Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol Magazine Contents List – Issues 1-90

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As you will have already seen, we have officially announced that Hachette are launching a new 40K partworks magazine called Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol. As part of a wave of articles on the subject, we have the master article here, detailing what’s to come in all 90 issues, and also to address any burning questions readers may have about the collection in general. Without further ado, read on to see our Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol magazine contents list – Issues 1-90.

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Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol Magazine – FAQs

You can find all the information below, as well as a hell of a lot more, over in out Combat Patrol Announcement article.

What is Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol?

The successor to the extremely popular and highly successful Warhammer 40,000 Imperium collection, Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol is the next weekly partworks magazine being published by Hachette Partworks. They are a font of information on the Warhammer 40,000 universes, rules, and are a great source of cheap miniatures.

What are the Expected Contents of This Magazine?

All this:

Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Current Full Collection

That’s nine whole Combat Patrols!

You can look at these in more detail in our points breakdown and full contents savings breakdown articles. For now, here’s a summary of what you save throughout the whole collection.

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol
Savings Breakdown
Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseeuroCADAUD
Space Marines£127.50$215.00€167.50$255.00$349.00
Astra Militarum£117.50$195.00€ 155,00$235.00$325.00
Space Marine del caos£117.50$195.00€ 155,00$235.00$303.00
World Eaters£145.00$240.00€190.00$290.00$360.00
Tyranids£ 120,00$200.00€157.50$240.00$334.00
Leagues of Votann£ 132,50$220.00€170.00$265.00$369.00
Orks£ 130,00$220.00€170.00$260.00$326.00
Aeldari£ 120,00$200.00€157.50$240.00$291.00
Culti dei Genestealer£ 132,50$220.00€170.00$265.00$340.00
Valore totale£1142.50$1905.00€1492.50$2285.00$2997.00
Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol Cost£899.19*
Risparmi totali£243.31*
Percentuale salvata21.3%*
*Note these values have been updated on 12-01-2024 to account for Combat Patrol running to 90 issues instead of the previously-assumed run of 80.

It’s worth noting, that at this point of time of publication, we do not know the cost of each individual issue in the US, Canada, Europe or Australia. That said, we have done our due diligence and calculated all the model values for those territories, as usual reference to come back to once we know the definitive prices and savings to be had.

However, as you can gleam from the English value, that’s a clean 30% off, were you to buy each individual kit like an absolute madman. Admittedly, that’s 13% less from the days of Imperium magazine, who had savings of 43%, but we can also thank inflation and everything being more expensive for that. Also, these values are calculated from Combat Patrol boxes, which are already discount boxes, so you’re getting discounts from discounts essentially.

Is the Magazine Released Yet?

No. As of January 2024, Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol is in trial. This means the first five or so issues will be released for the public to buy, which Hachette will use to gauge interest in a magazine collection like this and see if it’s worth their time doing a full run.

What’s the Point of this List, then?

Because we want to be ready for the future.

Look, sure: Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol may be in trial, but given how absurdly successful Warhammer 40,000: Imperium was, we’re pretty much certain that this’ll launch into a full collection at some point soon.

How Many Points are These Armies?

Luckily for you, Warhammer 40,000 points maestro Jordan has written an entire article on the subject – you can read it here (as of January 4th 2024).

For the tl;dr, here’s a basic breakdown of what’s on offer:

Space Marines515
Astra Militarum405
Space Marine del caos610
World Eaters725
Leagues of Votann540
Culti dei Genestealer745

Neat, huh?

What is the Best Way to Subscribe?

There are a couple of options open for you that we’ve listed below. Have a read over them all and consider what might be best for you.

Option 1: Directly with Hachette

The first, most obvious, and likely the easiest way for you to get your hands on your copies of Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol is to subscribe directly with Hachette by clicking the big “SUBSCRIBE NOW” bar on their website. With this method, you will be sent 4 issues every 4 weeks and will be charged around the same time that the issues dispatch.

You’ll be put on one of several delivery schedules that are, as far as we can tell, determined by the time at which you subscribe, and will receive your deliveries at the same time every month.

Of course, subscribing with Hachette also ensures you get the exclusive free gifts available throughout the collection.

Option 2: Via your Local Newsagent

The next option available for you is to subscribe via your local news agent. Your newsagent will manage your subscription for you, and you simply need to collect your issue from them every week.

In the past, this method can have its’s drawbacks. Make sure you trust your newsagent – during previous Warhammer collections, we were been told by our readers that some newsagents claimed did not get copies of certain high-demand issues (you know, the ones that then turned up in droves on eBay).

By subscribing at your “trusted” newsagent, you are also unlikely to get the extras that Hachette provides in deliveries, nor will you get the binders which you are charged extra for. However, this is not a certain thing, as in the past we have had reports on our Facebook groups that some newsagents have provided binders.

