Boarding Patrol: Drukhari Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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Grab your studs and your leather, it’s time to get cruel as we’re going raiding with the Drukhari in this Boarding Patrol. Get all the details on the latest release for everyone’s favourite goth space elves in our Boarding Patrol: Drukhari Price, Value and Savings Breakdown!

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Boarding Patrol: Drukhari – Release Date

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari was one of six Patrols announced as part of last week’s Sunday preview. This means we’ll have a release date of April 1st 2023 for Boarding Patrol: Drukhari.

boarding patrol drukhari box

Pre-orders will go live at 10am auf March 25th 2022.

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari – Price

Here’s the price of the box:

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Drukhari Price£ 70.00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$184.00*
*Based on Death Guard Boarding Patrol (Same UK Price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari – Price Value & Savings Summary

Here’s a quick summary of how everything is looking in this new box.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Drukhari Price£ 70.00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$184.00*
Gesamtersparnis39,50 €$64.00$79.00€52.00$64.00
Prozentsatz gespeichert36%35%36%36%25%
*Based on Death Guard Boarding Patrol (Same UK Price)

We’re at the lower end of the savings we’ve seen in the Boarding Patrol series so far – and the Aussies are getting particularly hard-done-by with this set.

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari – Contents

The Drukhari boast a not-too-shabby 26 miniatures in their Boarding Patrol.

However, they’re all a bit old.

Some of the other Boarding Patrols we’ve seen both released and teased have frequently contained up-to-date miniatures from the last few years or even brand-new models altogether, perhaps with an older kit included. On this front, when compared to the other sets, the Drukhari box looks particularly poor.

It seems bizarre that the Succubus was chosen over the far more recent Lelith Hesperax oder Drazhar miniatures for inclusion in this set. Not only would Lelith or Draz have increased the overall value of the box and made the whole thing far more appealing, but they are the two most recent releases for a range that is otherwise in dire need of a facelift.

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari – Value

And the overall savings on offer don’t quite stack up as well as you’d might like either.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Succubus£17.00$29.00$34.0022,00 €$27.00
Incubi£ 37,50$60.00$75.0050,00 €$97.00
Wyches£55.00 (£27.50 for box of 10)$90.00 ($45.00 for box of 10)$110.00 ($55.00 for box of 10)€70.00 (€35.00 for box of 10)$124.00 ($62.00 for box of 10)

As you’ll have noticed from the table at the top of this article, the Boarding Patrol: Drukhari circle around the fairly standard 33% savings mark that GW usually dole out with boxed releases (unless you’re from Oz – unlucky, guys). As we said above, the miniatures in this set are all fairly dated, which means they carry a lower price. Money off is always great, but when some of these boxes have been closer to the 50% savings mark, it’s hard to not feel a little sorry for any would-be Drukhari buyers.

Between these comparatively lacklustre savings and a collection of pretty old models, things aren’t shaping up great for the Drukhari Boarding Patrol. Perhaps an analysis of what these figures bring to the tabletop may help?

Boarding Patrol: Drukhari – Points

Here is a points breakdown of what’s in the Drukhari Boarding Patrol.

– Wych Cult Spectacle
– Klaivex
– Hekatrix
– Blast pistol
– Phantasm grenade launcher
– Agoniser
– Hydra gauntlets
– Power sword
– Razorflails
– Shardnet and impaler
– Hekatrix Bloodbrides
+3pts per model
Raw Total Value370pts

Straight Outta Commorragh!

Can’t say I’m an expert on how Drukhari play – I still call them Dark Eldar to this day – but I will give as good an analysis that I can. This box does fall under the 500 point Boarding Actions list threshold by 130 points – and though the Wyches provide a lot of weapon options, you’ll never have enough to get there. I’d recommend another unit of Incubi to bring the pain in close combat, unless you want to overpower your foe with firepower, bring another unit of Wyches or Kabalites.

The Wyches are a decent choice of infantry. They have 4+ invulnerable save against melee attacks – which make them incredibly inconvenient for your opponent and actually make them good chaff to squat on objectives. Their various weapons choices each provide differing abilities – for example, the Agoniser and Splinter pistol are poison weapons, meaning an unmodified roll of whatever value said weapon is always successful. Some of them provide additional attacks too. This makes the Wyches rather versatile – they can do well in both the shooting and combat phases.

Now, the Incubi are the coolest looking models in the box in my view. You can turn one into a Klaivex, who gets a double-bladed sword like some kind of even more Satanic version of Darth Maul. With dual blades, the Klaivex can make 2 additional attacks. Furthermore, Lethal Precision allows unmodified sixes to add an extra 1 to damage.

Finally, we need to talk about the Succubus. She’s not bad – she has 4+ invulnerable save, can make additional attacks with her various weapon choices and can buff friendly Wyches within 6″ with wound re-rolls of 1. Like mentioned above, Lelith Hesperax or Drazhar (to go with the Incubi) may have been more inspired choices, but the Succubus does fine.

Ultimately, this is a decent Drukhari force. You get the best of both worlds – melee and shooting options galore. Infantry and specialists rolled into one. Wyches can shoot and sit on objectives, whilst the Succubus and Incubi can go in for the kill and really fudge your foes up.

But is this worth your purchase? If you are starting a Drukhari Boarding force, then this is a good place to start. If you are a hardened veteran of the Dark City, then this may be a good box to reinforce your army. Whichever the case, be sure to speed through the Webway to Saturday 10am on pre-order day and secure your box before Slaanesh does!

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