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Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Price, Value and Savings Breakdown - Featured

Last updated on Maggio 18th, 2022 at 05:44 pm

Workshop sui giochi has broken the recent trend of releasing a new mainstay box every other year. Starting with Dark Imperium (40k 8th Ed), the following year we got Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars (AoS 2nd Ed), then back to 40k with Indomitus (9th Ed) and then back to AoS again with Dominio (AoS 3rd Ed). And by breaking that leapfrogging trend we now have a third pillar of wargame from GW. Horus Heresy (30k 2nd Ed).

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Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Price, Value and Savings Summary

Well, it looks to be a pretty solid saving overall, but bear in mind that the below shows a rumoured price with an estimated value based on calculating current similar-sized units. And all of this is before we even start to consider the Rulebook (which looks Huge) along with the Dice, Templates and Transfer Sheets.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Valore totale£290.00$465.00$553.00€319.00$615.00
Age of Darkness Price£ 180,00$299.00$360.00€ 225,00$475.00
Risparmi totali£ 110,00$166.00$193.00€94.00$140.00
Percentuale salvata38%36%35%29%23%

So, almost 40% – with the Europeans and Australians not doing quite as well – as usual, sorry guys. And once again this is based on our lower price estimates of the included models when they release as individual retail sets.

Those who have followed for a while will know that 35%-45% is quite usual for Battleboxes and the like, however, Flagship releases like Indomutus and Dominio are closer to 60% (again without considering rulebooks etc), This leads me to believe that we have underestimated the price for some of these individual units – so we need to wait and see how close we were when GW get round to actually releasing them.

Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Introduction

For those unclear, The Horus Heresy is “The” pivotal event within the Warhammer Sci-Fi universe. Set 10,000 years before the Warhammer 40,000 we all know and love (hence the moniker 30k). The Horus heresy sees the campaign following the death of Hours Lupercal and during his battle which crippled the Emperor of Mankind.

The game follows campaigns in the war between 18 (of 20) first founding Space Marine legions. (The 2nd and 11th legions were expunged from existence before the onset of the Horus Heresy). 9 legions loyal to the emperor, and 9 legions following the Warmaster Horus

So the game is all Space Marine Vs Space Marine. (forget your Orks, Eldar and other races – they don’t matter here). Though you may see the odd Daemon lurking about amongst the traitor legions.

Horus heresy as a game has been around for a while and was initially played using the Resin Based Forgeworld models. No, not Finecast, models actually designed to be made from resin. This gave us a ton of great and highly detailed sculpts over the years. Including, but not limited to, all 18 Primarchs themselves.

Betrayal at Calth - Burning of Prospero

30k was also made available a few years ago in the form of two massive boxed sets betrayal at Calth and The Burning of Prospero. With Mk IV a& MkV armoured Space Marines respectively. Alas, these have been OOP for quite some time.

Now Horus Heresy is coming back in a big way, as a flagship offering from GW. And with the Warhammer fantasy game “The Old World” peaking at us from somewhere over the rainbow. It looks like a new beginning from Workshop sui giochi with 4 mainstay products on what I expect to be a rotating schedule.

Depending of course on general popularity.

Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Rumours

Our friends over at Spikey Bitz (yes, I speak to Rob regularly) have been keeping a decent summary of what is known about the Horus Heresy box, check their post for more details. But here’s a summary of what we think may be happening.

  • Flagship Launch box to be called “Age of Darkness” (Confirmed)
  • 3 Subsequent Starter sets (think 40k or AoS starter editions)
  • Game Rules based on 40k 7th edition
  • Compendium Rulebook to launch alongside the new game
  • New Paints (or possibly just new sprays for existing paints)
  • Several New (plastic) Vehicles launching shortly after
  • New (plastic) Models launching shortly after
  • Multiple Upgrade Sprues coming

There’s loads more rumoured, so check out that article in detail. You may even read between the lines and find out who the source for those rumours è.

Age of Darkness Contents

Finally Confirmed on April 27th 2022, the launch box contents will include…

  • Imperial Fists Praetor*
  • Sons of Horus Praetor*
  • 40 x Space Marines in Mk VI (Beakie) Power Armour
  • 10 x Cataphractii Terminators
  • Spartan MkII Assault Land Raider
  • Contemptor Dreadnought

*Now, the Praetors and armies in this box have been shown as Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus. However, they are generic models. No faction-specific sculpting on anything. Just like everything here, you can paint them for whatever legion(s) you like.

White Scars & Jaghatai Khan painted by (Cult of Paint)

This box can be viewed as either a 2-player Starter Set – or just as a complete starter army for one player. Even better that all of these units can easily be migrated into an existing 40k force.

