for now, with the full launch being some time early next year. For the latest info, join our Facebook Group.

So, It happened, Probably after what is likely the success of Warhammer Conquest. Hachette has just announced Mortal Realms, A partworks Collection for Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Just like Warhammer Conquest, this will be a weekly partworks magazine subscription offering various paints, models, terrain and tools to build 2 large Age of Sigmar Armies. Let’s take a look at what we know (which is limited at this point). If you haven’t subscribed to or even heard of conquest, there are a few things you should know going in.

We have created a Facebook Group for Mortal Realms too, so come and have a look and join in the discussion.

Mortal Realms Contents

Martal Realms - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Partworks Collection - Issues 1-4

Very little is known at this point other than the contents of the first 4 issues.

Mortal Realms Issue 1 Contents

  • 3 easy-to-build Sequitors
  • 10 easy-to-build Chainrasps
  • Dice
  • Ruler
  • Battle Mat

No paint like we got with issue 1 of Warhammer Conquest, but lots of models for £2.99 at least with this one you can start playing straight away

Here’s a look at Issue 1 from Underdog Painting.

Mortal Realms Issue 2 Contents

  • 4 easy-to-build Banshees
  • Corax White paint
  • Starter Brush.

Mortal Realms Issue 3 Contents

Mortal Realms Issue 4 Contents

  • 4 easy-to-build Glavewraith Stalkers,
  • Nihilakh Oxide paint
  • Battle-mat.

Oh Come on, give us some Contrast Paint here guys!

Mortal Realms – What we do know?

Mortal Realms - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Partworks Collection - Issue 1

At this stage, everything we know is on the recently launched website. however thanks to our knowledge of Warhammer Conquest, there are a few tidbits we can glean from the finer details.

You can check the FAQ on their website, but most of those questions aren’t what you really want to know. We’ve summarized our own FAQ below, based on what we learned from Warhammer Conquest.

When is Mortal Realms Magazine Released?

At this point, we don’t officially know. I have just subscribed and I was advised I will get my first order within 28 days. So, sometime in the next month. I would expect (Like with Warhammer Conquest ) I’ll get a box with this first 4 issue in it.

If the image above doesn’t show up too well, it says;

Thank you for subscribing to Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Mortal Realms
We are now processing your details and will send you a Welcome email to the collection within 3 working days.
We are taking care of your order and your 1st delivery will be with you within 28 days.
Please take a moment to check that the account details below are correct and if you need to make any changes, please contact us using the details on the contact page.
We hope you enjoy the collection!

Note: It is worth mentioning that Warhammer Conquest initiated with a soft launch. This means it was only initially distributed to a small number of retailers in a specific region of the UK. The website was live and people could subscribe (as we can with Mortal Realms) however some early subscribers reported not getting issues at all. Hachette also went quiet when they stopped sending issues after issue 4.

This is quite common for Partworks, they release in a small region to see if there is enough interest to continue with the series. It was several months later for Warhammer Conquest when it launched Proper (although I’ve just been advised on the phone that this “soft-launch” isn’t real and the delay last time was more to do with production delays than Hachette testing the waters). I don’t believe this for a second.

Update 28/08/19: it has been pretty much confirmed that the above “production delay” was made up. See the quote below from Hachette’s Editorial Director.

We research and develop a lot of ideas and through a process of desk research, focus groups and Area Tests (where we test four issues of a collection in a small area so we can extrapolate the sales of issue one, the sales curve and the subscription rate) we eventually launch a product with a large investment in TV advertising.

Helen Nally, editorial director of Hachette

Thanks to Gavin for adding this source in the comments

It may be the same thing again and this is massively delayed after the first 4 issues. The website doesn’t seem fully prepared with dates or a full line-up It’s really not clear. (more on this below).

How often will we get new issues of Mortal Realms?

Like with Warhammer Conquest, if you subscribe you will get 4 issues delivered in Every 4 weeks. It will not be delivered weekly. The website does a great job of not quite confirming this, but suggesting it will come every week.

If you want it weekly, subscribe with your local Newsagent, however, some Conquest collectors have reported that some newsagents haven’t gotten some of the more popular issues.

Also, if you subscribe at a newsagent, you will not get the “Free Gifts” Included with the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 7th deliveries. You may, however, get some of the hidden (chargeable) Extras and Binders, this seemed to be retailer dependant for Warhammer Conquest.

What Models do we get with Mortal Realms?

Unlike Warhammer Conquest, there is no large photo showing us the full collection. but we do know (from their FAQ Page) that once again, 80 issues are planned.

Do we get any extras with our Mortal Realms subscription?

Please note that delivery does not mean an issue, your deliveries will contain 4 issues every 4 weeks.

Mortal Realms 1st Delivery Contents

Pretty much the same as Warhammer Conquest, we get some Plastic Glue, some crappy Clippers and the end of a Mould Line Remover. it’s literally the Citadel Mould Line Remover without a handle. This just makes it uncomfortable to use IMHO.

Mortal Realms 3rd Delivery Contents

A Binder, you will be getting (and will probably be charged) for 3 more of these throughout the 80 issue series.

Mortal Realms 4th Delivery Contents

The image shows a Citadel painting Handle and a model. I bet we only get the handle itself.

