Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Contents List – Issues 1-80

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In time-honoured tradition, as we first did with  Warhammer Conquest, then again Reinos Mortales y Imperio, and most recently Portador de tormentas, we’re curating an all-in-one article where you can find all the info you need on Hachette Partworks’ latest adventure in geeky magazines.

Check below for the current complete up-to-date list on all the confirmed contents for D&D Adventurer. We’ll keep this as up-to-date as we can over the coming months, and will supplement this with individual contents announcements wherever possible.

We’ve got a bunch of FAQs and other info at the top of this article that you’ll want to have a gander at if its your first time here, but if you know what you’re looking for, use the Table of Contents above to skip on ahead to what you’re after.

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Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Contents List – FAQs

We’ve put together another article containing all the information and some frequently asked questions concerning D&D Adventurer aquí. For ease-of-access, we’ve also included some of the key takeaways and most common FAQs from this article below.

How Many Issues Are There?


Yup, 80. That is now confirmed, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Just like regular FauxHammer.com readers will know, the hugely successful Warhammer partworks collections – Stormbringer, Imperium, Mortal Realms, Conquest – have all run (or are in the process of running to) 80 issues – with the exception of Imperium that was so hugely popular, it ran to 90.

It’s still early days, so there’s no word yet on whether or not D&D Adventurer commands quite the numbers to warrant a collection extension – but if we hear more, we’ll let you know.

Are there any Freebies?

There are indeed!

Should you subscribe via Hachette, your first delivery gets you a D&D Adventurer Dice Tray (and, a free copy of Issue 2). Your third gets you a binder to keep all your magazines in. Your fifth gets you a DM screen, and your seventh delivery gets you a dice jail – you know, for when your dice have really let you down.

D&D Adventurer FAQs Article Free Gifts

De acuerdo a Sitio web de Hachette, however, these subscriber gifts are a limited-time things, and won’t be available forever. If you want them, you’ll need to act fast.

Are There Any Exclusive Characters or Adventures?


Currently, there are 7 completely brand-new adventures planned spanning the 80 issues. These Adventures are each made up of 11 or 12 individual encounters that span the Forgotten Realms, so by the end of each adventure you’ll have a full understanding of everything that’s been going on – from the locations you’ve played in to the overarching adventure itself.

If you’re stuck as to what to play, you needn’t worry. There are currently 12 exclusive characters planned for the full collection, covering all the core classes. Thanks to both D&D’s ruleset, as well as the folks at Hachette’s clever planning, players can choose how they would like to play: you will be able to either stick with your original characters across all adventures and will receive full guidance on how each of these characters will level up (to level 5), or chop and change as you wish.

Levelling up also comes at a fairly regular rate. Characters first level up to level 2 in issue 6. After that, further level-ups happen approx. every 15 issues.

Who is D&D Adventurer For?

Most issues of the collection will contain information and advice for both players and DMs, so irrespective of your experience level there’ll be plenty of stuff for you to sink your teeth into. For DMs in particular, after issue 9 you will find a lot of DM-focused articles within the magazine as content continues to expand and some of the training wheels start to come off. As such, the encounters and articles within each magazine should therefore appeal to both sides of the DM’s screen – whether you’re a player or running the session, there’ll be stuff for you. The encounters across the collection will include tips on running the game, and you can also find “DM Top Tips” with other articles too.

New players will enjoy the benefits of step-by-step guides on how to play D&D, from information on how to run an encounter as a DM, how the game works and how the characters work, to what all the different dice do. Magazines come with clear instructions, hints and tips to get you started – and given all the gear that comes with each issue, your dice, pre-made characters, and all your visual aids will help kick-start your experience.

Existing players will get to enjoy brand-new and exclusive adventures and characters, the likes of which they won’t have seen before. Some issues will also include additional encounter points for those who want to extend their gaming time and beef up the challenge. You’ll also be able to take a deep dive into the lore of the Forgotten Realms, which will help existing DMs and players continue to grow their own characters and campaigns to new heights.

How do I Subscribe?

