Warcry: Bloodhunt Review for Miniature Painters

Games-Workshop wants to help you answer that age-old question. What’s more dangerous? A Vampire or a Khorne-Dog? One Would swiftly exsanguinate you whilst the other would lead to a slow decay of your insides were you to consume it. In either case, the result is the same. Right then, let’s get on with it. Come along and read our Warcry Bloodhunt Review

This product was provided by Games-Workshop for review, Our opinions are our own – Trust me, you’ve surely seen enough of our articles by now that you know I’m not afraid to say things publishers don’t like.

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Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Summary

It’s the next Warcry box… If you’re into Warcry, you’re probably gonna buy it, unless these specific forces just do not resonate with you. There’s little I can do to change your mind. In my specific circumstances, It’s not something I’d pick up. I’m the 40k lover. I’d normally send this to Robb for review, but alas, it landed on my desk. Because… Reasons…

However, for reasons I’ll swiftly get into, I did force myself to sit and paint these models and I must admit, I had a blast. They are some great contrasting forces, in both size and scale. They helped me flex some old painting muscles and all in all, I’m really happy with the result.

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Introduction

Bloodhunt is the next expansion of Warcry 2.0. This generation of Warcry and follows suit as a continuation of battle in the Gnarlwood and away from the first Generation’s Ravaged Lands. – Yep you’re getting more trees. Whilst we haven’t covered Warcry 2,00 before, Thanks to Age of Miniatures we quickly recapped that it started in August of 2022, with the release of Heart of Ghur. Followed up 3 months later with Sundered Fate.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Box

Following on from the Kill-Team approach, Warcry is now clearly a quarterly released platform of a product with expansions dropping on regular intervals. With that in mind, this is an expansion. There is no core book. You need this to play, so make sure you pick one up if this is your jumping-in point.

And yes, people will look at this and complain that GW should include the rulebook. Well, that’s the only value difference between this and Heart of Ghur (which did contain it), and Heart of Ghur cost more. So what would you rather? GW charge more for every box, when the majority of buyers of this set already own it? or make this set cheaper but you need to grab the book separately?

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Painting Challenge

So, this is our first product provided by GW and I wanted to push myself to the limit to get Written and video content out and ready for release. I wasn;t sure what Approach I was going to take for video content until GW sent a follow-up email advising that we may be able to get featured in a Warhammer Community article if we paint any of the stuff. So I set a challenge to myself to get it “all” painted.

Did I get it done and did we feature it in the article? Watch the video below…

For those who already follow us on Social Channels, this is probably somewhat anti-climactic now, as you know we did. But it was still a fun journey and a great experiment with Slapchop along the way. Especially the bit where I was trying to be too clever for my own good.

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Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Unboxing

Does anyone care about this bit? no? well, it pads out the article and Google likes it, si I’ll do it but I’ll do it fast, 1 line per pic unless I have something important or funny to say. let’s begin

You get a box

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Box

The Back of the box shows you what you get inside the box

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Box Rear

Inside the box, you get a card divider which is a print of the artwork you get on the front of the box.

Bloody nice artwork tho…

Has anyone found a standard frame size that the would fit in?

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Divider

Also inside the box, you get all the stuff that it mentions on the back of the box

  • Karten
  • Bücher
  • Playmat

hang on, I’ll stop being so lazy with this, let me go read the box. back in 10 mins.

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Contents

Sorry, for the wait it took me a while to find it and I made a cuppa too. Right, Contents.

  • 64-page Predator and Prey Warband Tome
  • 22″ x 30″ double-sided game board
  • 30 Battleplan Cards
  • 13 Fighter Cards
  • 2 Ability Cards
  • 3 Divider Cards

I’ll get onto the minis and scenery below. That’s the bit most people care about, so they get their own section

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Sprues

As for the board, it is huge. Now I haven’t had hands-on with a GW fold-out game board since The Sigmar Starter sets. and I have to say, I feel the quality has dropped.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Board B

Not significantly so, and maybe it’s just me, but those older boards were a thick, almost foamy card. these were lighter and as I unfolded them, they ripped inder the weight.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Board A

Again it wasn’t massive, but I know the tear is there and before I’d even played the game, my board is damaged.

So all in all, I wish these were higher quality. but feel free to correct me if I’m just misremembering.

You also get the included Warband Tome for the new forces and the building instructions.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Booklets

And 7 Sprues – Most of Which are Scenery.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Sprues

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Sprues

Now for anyone who wants to save a little time in building, I’ve coloured in the series below, so you know which parts go together. The Khorne sprue was quite Chaotic.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Claws of Karanak - Coloured

The Vampire Aelves are in contrast, much more uniform.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Askurgan Trueblades - Coloured

The small scenery sprue has several separate components as shown below

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Scenery C Coloured

The remaining sprues however are a bit mishmash and I didn’t realise this until I’d started building and lost track of what went where

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Scenery C
Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Scenery B

For the trees I noticed, by accident, that the branches can be placed in different locations once you have the base tree built. At least I think you an anyway because the final bit iI stuck down looked nothing like it did in the book.

So unless there’s a misprint. Some branches are interchangeable. Great for those of you who have some of these sprues from previous sets.

Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Scenery E
Warcry - Bloodhunt Review - Scenery A

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Models

Here below is the full set in all of its plastic glory

Warcry - All Models


The Scenery like all Warcry and Kill-team stuff is super impressive. lots of detail in all the right places, but also.

Warcry - Scenery

The sets are kinda modular. Whilst the guide suggested glueing these 2 components together. I opted to leave them separate (much like the other tree). So that I still have the option to use them as a combined piece or 2 separate elements on the Battlefield

Warcry - Scenery Split

It takes a little twist and pull to get them apart/together and it does threaten the paintwork, but not in any significant way that would deter me from having this more modular option.