Mortal Realms 5th Delivery Contents

A Large Base Brush, A Medium Shade Brush and a Small Layer Brush

Mortal Realms 7th Delivery Contents

This is cool, a big Glass tankard with a Sigmar Logo

Is there an exclusive model?

Yes, we have an image of an exclusive Stormcast model as shown on the Mortal Realms website. We don’t know what issue this will come in but for Warhammer Conquest, it was early in in the series.

Thanks to Daniel in our Facebook Group for sharing this.

Is there any Premium Wargear?

Unknown, This was not an option in the sign-up process (which leads me to believe this is just a soft launch). With Warhammer Conquest you could pay £2 extra per issue, but this additional charge ended up being nothing more than some cardboard boxes and exclusive dice.

Are there any Hidden Charges?

We noted with Warhammer Conquest that Hachette suddenly just started charging us for Extras Binders and Art Books without warning. After checking again, it was in the Terms & Conditions. So I’ve scoured the new terms and cannot find any mention of additional charges. I even decided to take screenshots of the sign-up process to protect myself from those charges later.

Has Hachette’s Customer Service Improved?

I just called Hachette using the number on the website (03448 927 208 (local rates apply)) to get more details. They had never heard of the magazine I was then referred to (03333 001 045). Who also knew nothing about the magazine. Even when the looked up my account details. Nothing.

I got worried that this point thinking I’ve given my Account Details to a scam site. I spoke to a manager (Inno C), who also had no information about the magazine and advised it wasn’t with them. I had to go through a whole rigmarole of advising her to stop typing web addresses into a Google search page as this was bringing up other Mortal Realms websites. I gave her a TinyURL in the end and showed where in the browser to enter a URL.

She’s off checking now that this subscription is real and I’m waiting for a callback.

Don’t panic, I know it’s real, during the subscription process you can log in to your existing Hachette account to fill out the details. The magazine itself is not on Hachette’s website, but you can continue the subscription sign-up there at least.

So, no. No, the customer service hasn’t improved. And this is one of the many reasons that a lot of people have ended their Conquest Subscription Early

What did you think of Mortal Realms? will you subscribe? Please let us know in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Mortal Realms Magazine – Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Partworks Collection

  • August 28, 2019 at 2:55 pm

    I think you’ve been misinformed about the ‘soft launch’.

    Here’s a quote from Helen Nally, editorial director of Hachette, in a December 2018 interview:

    “We research and develop a lot of ideas and through a process of desk research, focus groups and Area Tests (where we test four issues of a collection in a small area so we can extrapolate the sales of issue one, the sales curve and the subscription rate) we eventually launch a product with a large investment in TV advertising.”

    Source –

    If you check online in various groups and forums, this pattern holds true for almost every partwork.

    • August 28, 2019 at 2:58 pm

      sorry, I should have put in the article that I didn’t believe what I was told. Good Update though! ad thanks for the source. I’ll add directly to the article.

  • September 6, 2019 at 10:38 am

    Thanks for the info! I’ve subbed already (subbed to conquest for about 20 issues too), really looking forward to it & they’ve done a good job bundling everything you need to get a game going right away, plus issue 3 gets me some stormcast vanguard I need for warcry.

    However, I’m of the opinion that hachette are a pretty scummy outfit, given how I was sent an unasked-for artbook which I was charged for (turned out to be opt-out) with conquest – I unsubbed because of that and just pre-ordered issues I was interested in from forbidden planet who did a great job with shipping & also had a small discount on the price.

    I actually emailed them to ask if they’d be getting mortal realms in, they had this to say:

    “We are hoping to stock these however no official information on content, availability or pricing has been given to us yet by the publisher, and we don’t have any indication for when these will start going on our website to pre-order. We’ll hopefully have more information in the coming weeks.

    I’m sorry we cannot be of more assistance in this matter. ”

    So looks like we have a bit of a left hand right hand situation, to be honest it’s a bit appalling if they are live-testing a product without the customers knowing that they are participating in a test which may not go ahead :/

    • September 6, 2019 at 12:11 pm

      Unfortunately that’s just how partwork magazines are made. Eaglemoss, Hachette, DeAgostini etc, all at it.

      There’s been something like 25+ tests from different manufacturers so far this year and it’s been standard practice at least as far back as the 90’s.

      • October 8, 2019 at 11:26 am

        Just called Hachette to ask where my delivery is (36 days since they said 28), they said that it’s “on a brief hold” and that they’d send a notification when it’s ready to ship. I also asked if it was going ahead or not, they said it might but there’s a possibility it might not. So looks like you’re on the money. Slightly pissed off that they aren’t just straight about it; rather than giving the impression you are paying for an available product they should just say “register your interest” to make it clear to customers.

  • November 24, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the 40k Conquest magazine but feel that the new Age of Sigmar stuff is just garbage. What’s happened to the Dwarves and my beloved Orcs, now if these were the two factions on offer I would jump at the chance to sub to this mag, but alas GW seem to be deviating from their roots into areas that do not interest me any more.

    • November 24, 2019 at 11:01 pm

      Yeah, I get you. personally I was never interested in fantasy. but I was attracted to the style of the new models and personally I love Kharadron. Steampunk Dwarves! I’m in. But I would like to see a return to some of the classic factions soon Elves and Orc especially. Maybe they could do something new? Wouldn’t mind some vampires too


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