Age of Darkness Release Date

It’s currently unconfirmed, but GW is in the process of pumping out their run-up content, with (work)daily “The Legions of Horus Heresy” posts focusing on each chapter. Based on that schedule, those posts are due to end on Wednesday, June 1st with Salamanders (the 18th legion).

We highly expect the actual Boxed set release to come in June, once again based on the general GW market cycle. And that gives us the following dates in June to consider for release.

  • 4th
  • 11th
  • 18th
  • 25th

My assumption here is that GW will end their run-up content on June 1st and add a couple of more in-depth articles to end that week. Then a big Sunday preview article on the 5th, announcing a 2-week preorder window.

I think Preorders will go live on June 11th and Horus Heresy Age of Darkness will be released on June 25th 2022.

Just my two cents, let me know what you think in the comments

Age of Darkness Price

So, this has been rumoured for a while and earlier posts suggested this set would be £240! Woah… I know a few people looked at that with shock and fear, I mean for us in the UK, that would be a quarter of a grand on a box of plastic minis. Like with Rifiuti di cenere, that amount would have meany considering alternate options when it comes to their modelling hobby.

Thankfully, on Saturday, May 7th, Warhammer Community announced that this would be under £200 ($300 USD). and the new rumoured price is now at £180 – (Shown below). This makes working out the global values easy as the box price is now directly in-line with Rifiuti di cenere.

We’ve also included the “rumoured” but somewhat inevitable three-tier starter sets that would mirror those of Indomitus & Dominio.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Horus Heresy Age of Darkness*£ 180,00$299.00$360.00€ 225,00$475.00
Horus Heresy Starter Set (Top Tier)**£ 110,00$165.00$60.00€130.00$65.00
Horus Heresy Starter Set (Mid Tier)***£ 65,00$99.00$119.00€ 80,00$120.00
Horus Heresy Starter Set (Bottom Tier)****£ 32.50$50.0$220.00€ 40,00$230.00
* Rumoured
** Based on 40k Command & AoS Extremis Starter Sets
*** Based on 40k Elite and AoS Harbinger Starter Sets
**** Based on 40k recruit & AoS Warrior Starter Sets

So, not a bad price at all really. Assuming this is correct.

Age of Darkness Contents & Value

Ok, So here’s where we get into the value of the collection and yeah, I’ve needed to guesstimate all of this. I’ve added notations below the table to advise where I’ve taken the estimated values from.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Imperial Fists Praetor*£ 21,00$35.00$41.50€ 27,00$55.00
Sons of Horus Praetor*£ 21,00$35.00$41.50€ 27,00$55.00
40 x Space Marines**£ 80,00$130.00$160.00€ 55,00$90.00
10 x Cataphractii Terminators***£72.00£ 120,00$140.00€ 95,00$196.00
Spartan MkII Assault Land Raider****£ 60,00$85.00$100.00€67.50$140.00
Contemptor Dreadnought*****£ 36,00$60.00$70.0047,50 €$79.00
Valore totale£290.00$465.00$553.00€319.00$615.00
* Based on Space Marine Lieutenant
** Estimated based on 2x 20 Marine Boxes at £40 each
*** Based on 2 x Modern Terminator Boxes
**** Based on Repulsor (not Repulsor Executioner)
***** Based on Special Dreadnoughts e.g. Furioso, Venerable etc.

I’ve also gone on the lower end of things here so as to not overinflate the value. But any reasonably well-versed GW hobbyist could interpret the individual model values higher.

The Praetors are based on Lieutenants, where they could also be valued higher in line with captains. and the Space Marines themselves do not have a comparable box of 20 models (they are confirmed to be coming in boxes of 20) to compare to.

They aren’t quite as large as Primaris marines, where a standard box of 10 would cost £36 at the lowest, but they are somewhat larger than the first-born tactical marines at £32.50 a box. But £60 for a box of Marines does seem rather extreme – especially when there are 4 sets of upgrade sprues (1 special weapons box and 3 heavy weapons boxes) to go alongside them. So I’ve assumed £40 but I honestly think these may arrive nearer £45 a box.

I’m pretty confident with the other prices, but they could also go up a few dollar-pounds. I doubt anything will be lower than the estimates above.

What do you think the prices will be? Let us know in the comments.

Age of Darkness Price, Value and Savings – Final Thoughts

It’s a belter of a box, no doubt about that.

Whilst the savings don’t look to be crazy impressive, please let me reiterate for a fourth time that the values of the units are estimated based on similar sized existing models. though with things like the 20-person Space marine boxes, I think I’m under here and putting each up would get the price (for the UK at least) dead on 40% saving.

I suppose I’m more hopeful than anything that these individual inits will be as cheap as I have estimated, but I do expect several to go up. let’s see what happens.

Honestly, what do you think? let us know in the comments below.

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