Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes Price, Points, Value and Savings Breakdown

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The personal guards of the God-Emperor of Mankind himself leave the hallowed halls of the Imperial Palace and venture out and do a little boarding action themselves. If you’re looking to join them, read on for all the details on Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes and check out our Price, Points, Value and Savings Breakdown.

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Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Release Date

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes was one of a trio of Boarding Patrols announced at last week’s Sunday preview. The release date for Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes will be April 8th 2023.

boarding patrol adeptus custodes box

Pre-orders will go live at 10am sur April 1st 2023.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Price

The price of the box is as follows;

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes£ 65.00$99.00*$119.00*€80.00*$120.00*
*Based on Warhammer 40,000 édition élite (same UK price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Price, Value & Savings Breakdown

Here’s a quick summary of the value of what’s in the box.

Valeur totale100,00 £$165.00$200.00130,00 €$264.00
Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes Price£ 65.00$99.00*$119.00*€80.00*$120.00*
Économies totales£ 35.00$66.00$81.0050,00 €$144.00
Pourcentage économisé35%40%40%38%54%
*Based on Warhammer 40,000 édition élite (same UK price)

Now, some of these numbers are all over the place – and to reiterate, most likely comes about from estimating global prices from using a product in the same price range. So, if these numbers turn out to be 100% true – these are great savings, but even better if you’re from the land down under – previous Boarding Patrol boxes shafted you Aussies a little, but this box appears to make up with a whopping 54% off. Hopefully, these predictions are correct, and your big golden boys are going to look a little more golden with that money-off sheen.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Contents

Here’s what you get with this Custodes box-set, absolutely brimming with models.

Jokes aside, this Boarding Patrol is the one with the least models – 9 in total. If you’re new to Custodes, you may be thinking, ‘Really? Only 9 models?’. But veteran Custodes players will know this is not GW skimping – it’s that these units are expensive in game – as running Custodes lists generally are.

boarding patrol adeptus custodes

So if you’re looking to start Custodes without any gaming context – be aware that 9 models will be make over 500 points, which we’ll discuss below in the points section.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Value

Below is a summary of what the individual value of the kits are worth.

Capitaine-général Trajann Valoris27,50 £$45.00$55.0035,00 €$70.00
Les gardiens d'Allarus£ 35.00$60.00$70.0045,00 €$91.00
Custodian Guards£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$103.00
Valeur totale100,00 £$165.00$200.00130,00 €$264.00

There’s no denying that there are some reasonable savings to be had here. We’ve seen larger across some of the Boarding Patrol releases so far, but with around 30% off, this leaves more money in your pocket than buying all the kits individually.

Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Points

Below, we’ll outline how each unit in the box stacks up in terms of list building.

Captain-General Trajann Valoris200pts
Les gardiens d'Allarus180pts
Custodian Guards
– Praesidium shield
– Vexilus Praetor
– Shield-Captain
Raw Total Value605pts

By the Emperor’s Golden Throne, do we have a problem! This is the first Boarding Patrol that has gone over 500 points, making this list illegal in Boarding Actions. And that’s without any upgrades or wargear. So what can we do?

Using this box’s contents alone, you’d have to make the hard choice of subtracting models – you could individually take away a Custodian Guard or Allarus Custodian, but were it me, I would take out the Captain-General Trajann Valoris. While he is a very powerful HQ unit, he eats points like a Tyranid hive fleet, and by taking him out, you have 95 points left over to spend. Naturally, this would mean having to buy an extra unit of something to make a battle-ready list, which is not ideal. To make a legal list, I would subtract the good Captain-General and sub in a squad of Sisters of Silence to have some infantry to even things out, leaving the heavy hitting to the already busting Custodes.

But let’s talk about Captain-General Trajann Valoris whilst he’s here. He’s a fantastic addition to have in any list for a multitude of reasons. He hits like a hammer in melee, gaining an additional attack in the fight phase. Everytime he loses a wound, he can gain it back on a 5+. Friendly units within 6″ can re-roll a hit roll and wound rolls of 1. He has 4+ invulnerable save. And to round off, his Moment Shackle grants him three abilities that can be used once per battle; he can fight again at the end of the Fight Phase if in engagement range of enemy units, a failed saving throw against him has its damage reduced to nought and after an enemy unit has fought, he can fight next is eligible. Take the time to look at his datasheet if you want to see why he’s priced at 200 points.

Both the Allarus Custodians and Custodian Guards do splendidly in range and melee combat. Allarus Custodians have the privilege of Teleport Homer, meaning they can be redeployed elsewhere on the board 9″ away from enemy units. As we’ve covered in previous Boarding Patrol articles, any unit that can disappear and reappear somewhere else is extremely useful and will want to be used very strategically – imagine squatting some beefy Custodians on unclaimed objectives, giving your opponent thought for pause before they consider taking it for themselves.

Custodes are an elite army, so the Custodian Guard are your infantry (at least what’s available in this box), and with only 5 of them, use them wisely – otherwise you may be overwhelmed very easy by horde armies. I once played a game as Death Guard against Custodes, and my opponent found himself overwhelmed by Poxwalkers, Deathshroud Terminators and Bloat Drones – but that’s the cost of fielding an elite army against a conventional one. The Custodian Guard can be built with one as a Shield Captain and one as a Vexilus Praetor – the guy with the flag. Both options offer more power to the unit, but are expensive upgrades at 105 points each so may not be worth it in a Boarding Actions list.

So, is this boxset worth your hard-earned cash? If you already possess Captain-General Trajann Valoris, then this box won’t be as appealing to you, but if you’re looking for more Custodians or just to start a new force of the Emperor’s Finest, then this box won’t disappoint. Be sure to follow the Emperor’s guiding light this Saturday and order yours 10am sharp.

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