Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look

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The Mortal Realms quake as the reptilian Seraphon bring the fight to their foes with a whole host of new miniatures in the latest set from Workshop sui giochi. Get all the details in our Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look.

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Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Summary

The Seraphon Army Set serves as a reminder that, in spite of all the recent advances in 3D printing and the accessibility of miniature sculpting software, Workshop sui giochi still sit firmly in the driver’s seat. The miniatures in this box are astonishing in their detail – amongst which the incredible Slann Starmaster reigns supreme – and promises great things for the Seraphon range in the near future.

It is, however, at points let down by builds. There are sprue gates connected to contact points and repetitive assemblies across some of the units in the box, which may sour the experience for some collectors.

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Introduction

Over the last few years, the wider Warhammer range has seen some serious glow-ups. First, we had the Primaris yassification of the Space Marine range, closely followed by the Necrons when Ninth Edition dropped. Within twelve months, the Stormcast Eternals were endowed with a new, sleek, slimline look when Age of Sigmar Third Edition hit shelves (along with a leaner, meaner, and a great deal swampier Orruk cousin). Since then, the Aeldari have had an injection of brand-new models, and 40K has seen a brand new faction – the Leagues of Votann – make their appearance with some gorgeous miniatures.

Now it’s the turn of the scaliest faction out there: the Seraphon.

A much-loved faction that’s been kicking around for decades, the Seraphon have been in need of a facelift for some time. Whilst they’ve recently received some love in the form of an impressive new Lord Kroak miniature, a great deal of the range that transferred from the World-That-Was into the Age of Sigmar has, for quite some time, looked a little bit dusty and forgotten.

Well, not anymore.

With the advent of the new Army Set, it seems the omniscient gaze of James Workshop has finally found the skinks range, and as suchu the practiced hands of his horde of goblins/servitors/whatever it is that works in the Workshop sui giochi design team have begun the process of bringing the range into the modern era.

What, then, awaits in this first offering of brand-new miniatures? Read on to find out!

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Unboxing

This is awkward.

Workshop sui giochi very kindly sent us a copy of the new Seraphon Army Set. Well. Sort of.

So, we don’t actually have the Seraphon army box in the form that you as a potential buyer will have access to it. Because of a large number of recent leaks, GW have decided to send out only the sprues Seraphon Army box – no books, no cards, no hard-copy build guides, and no actual box o.

Believe me, I was molto confused when a box full of unmarked and unidentifiable sprues just turned up at my house.

As such, we’re gonna have to do a little bit of a reduced review today as, well, we don’t have a lot of the stuff that would usually be in this set.

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Contents

  • 21 Miniatures
    • 1 x Slaan Starmaster
    • 10 x Saurus Warriors
    • 5 x Raptadon Chargers
    • 5 x Raptadon Hunters
  • Carte di warscrolls
  • Battletome

Note that he Raptadons can be built either as 5 Chargers and 5 Hunters, or as 10 Chargers or 10 Hunters.

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Miniatures

An absence of written goods means we can spend more time in this review getting up-close and personal with all the new Seraphon miniatures that premiere in the Seraphon Amy Set! Sit back and get ready for quite the showcase!

Slann Starmaster

Starting with the Slann Starmaster feels like a bit of a mistake because nothing else in this box is going to be able to match the magnificence of this miniature.

However, I’m absolutely itching to show it to you, so I’m gonna do it anyway.


More? Sure.

And once more from the back.

This is such a clever redesign. So many elements from the original model are still present – from the Skinks attending the Starmaster to the tusks protruding from his seat, this is an evolution of the original design that remains delightfully truthful to its source material. What’s more, he’s not actually all that difficult to put together. What may seem like quite a complicated build at first does begin to make a lot of sense once you get into the swing of it.

Gone is the ugly flight stand. Instead, the Starmaster is held up by a complicated knot of vines and overgrowth that extend between where he sits and his base. You may be concerned that this wouldn’t be enough to hold this large model in place, but fear not – there’s not much wobble to be had here. All this also contributes to a rather nice scenic base.

Note that you don’t have to have the accompanying Skinks on the seat with the Starmaster – you can instead elect to have a chameleon on the left and a frog on the right. Personally, I couldn’t non put the frog on the miniature somewhere, so I attached him to the base.

What a great start.

I couldn’t wait to get this guy painted up, and I can confirm he is an absolute joy to paint. Do consider doing him in sub-assemblies, though, with the Starmaster himself not attached to his seat in the first instance.

…You’ll see this big yellow chap very much sets the theme for how I’ve painted everything else in this box.

Saurus Warriors

I don’t like to think of myself as being bad at my hobby, but trying to put these Saurus Warriors together certainly left me wondering if, perhaps, the last three-and-a-half years of practice have ultimately been for nothing.

First, the good stuff: the Suarus Warriors look friggin’ magnificent. I didn’t really care all that much for Seraphon as an army until I saw these guys in the Adepticon Preview; to my mind, Seraphon had always been these skinny little chameleon guys, nothing with any real meat or substance to them – but a glance at the Saurus changed my perception of that entirely. What’s more, the new – and as-yet unannounced – Kroxigor take all of the stuff I love about these miniatures and turn it up even further.

These guys Guarda superb. However, getting them to this point is no easy feat. Let me explain.

All the Saurus Warriors follow roughly the same assembly pattern: an arm is attached to a weapon; another is attached to a shield, and a head is glued on to a triad made up of two sides and a front of a torso. It’s this triad bit that gets you – or that got me, at least.