There are currently a couple of ways to subscribe to D&D Adventurer that we’ve listed below. In the past, there has also been the “Forbidden Planet Method”, which you can read more about over on our Warhammer Imperium Magazine Contents List, but we’re not sure if this one works for D&D Adventurer yet.

Option 1: Directly with Hachette

The first, most obvious, and likely the easiest way for you to get your hands on your copies of D&D Adventurer is to subscribe directly con Hachette by clicking the big yellow “SUBSCRIBE NOW” bar on su página web. With this method, you will be sent 4 issues every 4 weeks and will be charged around the same time that the issues dispatch.

You’ll be put on one of several delivery schedules that are, as far as we can tell, determined by the time at which you subscribe, and will receive your deliveries at the same time every month.

Of course, subscribing with Hachette also ensures you get the exclusive free gifts available throughout the collection.

Option 2: Via your Local Newsagent

The next option available for you is to subscribe via your local news agent. Your newsagent will manage your subscription for you, and you simply need to collect your issue from them every week.

In the past, this method can have its’s drawbacks. Make sure you trust your newsagent – during previous Warhammer collections, we were been told by our readers that some newsagents claimed did not get copies of certain high-demand issues (you know, the ones that then turned up in droves on eBay).

By subscribing at your “trusted” newsagent, you are also unlikely to get the extras that Hachette provides in deliveries, nor will you get the binders which you are charged extra for. However, this is not a certain thing, as in the past we have had reports on our Facebook groups that some newsagents have provided binders.

Option 3: The Forbidden Planet Method.

This is one we strongly recommend you try out – and one that’s been growing in popularity since it started being used for the Warhammer partworks subscription.

Subscribing with (or really just buying directly from) Forbidden Planet will get your issues delivered to your door weekly rather than every 4 weeks. You will be charged weekly for your purchases, and you can pick and choose the issues and quantities you like, offering you more control over what issues you receive. Perhaps you’d like to net extra D&D Adventurer Dice Tins desde Número 1 to give to your party. Perhaps you like the look of that extra-large dice in Número 4 and want to grab an extra one.

There is a postage cost. One or two issues will cost £2.25, 3 will cost £2.95, and four or more more will cost £5.95 – but that’s the absolute cap. If you order 4 issues or 400 issues so long as the total quantity of issues in a single order is 4 or more, the postage cost will never rise above £5.95 – see below.

D&D Adventurer FAQs Article FP Sub

As such, the more issues you order in one go, the less and less the postage cost matters – the issues purchased from Forbidden Planet are 17p cheaper than advertised RRP, so if you order in bulk each time (you’re looking at around 35 issues, but given that the collection is running to 80 issues that shouldn’t be too hard to do), you will break even. Order more in a single order and you are saving money.

When the first issue of the order is dispatched, you are charged for the issue and the full £5.95 cost of postage for your whole order. After that you never pay postage again and just pay for the issues weekly until that order is complete.

See? Easy peasy. Head over to Forbidden Planet to see what they have on offer right now!

Is there a Premium Subscription?

Coming as no surprise to anyone familiar with Hachette’s subscriber model from previous collections, D&D Adventure is offering a Premium Subscription.

For an additional £1.25 per issue, subscribers (and this is a subscriber-only offer) will receive a set of 5 exclusively designed silver coins featuring artwork of the characters from the collection, plus a custom-made display frame.

According to Hachette’s D&D Adventurer website, “each 38.6mm coin is made of a high-quality cupronickel material and will create the perfect display as you play through your D&D Adventurer encounters!”

It’s not, perhaps, what you might be expecting – especially if you’ve happened across D&D Adventurer via FauxHammer.com and our previous Partworks coverage, where Premium subscriptions tend to have included bucketloads of additional Warhammer miniatures. We can see the appeal – using a silvery coin by way of a character token is a huge flex on the rest of your adventuring party, but we’re still a little on the fence about this.

Wait, I thought you guys did value breakdowns on these?

Well, yeah. Normally we do. But not this time.