Option 3: The Forbidden Planet Method.

This is one we strongly recommend you try out – and one that’s been growing in popularity since it started being used for the Warhammer partworks subscription.

Subscribing with (or really just buying directly from) Forbidden Planet will get your issues delivered to your door weekly rather than every 4 weeks. You will be charged weekly for your purchases, and you can pick and choose the issues and quantities you like, offering you more control over what issues you receive.

There is a postage cost. One or two issues will cost £2.25, 3 will cost £2.95, and four or more more will cost £5.95 – but that’s the absolute cap. If you order 4 issues or 400 issues so long as the total quantity of issues in a single order is 4 or more, the postage cost will never rise above £5.95 – see the image below, where I tested this with D&D Adventurer.

D&D Adventurer FAQs Article FP Sub

As such, the more issues you order in one go, the less and less the postage cost matters – the issues purchased from Forbidden Planet are a little cheaper than advertised RRP, so if you order in bulk each time (you’re looking at around 35 issues, but given that the collection is running to 80 numeri (UPDATE 12-01-2024: We’ve had it confirmed from Hachette that Combat Patrol will be running to 90 issues) that shouldn’t be too hard to do), you will break even. Order more in a single order and you are saving money.

When the first issue of the order is dispatched, you are charged for the issue and the full £5.95 cost of postage for your whole order. After that you never pay postage again and just pay for the issues weekly until that order is complete.

See? Easy peasy. Head over to Forbidden Planet to see what they have on offer right now!

What Free Gifts are Planned?

If you subscribe with Hachette, you get these:

Warhammer 40,000 Combat patrol Subscriber Gifts

(Provided, of course, this doesn’t change between now and the full launch of the collection).

Is there any Premium Stuff?

Goodness me, isn’t there just!

Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Premium Savings Article All

Want more information on the Premium contents? Have a look at our Premium Subscription Contents and Savings Breakdown article


Ci sono costi nascosti?

There never has been in the past, and we can’t imagine there will be now – you just need to pay attention and read the small print. You’ll likely be given the option to “opt-out” of various things that will otherwise cost you a bit extra, but whether or not you decide to do so is on you.

There will likely be some exclusive gear as the collection progresses. With Warhammer Conquest, this was some (mostly Silver templars) books – and the Silver Templars are billed to make a return of some kind in Combat Patrol, we’re told. With Mortal Realms, it was a three-part novella. With Imperium and Stormbringer, there have been various character packs which include an extra miniature. When these are available, Hachette will auto-enrol you to receive one and will charge you for it. If you don’t want it, opt out.

Update: 22-01-24: As some people have pointed out, if you subscribe you will be billed extra for the binders that are sent out at quarterly increments with the collection (currently advertised as £10.99 each). This isn’t really a hidden charge, however, as this is stated in the terms and conditions. As we said above, pay attention and read the small print.

What Countries is Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol Available in?

At the moment, it has only been confirmed for the UK, as that is where the trial is taking place. That said, we also expect this magazine to come to Europe and, following in the footsteps of impero e Portatore di tempesta, to eventually come to the USA. If we hear about other territories like Canada or Australia, we will keep you posted.

Is there a model exclusive to Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol?

As per tradition, yes, there is. Take a look.

Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Exclusive Miniature

It’s an Infernus Marine, like the ones that came with the Leviathan box, but in a cooler pose. A tactical Tyranid head replaces the typical tactical rock, and he’s mid loading another cartridge of the hot stuff in, but otherwise that’s it. Could look good as a sergeant at the helm for a unit of Infernus Marines.

As with the previous magazines, the exclusive model could appear in the first few issues, perhaps number 5 or so.

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol Contents Per Issue

Here’s the big one. It’s small for now, but as we learn what issue has what, this list will grow progressively to include what we know is coming in all 80 numeri (UPDATE 12-01-2024: Combat Patrol will be running to 90 issues), so do bear with.

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Issue 1 Contents

Now, as of first publication of this article, we don’t actually have the contents of the first issue confirmed, or the release date for the trial or full run either. However, we can always speculate, based on this image.

Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Article Image1

The first issues of impero e Portatore di tempesta had included 2 HQ character units from their respective launch edition boxes, as well as some dice and a ruler. From this pattern, we can speculate that it will include this edition’s Captain in Terminator Armour e Winged Tyranid Prime respectively. However, as this is not confirmed and only conjecture, we are not saying this is for certain. We will update this once we have confirmation.

