Kill Team: Soulshackle Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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Plunge back into the claustrophobic halls of the 41st Millennium with Games-Workshop’s latest Kill Team set. Brave the grim corridors of the Gallowdark as either the stoic Adeptus Arbites Exaction Squad, or the sly Drukhari Hand of the Archon.

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Kill Team: Soulshackle Price, Value and Savings Breakdown – Summary

Games-Workshop are loving their Gallowdark setting at the moment. As such, it’ll come as no surprise to many of you that their latest Kill Team offering takes a handful of denizens of the grimdark far future and smashes them together within the drifting space hulk’s narrow halls.

Kill Team Soulshackle Price Breakdown All

But is this box worth your time and hard-earned money? Well, to try and help you make your decision we here at have put our heads together to try and come up with some speculative costings and values for this new box.

When consulting the data below, please do bear in mind that parts of this table are to a large degree based on previous releases, estimation, and conjecture. We have no more information than you do!

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Adeptus Arbites Exaction Squad*£ 35.00$60.00$70.0045,00 €$98.00
Hand of the Archon*£ 35.00$60.00$70.0045,00 €$98.00
Scenery**£ 67,50$112.00$135.0087,50 €$185.00
Kill Team: Soulshackle War Manual***£ 27.50$45.00$55.0035,00 €$70.00
Gesamtwert£ 165.00$277.00$330.00212,50 €$451.00
Soulshackle Price****110,00 £$185.00****$220.00****€145.00****$310.00****
Gesamtersparnis£ 55.00$92.00$110.00€67.5$141
Percentage Savings33%33%33%31%31%

* Based on the prices of the Kill Team: Phobos Strike Team, Kill Team: Corsair Voidscarred, Kill Team: Novitiates, Kill Team: Pathfinders and Kill Team: Kommandos.
** Based on the prices of Kill Team: Killzone Moroch and Warhammer 40,000 Boarding Actions Terrain Set.
*** Big thanks to reader BobNobody for reminding us that these exist!
**** Based on the pricing of similar products, such as Warcry: Sundered Fate and Warcry: Blood Hunt.

As we said above, take this table with a pinch of salt. Here’s our reasoning behind the various costings.

Getting a bead on just how much these individual Kill Teams will be worth when they’re released is a bit of a gamble. As we’ve seen so far, these can retail for anywhere between £32.50 (with the Pathfinders) and £40 (with the Phobos Strike Team).

Kill Team Soulshackle Price Breakdown Adeptus Arbites Exaction Squad

The latest round of pre-orders (which sees the release of the Imperial Navy Breachers, the Farstalker Kinband, the Kasrkin, and the Heirotek Circle) would suggest that going forward, most Kill Teams will retail for around the £35.00 mark.

As such, going by the extremely scientific Laws of Average and What Kinda Size Do You Reckon These Minis Will Be and How Much Did a Similar Box Cost, we can assume they’ll likely clock in at around £35 – though this may change by a couple of quid either way. W wouldn’t be surprised to see either team go for as much as £37.50, but the £40.00 currently held by the Space Marine Kill Team seems a stretch.

Kill Team Soulshackle Price Breakdown Hand of the Archon

The scenery is a bit tougher to judge. The last Kill Team box with its own scenery in it (Moroch for those who’ve forgotten, which we didn’t cover), the terrain was then released as its own “Environment” box shortly after. This is priced as £67.50. However, since then, Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000 have gone all Boarding Actions, and the official Boarding Actions Terrain Set weighs in at an eye-watering £130.

The terrain set that will be included in Soulshackle is, as far as we can tell, 28 walls akin to those found in the Boarding Actions Terrain Set (which itself contains 42 walls and a big board to play on). They might even be the same sprues plus a couple of consoles and other bits of scatter terrain-style doodads.

As such, getting an accurate estimate for the price of the terrain is tough. We likely won’t know for certain until the price for the Gallowdark terrain is released – which it hasn’t been yet. We’ve taken a bit of a gamble setting the price as £67.50 for the scenery – we imagine it’ll likely be a bit more expensive, but we live in hope.

Another thing to note with these boxes is that they aren’t the best for getting started with a particular system. Whilst Soulshackle will contain likely contain a set of rules for this particular setting so you can get started with your two teams and your new terrain pronto, it won’t contain the special Kill Team Range Rulers and tokens (which you’ll need for distances as Kill Team Second Edition uses its own measurements), nor the Kernbuch (which you’ll need for the overall rules), nor the Kompendium (which you’ll need if you want to play a Kill Team that isn’t pre-boxed).

As ever, we’d always recommend buying from your favourite local gaming store as they’ll likely be able to offer you a discount of up to 20%. If you feel like doing us a solid, click one of the affiliate links off this article and buy that way!

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2 Gedanken zu „Kill Team: Soulshackle Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

  • Februar 6, 2023 um 4:22 pm Uhr

    Any reason you aren’t including the value of the Soulshackle rule book? The previous books all sell for £27.50.

    • Februar 6, 2023 um 5:57 pm Uhr

      You actually raise a very good point. Previously, we haven’t tended to include the books in any valuations we do of GW boxes as these were rarely/never sold on separately to the boxed release. This has changed, though, so we will look into changing the table and the valuations.
      Vielen Dank!


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