Why? Well, with the Warhammer partworks magazines, it’s been very easy to ascribe a value to the contents of each magazine because the models, paints, brushes and whatever else that turns up each week/month because the retail value of these items is available right on Taller de juegostienda web.

With D&D Adventurer, none of the contents are available anywhere else. As such, we can’t easily give anything that comes in the magazine a retail value because we have nothing to grade it against. Sure, dice, standees and some of the other stuff are available in other forms elsewhere, but not these exact ones.

Plus, a great deal of the value in D&D Adventurer lies in the magazines themselves. As we’ve said in other places, D&D is a pen and paper adventure, and having pen and paper resources – such as pre-written adventures, maps, NPC stats and sheets – is of great value to GMs and players.

The key thing to keep in mind as you’re considering getting stuck in to D&D Adventurer is what the contents are worth to you. If you’re a D&D fan and into this stuff, then it’s likely that dice, tokens, standees, adventures and whatever else will be worth the £8.99 you pay for the magazine. If you aren’t then this collection likely isn’t for you.

Again, we’d reiterate the value in the Forbidden Planet method outlined above, as you’ll be able to pick and choose what you do and do not receive with a lot more freedom.

What is the Delivery Schedule?

Whilst Hachette always advertises its partworks as weekly magazines (as new issues appear in shops on a weekly basis), if you subscribe with Hachette you will get four issues every four weeks, not one issues delivered to you weekly. If you prefer a week-by-week arrangements, again, we advise you have a look at the Forbidden Planet method outlined above.

¿Hay cargos ocultos?

Not really , as long as you pay attention to the small print and read over everything you receive. As they have done with their Warhammer collections, we suspect Hachette will pepper the collection with the odd opt-out subscriber exclusive into the collection as it goes – like those character packs and novella you can get. You will be charged for these if you don’t opt out: the month before you receive the item(s), you’ll have a note in your order warning you that it’s coming, and that if you don’t want it you need to let them know.

Your Article Title Says “Issues 1-80”, but There Aren’t 80 Issues Listed Here. What’s Up with That?

We get this every time we do one of these complete lists.

Yes, it’s a touch misleading, but we’d be updating the article’s title every four weeks and then waiting another eight weeks for google to show the update. That’s even more confusing and will leave you all scratching your heads and wondering what on earth we’re doing here.

And whilst there aren’t all eighty issues listed yet, we hope there will be soon!

Our Contents Reveal Schedule

We often see people in the comments sections on these kinds of articles demanding to know what the contents of future issues will be because Forbidden Planet ya los tiene listos para preordenar.

This doesn’t have any bearing on what we can and can’t do. Let me explain.

Forbidden Planet can put up whatever they want for pre-order whenever they want, that’s un poco the point of a pre-order. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean that anyone knows any more than “it’s coming out”, and as Covid showed us with Mortal Realms, we can’t even fully guarantee when it’s coming.

As we saw with previous magazines, Forbidden Planet will put up issues for preorder as and when they get round to it. These can come in piecemeal, or in large batches. Sometimes they release the issue contents before us, they are a huge company and they will do their bit when an employee is free to do it. We, on the other hand, aren’t – and you’ve gotta root for the little guy, right?

We will aim to keep as in line with Hachette’s delivery schedule as we can, and will aim to reveal the contents of the next four issues every four weeks. This does come with the caveat, however, that all of us here at FauxHammer.com have full-time jobs and other work to do outside FauxHammer, so these may occasionally be slightly delayed.

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If you’re wanting to dive on in to D&D Adventurer, consider joining our FauxHammer.com Discord, where you can chat with other like-minded hobbyists and collectors.

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Come on over and join in the fun and discussions. We have new members ever day and lots of people sharing their awesome hobby work too – come and show us what you’ve been up to.

D&D Adventurer Contents Per Issue Breakdown

Right, here we go! Strat yourselves in and get ready to scroll – here’s all the confirmed contents for D&D Adventurer so far!

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 1 Contents

Black dice with red numbers, plus storage tin, 4 character sheets, and combat booklet.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 2 Contents

Gold dice an adventure map.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 2

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 3 Contents

4 miniatures/standees or whatever you want to call them.