Aggiornare: Like the great prophets of portent we are, it is now confirmed that the first issue does indeed include the Terminator Captain and Winged Tyranid Prime, plus some dice to roll with and a battle mat to play on.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseeuroCADAUD
Prezzo di emissione£ 2,99
Valore totale£49.99*$78.00*€64.00*$98.00*$136.00*
Risparmio totale£47.00*
Percentuale di risparmio94%
*Terminator Captain price estimated off Terminator Librarian from Leviathan box

Now, as the first issue will be £2.99, the savings for these models are absolutely insane in the membrane. Getting the 2 HQ units, albeit monopose, from the Leviathan box for this price is undeniably immense.

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Issue 2 Contents

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseeuroCADAUD
Prezzo di emissione£ 6,99
Valore totale£ 30.00$50.00€ 40,00$60.00$84.00
Risparmio totale£23.01
Percentuale di risparmio76%

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Issue 3 Contents

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseeuroCADAUD
Prezzo di emissione£ 6,99
Valore totale£18.75*$40.00*25,00 €*$37.50*$51.50*
Risparmio totale£11.76*
Percentuale di risparmio63%*
*Speculated price based off Hellblasters price

Now, this is a tough one to estimate. The Infernus Marines are due their own separate kit at some point, but for whatever reason GW are holding back on them- so we don’t have an official price for these, or whether they will even come with 5 or 10 models per kit. For now, we’ve based the value on the recently released Jump Pack Intercessors, who are 5 models for £35.00 (insane, isn’t it). We could be way off base here, but we will know for sure in due time.

Aggiornare: Upon some reflection and feedback, we found our valuation of this issue based on the new Jump Pack Intercessors askew, as the Infernus Marines are monopose and have no extra parts, so their values are likely more akin to the Hellblasters, who are similarly just Primaris intercessors with a new hat big weapon. As such, this table has been updated.

Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Issue 4 Contents

Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Consegna 2 - Edizione 3 Macragge Blue
Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseeuroCADAUD
Prezzo di emissione£ 9.99
Valore totale£ 8,25$13.65€10.80$16.20$19.20
Risparmio totale-£1.74
Percentuale di risparmio-21%

Woohoo, your first paint issue! To be fair, these 3 paints are essential bases for painting the Space Marines and Tyranids the box art Ultramarine and Leviathan way.

This issue also comes with a Citadel Starter Brush, which isn’t something GW sell on its own, so we’ve included it out of the valuations.

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(Affiliate links will result in compensation to the site on qualifying purchases)

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Rob has spent most of the last 20 years playing World of Warcraft and writing stories set in made-up worlds. At some point, he also managed to get a Master's degree by writing about Medieval zombies.

24 pensieri riguardo “Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol Magazine Contents List – Issues 1-90

  • Gennaio 2, 2024 in 5:45 pm

    Your method is flawed on the pricing. If it’s 9 combat patrols, surely the cost will be £95 (the cost of a combat patrol) x 9 = £855 suddenly it’s not really a saving (on models anyway)

    • Gennaio 2, 2024 in 6:27 pm

      Hi Peter, there are actually a couple of extra models included for each faction in addition to the Combat Patrols – we’ll have all the details on this in another post later this week, so check back for more info! :)

    • Gennaio 2, 2024 in 10:48 pm

      Agree, needs to be somthing else to make this worthwhile, there is not even any terrian mentioned, :(

  • Gennaio 2, 2024 in 8:05 pm

    Well. This seems to be a really bas concept to me. I see no interest in buying these at a price this close to MSRP, even with additional minis. I bet it will fail and probably never be available out of UK. Maybe the same amount of minis in 60 issues would be a decent deal. But like that, surely not.

    • Gennaio 22, 2024 in 12:31 pm

      “Are there any Hidden Charges?
      There never has been in the past, and we can’t imagine there will be now”

      … Apart from the 3x folders and dividers that are noted in the terms and conditions that they’ll charge you £10.99 each for…

      • Febbraio 24, 2024 in 7:58 am

        You have to check the box to get them otherwise you dont. Also you can send them back if you dont want them to get a refund.

        • Aprile 2, 2024 in 6:54 am

          Based on the previous runs they will send them regardless and are very tough to get any sort of recompense from.

    • Giugno 28, 2024 in 8:27 pm

      Worth noting that Forbidden Planet seem to have changed their Postage policy and now you pay postage on every issue delivered, so it’s not nearly as economical as it used to be. Worth checking if you’re thinking about getting and of the stuff just because it’s cheap and not because you collect or want a specific unit.

  • Gennaio 4, 2024 in 1:46 am

    Reading the t&c for the subscription, it looks like you get the first premium kit at issue 15 (5th delivery ) and the primaries captain in the 7th delivery ( issues 23-26)

  • Gennaio 4, 2024 in 3:28 pm

    Are we 100% sure its only 80 issues? i saw this “Take command of elite armies in the grim darkness of the far future with Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol. Build armies of stunning miniatures, paint them up and learn how to use them in battle, with every 20 issues bringing you a complete, game-ready Combat Patrol force.” on the hachette wesbite, doing the math it makes me think there will be 180 issues.

