Boarding Patrol: Death Guard Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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Ready to receive Nurgle’s blessing? If following in the whims of everybody’s favourite Plague-Father appeals to you, then the Death Guard Boarding Patrol is an absolute must if looking to add to an existing army or embarking on a fresh, filth-ridden crusade of your own – and you’ll save big too. Read on to see what you can save with our breakdown on Boarding Patrol: Death Guard.

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Boarding Patrol: Death Guard – Release Date

Announced last Sunday with a slew of other boxes, Boarding Patrol: Death Guard will be released on Saturday 18th March, with pre-orders going live this coming Saturday 11th March.

boarding patrol death guard

Pre-orders will go live 10:00 in your local time zone, so be sure to batter that refresh button online or be first through the door of your local Games-Workshop/ FLGS. Nurgle demands it.

Boarding Patrol: Death Guard – Price

The price of the box set is as follows.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Death Guard£ 70.00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$184.00*
*Based on Space Marine Boarding Patrol (Same UK Price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Death Guard – Price Value & Savings Summary

Here is a quick summary of the savings provided by the box set.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Death Guard Price£ 70.00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$184.00*
Gesamtersparnis£ 55.00$90.00$110.00€72.50$148.00
Prozentsatz gespeichert44%44%44%44%44%
*Based on Space Marine Boarding Patrol (Same UK Price)

While a case of the sniffles or festering pustules are not the kind of blessings you’d want to receive from Nurgle, your bank balance will definitely appreciate these savings at almost 50% off the total models if bought individually. The savings are practically on par with Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines – and that had Abaddon the Despoiler in it. Though comparatively, Boarding Patrol: Death Guard has less models in it, the infantry and elite units have much higher points value (and general play value) than the 20 cultists in the Chaos box.

Boarding Patrol: Death Guard – Contents

14 miniatures may not seem much, but the selected models have it where it counts.

  • 1 x Lord of Virulence
  • 3 x Deathshroud Terminators
  • 7 x Plague Marines
  • 3 x Plague Marine Reinforcements

The most notable inclusion are the Plague Marine Reinforcements – sculpts that are currently only available on the Games Workshop webstore for £27.50 – these sculpts were originally exclusive to the Plague Brethren box set released at the turn of 8th Edition, and so I imagine for many the Boarding Patrol box set will be a big draw for many based on that alone. There’s also the fact, let’s be honest, that £27.50 for three infantry models at basically £9 a pop is a bit egregious, considering that another £7.50 will net you a box of 7 Plague Marines. But at least Boarding Patrol: Death Guard gets you a full unit of 10, rather than an odd number of 7.

Regardless, it’s great to see exclusive sculpts discounted, albeit in box sets.

Boarding Patrol: Death Guard – Value

Even with the price rises, the value of the box remains outstanding.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Lord of Virulence£ 25.00$40.00$50.0032,50 €$63.00
Deathshroud Terminators£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$103.00
Seuchen-Marines£ 35.00$60.00$70.0045,00 €$91.00
Plague Marines Reinforcements£ 27.50$45.00$55.0035,00 €$75.00

Boarding Patrol: Death Guard – Points

If you’ve seen our previous Boarding Patrol articles, you’ll see we’ve included points value and commentary on how to maximise what’s in the box for the tabletop – the side of the hobby that is sometimes forgotten over the sheen of ‘ooh, shiny model’. Not me though. Let’s see what the Sons of Mortarion can offer us.

Lord of Virulence
– Acidic Malady
– Explosive Outbreak
– Virulent Fever
– Befouling Runoff
– Unstable Sickness
– Corrosive Filth
– Viscous Death
Deathshroud Terminators
– same Deadly Pathogen upgrades as above
– Deathshroud Champion
see above
– Plague Champion
– same Deadly Pathogen upgrades
as above
see above
Plague Marines Reinforcements
– same Deadly Pathogen upgrades
as above
see above
Points taken from Munitorum Field Manual

Now, I would say this is an absolute solid force for a Death Guard Boarding Patrol. In fact, this box may appeal more than the Death Guard Combat Patrol – which is about 80% Poxwalkers. Poxwalkers are great chaff to throw at your opponent and squat on objectives, but other than being able to resurrect like Necrons, there’s not much else to them. Plague Marines are an absolute bastion of power with a slew of weapon options to optimise them like they were a Kill Team – and to have 10 in a box rather than 7 the individual kit provides is a huge boon. Because they all have the Disgustingly Resilient trait (taking away 1 from the opponent’s damage characteristic), they can tank hits like kings. As someone who has recently started a Death Guard army, Plague Marines are the backbone of my force, as their high damage output and ability to frustrate the enemy with quick maths gives them the edge over smelly smiley zombies (sorry Poxwalker fans).

Just to quickly add on, the Deathshroud Terminators are absolute beasts. I remember a game where 6 of them absolutely reamed a unit of Custodes jetbikes, refused to elaborate and left. Expensive to field but having at least 3 in the Boarding Force will have your foe stuck if they’re trying to force them off an objective.

You’ll notice that the Lord of Virulence, Deathshroud Terminators and Plague Marines all have the same set of upgrades – abilities called Deadly Pathogens. Each one comes at a cost of between 5-15 points, and with this Boarding Patrol being under 500 points, these upgrades are the perfect way to pad out the cost until you reach the 500 point limit. Grimacing names aside (I mean, Befouling Runoff… really?), the fact that these can apply to a wide range of units makes them worth the time to read and apply them. Viscous Death would be my first choice – allowing you to re-roll the result when you’re determining the amount of attacks you can make, just in case your first roll wasn’t nuclear enough.

My final point would be the HQ choice, the Lord of Virulence. Definitely a solid choice for the Boarding Patrol box, with his high-spec weapons and statline, but I think Games-Workshop missed an opportunity to reintroduce the fantastic Herr der Ansteckung miniature originally from the Dark Imperium box set released for 8th Edition. The Lord of Contagion is currently unavailable for purchase as a stand-alone model – you’ll have to find him second-hand on Ebay and the like. The Lord of Contagion pairs perfectly with the Deathshroud Terminators too – if they’re adding exclusive Plague Marine Reinforcement sculpts, then why not slip in a Lord of Contagion? It would certainly raise the value of the box and give players the opportunity to add him to their collection if they missed out on Dark Imperium.

All in all, I do think this is one of the best Boarding Patrol boxes out there, and worth picking up if you are swayed by the call of the Great Grandfather – if you don’t mind the stench and the boils, that is.

Wenn du unterstützen möchtest, klicke auf diesen Link und bestelle deine Hobbyartikel bei Element Games für Großbritannien und Europa. Verwende den Code “FAUX2768” an der Kasse, für doppelte Belohnungspunkte.

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