D&D Adventurer Standees Issue 3

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 4 Contents

A large d20 and pouch to keep it in.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 4

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 5 Contents

Red and black marbled pattern dice.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 5

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 6 Contents

Red and gold glitter dice and a storage tin.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 6

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 7 Contents

Glow in the dark dice. Spooky!

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 7

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 8 Contents

Decorative red and black dice.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 8

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 9 Contents

Red glitter dice and storage tin (not pictured).

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 9

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 10 Contents

Miniature metal dice.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 10

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 11 Contents

Black and gold dice.

D&D Adventurer Dice Issue 11

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 12 Contents

Black and blue dice set and bonus magic booklet.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 13 Contents

Sparkly blue dice and new character sheets.

Issue 13 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 14 Contents


Issue 14 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 15 Contents

White and blue dice.

Issue 15 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 16 Contents

Inspiration tokens.

Issue 16 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 17 Contents

Axe dice.

Issue 17 Contents 2
Issue 17 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 18 Contents

Dice with tin.

Issue 18 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 19 Contents

Blue and silver dice set.

Issue 19 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 20 Contents

Giant D10.

Issue 20 Contents 1

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 21 Contents

Silver dice and character sheets.

Issue 21 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 22 Contents

A set of translucent blue dice.

Issue 22 Contents

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 23 Contents

Character sheets, spell booklet, black and green dice.

Número 23

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 24 Contents

More character sheets, and more black and green dice.

Número 24

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 25 Contents

More character sheets and standees.

Número 25

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 26 Contents

Yet more character sheets and pink/copper dice.

Número 26

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 27 Contents

Inspiration tokens.

Número 27

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 28 Contents

Sparkly green dice.

Número 28

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 29 Contents

Transparent dice with daggers.

Número 29
Issue 29b

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 30 Contents

Oversized green D8 with pouch.

Issue 30b
Número 30

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 31 Contents

Green and white dice and tin.

Issue 31 2

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 32 Contents

Issue 32 comes with these rather stylish jade-like dice.

Número 32

The magazine is a bard’s delight, with plenty of info on getting every party’s songstress up to scratch.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 33 Contents

Issue 33 continues with the green theme with its dice.

Número 33

Black and green – every Dark Angels player’s favourite colours.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 34 Contents

Finally, Issue 34 comes with these weapon-embossed numbers.

Número 34

These Mira like they might be metal too, but we’re not sure.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 35 Contents

Issue 35 nets you some new character sheets, your next spell booklet, and a “sleek set of dice”.

Número 35

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 36 Contents

Issue 36 comes with a large double-sided tactical map of the Underdark. There are also new 4th level character sheets, and a set of purple and black marbled dice.

Número 36

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 37 Contents

Issue 37 comes with your next trio of standees, as well as some more character sheets.

Número 37

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 38 Contents

Issue 38 comes with a set of clear purple dice, as well as a 4th-level ranger character sheet.

Número 38

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 39 Contents

Issue 39 packs more inspiration tokens, as well as more character sheets – this time for the sorcerer.

D&D Adventurer FAQs Article Tokens 1

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 40 Contents

Issue 40 comes with a set of dice with teeny tiny shields inside them! Nice.

Issue 40 (1)

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 41 Contents

Issue 41 delivers readers a set of dice “coloured in the same shade as a purple worm”, that also have a dice tin with them.

Número 41

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 42 Contents

Issue 42 sees the arrival of the next super-sized dice: a D6 of mighty proportions.

Número 42

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 43 Contents

Issue 43 comes with a set of glittery purple dice.

Número 43

Missing a few issues? Make sure you check out Forbidden Planet for everything D&D!

Been bitten by the D&D bug? Don’t forget to check out Forbidden Planet’s range of other D&D products next time you’re grabbing your magazines.

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Rob has spent most of the last 20 years playing World of Warcraft and writing stories set in made-up worlds. At some point, he also managed to get a Master's degree by writing about Medieval zombies.

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    As of Issue 30, 25 of them are just friggen DICE?

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