    • Gennaio 11, 2024 in 3:00 pm

      Is it possible that it’ll take 20 issues to get 2 two combat patrols? As in 1-20 is space marine and tyranid, then chaos/eldar, then ork/votan and genestealers/imperial guard? So by 10 you have 2 half combat patrols, but 20 you have a full one (really 2).
      20 issues for the space marine one, 20 for tyranid etc would be awful value

  • Gennaio 9, 2024 in 6:30 pm

    Hachette website while not having full details definitely says currently 20 issues per combat patrol which is going to skew the value far from your previous estimates of a total run where it would be 10 issues per combat patrol.

  • Gennaio 12, 2024 in 9:38 am

    If there is now 90 issues instead of 80, does that mean there is extra content coming or are they reducing the value of this magazine series by extended the content across more issues?

    • Gennaio 12, 2024 in 10:11 am

      Hi Nathan, at this time we’ve had no word on extra content for the additional 10 issues and as some people have pointed out, this matches up neatly with the 9 advertised combat patrols – 10 issues on each. We’ve accounted for this in our values and tables with a slight decrease in the value across the whole collection, as an additional 10 issues will cost around £99.90 more.

      Bear in mind, however, that at this time our value predictions don’t account for paints, brushes, and any other tools that may be included in the magazines as we don’t know about these yet. Whilst these will be small inclusions across the grand scheme of the collection, they will nonetheless affect the value.

  • Gennaio 15, 2024 in 5:18 pm

    I have signed up because of the review and breakdown. Thanks again for the wonderful work.

    I was hoping some update or a separate artical detailing what colours will be provided and which issues they come in.

    I received an update from hachett artworks with the following form signing up on the premium sub.

    1- Free Citidel modeling kit 1st issue.
    2 – Free binder comes on 3rd delivery
    3 – Free paintbrush on 4th
    4 – Mug on 6th
    5 – Primaris Champion mini on 7th delivery.
    6 – 1st Premium kit on 15th issue.
    other kits come in issues 33,51,69 total 4 premium kits.
    7 – Delivery starts within 28 days of signup.

  • Gennaio 23, 2024 in 5:31 pm

    People are already selling the first issue on ebay between £20-£35, crazy prices!

  • Gennaio 23, 2024 in 5:37 pm

    IF they do a US release, do we know what the timeline would be? Compared to Imperium? When did Imperium release in the US compared to when it started in the UK? I jumped in late on Imperium (currently on delivery 19) and they are already having stock issues. I want to make sure I get in on this as soon as it is available in the US.

  • Febbraio 5, 2024 in 7:16 pm

    If it’s basically £900 for 9 combat patrols over 90 issues, I can’t see any savings. Surely it’ll be cheaper you to buy the combat patrols you’re interested in and save loads of money.
    Especially on the first 20 issues being around £200 when you can get the leviathan box with more content for £150… I must be missing something but this run seems more expensive that just buying from shops with their 20% discounts (your savings chart seems to show Games Workshops prices without mentioning that everywhere else you buy is discounted which distorts the “savings”).

    • Febbraio 16, 2024 in 11:36 am

      You get a bonus model for each army over and above the combat patrol contents. SM you get a Chaplin on Bike and Nids get Parasite of Mortrex for example. These range from £20-£40 of extra value. Additionally the Premium Sub seems to be where the biggest value is for an extra £45 you get Brutallis Dread and a Hive Tyrant which is closer to a 45% saving on GW Prices. Also you assume people have £900 to spend in one go to buy combat patrols if they do want the whole set this allows you to invest in effect monthly and immune to any GW price increase over that time period. Appreciate you might not want all of these armies but for someone new or returning to the hobby which is the primary target of this magazine from GW’s point of view this allows them to play the Combat Patrol form of the game with their friends and have a range of armies to play to stop it getting stale. If you only want certain units the best thing to do is buy individual issues from Forbbiden planet.

  • Febbraio 25, 2024 in 2:24 pm

    A voice from an alternate American future- the Infernus Marines are out and they are the same ones on the Leviathan boxed set. They are $60 for the 10 man squad, so you’re looking at about $30 for that issue.

  • Marzo 20, 2024 in 4:34 pm

    Any news on a full release date yet?

  • Maggio 23, 2024 in 9:31 pm

    I dont see why they even need these silly trial runs, being the other magazine/model runs were all successful and in high demand. Why would this be any different. They need to just get their shit together and allow subscriptions or not.

    As for us in the States, safe to assume it will be a year+ till we have an option to subscribe if it does get the full run treatment, much like with Imperium?


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