See, a lot of the sprue gates that attach these two sides and front-piece to their sprues tend to connect right on contact points. This means if you leave so much as a sliver of gate on the component, the whole thing falls apart: you’ll fin yourself wondering why on earth the front of the miniature won’t attach to the two sides, or why one side won’t sit flush with the others. Dry fitting is absolutely crucial here, as is a fair amount of patience – because if you miss so much as a shaving of sprue gate, these little suckers will let you know.

It will come as no surprise, then, the Saurus Warriors are susceptible to some seriously ugly gaps and seams. For the most part, these are disguised within the pattern of the scales on their backs, however there will be some hefty gaps on their soft undersides where some of the pieces come together – particularly around the edges of the chest and across the tail.

These kind of marks are all the more frustrating because the models they are on are so nice. Luckily for you, we have a How to fill Gaps & Seams on Miniatures article that may be able to help you out should you find yourself having these issues.

Once they are together, though, the Saurus Warriors are awesome miniatures, filled with poise and character. They look absolutely brilliant and will delight both existing Seraphon collectors and will no doubt entice a whole horde of newcomers to the range. Her are what I did with mine:

This box continues to go from strength to strength. You needn’t worry about painting these guys in any sort of sub-assemblies (unless you really want to, though I’m not completely sure how you would), but I would recommend painting them detached from their bases. Their undersides can be tough to reach if you attach them to their bases too quyickly.

Raptadon Chargers

The Chargers – like the Hunters which we’ll get to in a moment – are simple to assemble, albeit a little tedious. The build for these guys is extremely formulaic and doesn’t change from miniature to miniature: two halves to the raptadon, add the arms and legs; two halves to the rider, add the head andany extras before attaching to the mount. Done.

I’m not as sold on the miniatures themselves as I have been on the other things in the set. There is something more chicken than velociraptor in the way they look (I think it’s the arms…?) but they are, nonetheless, extremely detailed models that will likely leave a lot of Seraphon fans very happy.

I can see these ones being quite divisive.

You can, of course, elect to build your 10 Raptadon Chargers instead of 5 Chargers and 5 Hunters. I decided to slightly deviate from the the yellow colour scheme I’d gone with and paint the raptadons themselves purple.

I’d recommend painting the riders detached from the mounts at the very least, and if you’re able to, also painting the raptadons off their bases. It can be quite difficult to reach their undercarriages if they’re on their bases, and you don’t want to risk splashing rider paint all over your painted raptadon by painting them fully assembled.

Raptadon Hunters

The Raptadon Hunters (should you elect to build these as well as/instead of the Raptadon Chargers) are largely identical to the Chargers aside from a few details.

The hunters carry different weapons and don’t wear as much armour as their Charger kin. They also carry a slightly different banner. Other than this, though, the models are more or less exactly the same. This does mean they are afflicted with the same curse of the velocichicken.

I have to admit, though, the velicochickens grew on me as I got some paint on them. I ended up being really pleased with the purple look, and whilst I’m still not 100% sold on their overall aesthetic, a good deal of my fears have been allayed.

What do you think of the models in this set? Do you like the look of the raptadons? Let us know in the comments!

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Price and Availability

With pre-orders up on Saturday 22nd April, the Seraphon Army Set will be available for pre-order on Saturday the 29th April 2022. Straight from GW, this one will set you back £130, so check with your FLGS to see if you can get some cash off!

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Where to Next?

The ball is very much in your court here. Workshop sui giochi teased a whole host of new Seraphon miniatures at Adepticon, so if you’ve fallen for the new-look scaly boys, the future looks bright for you.

If you can’t wait, however, there’s already a half-decent range of Seraphon stuff readily-available for would-be collectors, including the ever-popular Lord Kroak (who himself received quite the glow-no not so long ago) and the Engine of the Gods. Note that according to GW’s webstore quite a bit of the range is listed as temporarily out of stock, so it’s always worth checking in with your favourite independent retailer to see if they have what you’re after – or to see if they can offer you any money off.

Seraphon Army Set – Review and Miniatures First Look – Final Thoughts

Gorgeous miniatures
Slann Starmaster is a work of art
Not a huge range of units
Some builds are frustrating

It’s safe to say that once you’ve assembled the Seraphon Army Set, you’ll be bowled over by the quyality of the miniatures you now possess. The new box takes the Seraphon range and punts it into modernity with a selection of beautiful miniatures that promise big things for Age of Sigmar’s scaliest denizens in the near future.

However, some of the minis themselves aren’t the best to build. Whilst the raptadons do feel a bit tedious to assemble, they are nonetheless straightforward and easy enough to do thanks to their very formulaic construction. The Saurus Warriors, however, do let the side down with their punishing sprue gates and seams and lines.

There also isn’t much variation across the box. With a hero-style centrepiece unit in the Slann Starmaster and then 10 raptadons and 10 warriors, the set may have benefitted from just a little something else – perhaps another hero unit, like we saw with the Khal and the Einhyr Champion in the Leagues of Votann Army Set

But these are only a couple of criticisms of an otherwise good-quality box that will leave Seraphon fans new and old desperate for more. For one, that Slann Starmaster is a work of art that will have painters the world over reaching for their brushes in anticipation.

A good start, and a tantalising promise of more to come.

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Rob has spent most of the last 20 years playing World of Warcraft and writing stories set in made-up worlds. At some point, he also managed to get a Master's degree by writing about Medieval zombies.

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  • Aprile 22, 2023 in 1:59 pm

    It looks cool. Especially hunters, but one would expect something more “grand” like a tyrannosaurus mount or even some Naga with trident as warriors. 🤔

    • Aprile 23, 2023 in 4:21 pm

      I agree completely. It’s a nice set, but it just needs that little bit extra to make it a really great set.


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