Claws of Karanak

Definitely my fave models in the set. I know I should “save the best til the last”. But It’s my article…

I do love me some rather large units and anybody hard enough to carry a massive sigil on their back whilst dual-wielding axes gets my vote.

Warcry - Claws of Karanak

Just look at this guy, Super Imposing

Warcry - Claws of Karanak - Packlord

Even the fledgelings look awesome too. I loved the addition of scenery bits to some of the bases. and the dynamic poses work great

Warcry - Claws of Karanak - Bloodwhelp

No drama at all in building these. and the design is so great that there was nary a seem to fill or mould line to remove.

Askurgan Trueblades

Given more time I would have appreciated these

Warcry - Askurgan Trueblades

Again, fantastic sculpts here with some of the nicest detail I’ve seen, GW keeps upping the bar and it’s in models and poses like this which keep them at the top of their field.

Warcry - Askurgan - Askurgan Exemplar

The addition of BBatfink is a superb detail that you rarely see from other model studios.

Warcry - Askurgan - Askurgan Pariah

It is worth noting that with these guys, you do have some seam filling to do if you want them perfect.

Warcry - Askurgan - Askurgan Acolytes

Many of the gaps are in the robes and are hidden within the natural folds of the cloth, but I can’t think of one model in this set that doesn’lt have an abbvious seam down an outward edge. Easy to fix if you follow a good gap-filling guide. And I should have taken a photo, but if you watched the video above, you’ll know I was in a rush.

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Painting

In lieu of a playtesting guide (since I don’t have the core book or time… or friends) I wanted to give a brief on how I approached painting these.

The scenery is my favourite in terms of result, and this was all just dry-brushed using the Artis Opus method. I have a video coming out specifically on this technique soon (that’s taken me 2-years to make), so please subscribe so that you don’t miss it!

All the scenery was based in Nashornhaut, with the trees dry brushed with Stormvermin Fur and Ulthuan Gray. Then finally with Corax White

Warcry Bloodhunt Review - FauxHammer's Painted Models - Scenery

The bamboo was done using XV-88 an. Then that and the bone was dry-brushed with ushabri bone, heavier on the skulls biut just picking out the edges on the fencing.

For the models I went with a very Slapchop approach.

Warcry Bloodhunt Review - FauxHammer's Painted Models - Leaders

The Claws of Karnak were painted with the Same Rhinox Hide base, then Vallejo Light Sea Grey then White.

Warcry Bloodhunt Review - FauxHammer's Painted Models - Claws of Karanak

I used a variety of Contrast paints on the model to bring out the colours. First time doing this and it really is, paint by numbers.

The Askurgan Trueblades were a nightmare of my own making. Trying to be clever, I was going for Slapchoop but with purples to cool down the palette.

Alas this completely desaturated the tones of all the contrast paints, It would have been Ok I think if the models allowed me to get in deep with the drybrush and cover more of the model. but because they are so small and detailed in comparison to the Claws of Karnak, I was loathe to try without clogging up detail and causing damage.

Warcry Bloodhunt Review - FauxHammer's Painted Models - Askurgan Trueblades

In the end, I just painted over them with Pro-Acryl Colours. Blue-Black and Orange for the Robbes, and Ivory for the Skin. I then applied some Magnesium from the Vallejo Metal Color range for the Metallics and washed the whole thing in a Brown Oil Wash

There we go, all done.

Warcry Bloodhunt Review - FauxHammer's Painted Models - Complete

There are still things I can do. That yellow on the Khorne guys would be a fantastic start of NMM which could be achieved with some gradual passes of Snakebite leather contrast and highlighted with a white. I could also add some more effects to this with gore and stuff, It is Bloodhunt after all.

I could. I’m not going to because I have Kill Team: Soulshackle to do next.

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Painting

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Price & Availability

Well, we’re really getting on top of the content now as we already did our Price & Savings Breakdown for this one. here you go, here’s the price and value of the box.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Claws of Karanak£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$105.00
Askurgan Trueblades£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$105.00
Bloodhunt Price*110,00 £$185.00**$220.00**€145.00**$310.00**
Prozentsatz gespeichert31%29%31%31%30%
*Assumed based on the previous set

Now, Rob and I are having a bit of a disagreement. he feels we should include the Battletime in the value breakdown and I don’t. His view is that it’s a separate purchasable item so it should be included. My view is, we never have included the books before. So it skews the value of these sets when compared historically to other boxes, and I think most people are buying them just for the models.

I see the point Rob is making as he sees mine. So let’s defer to the community. What do you want to see? Include the book as value or not?

Don’t forget, you can always get 200% off these sets with your local or online FLGS. Links at the top and bottom of the page, along with all the titles and images throughout.

Warcry: Bloodhunt Review – Final Thoughts

I haven’t even played this game and yet I still had a ton of fun with it. My opinion since the opener hasn’t changed. If you are a Warcry fan, you don’t want to miss out. If you are new to Warcry or even Warhammer in any form, it’s a great place to start out with models that are relatively easy and fun to build.

Saying that though, Nothing here blew me away particularly, but that’s due to my personal taste. GW has certainly raised the bar over the years. But with that expectations also increase. And the result is that this specific product is fairly “par for the course” now. It’s getting 4-starts still because YAY, new GW product, and quality wise this is still beyond anything that anyone else does.

Remember though, GW just announced a price increase coming in March, so assuming these aren’t slapped with that hike early, the next few weeks are possibly your only chance to get these at the lowest price

Have at it.

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