Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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The Warp is open, and it’s horrible chaotic contents are spilling out and boarding the Arks of Omen! For all you daemonic players out there, this article is for you, as we delve into the upcoming Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons and break down the savings on price alongside points value for gameplay. Whoever’s side in the Great Game you err on, read on to find out if this Boarding Patrol box is a worthy addition to your collection.

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FauxHammer - Neuestes Video auf YouTube Patrol: Chaos Daemons – Release Date

Alongside a cornucopia of other Boarding Patrols, Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons will be released on Saturday 18th March, with pre-orders going live this coming Saturday 11th March.

boarding patrol chaos daemons

Pre-orders will go live 10:00 in your local time zone, so be sure to send forth the legions of Khorne to demand your boxset upon lest ye incur the wrath of the Blood God. Actually, that’s a bad idea – alternatively, slap that refresh button online or be at the door of your local Games-Workshop/ FLGS first thing sharp. As Tzeentch would plan.

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons – Price

The pricing of the box set is as follows.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons80,00 £$130.00*$160.00*€105.00*$220.00*
*Based on Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines (same UK price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons – Price Value & Savings Summary

Here is a quick summary of the savings provided by the Boarding Patrol boxset.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Gesamtwert£ 120.00$200.00$240.00155,00 €$302.00
Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons Price80,00 £$130.00*$160.00*€105.00*$220.00*
Gesamtersparnis£ 40.00$70.00$80.0050,00 €$82.00
Prozentsatz gespeichert33%35%33%32%27%
*Based on Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines (same UK price)

From a percentage point of view, these savings don’t seem as hot as Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines oder Boarding Patrol: Death Guard, but the 30% mark is usually standard discount, and still decent if you’re invested in a Khorne Daemon spam horde force.

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons – Contents

21 miniatures round out this Boarding Patrol, which is a respectable number.

  • 1 x Karanak, the Hound of Vengeance
  • 10 x Bloodletters
  • 10 x Flesh Hounds

Now, there is a bit of an elephant in the room (or a Maulerfiend? Can’t think of a 40k analogue off the top of my head). This particular elephant has been noted in the community, in that it seems to be a bit skewed to one God. Chaos Daemons, after all, encompass all four of the Great Gamers Chaos Gods, and the current Combat Patrol is already geared towards a Khornate Daemon force. Could Games-Workshop have broadened their horizons a bit and made a Boarding Patrol for Tzeentch/ Slaanesh/ Nurgle Daemons to counter the Combat Patrol?

Well, yeah, perhaps.

It also begs the question – is it worth coughing up an extra £15 and buying the Combat Patrol instead? It has 34 miniatures, included of which are the Boarding Patrol’s models (sans Karanak), plus a proper HQ unit (sorry Karanak fans), 10 more Bloodletters and 3 Bloodcrushers. With that set, you could make 500 points of models out of it and have some leftovers for bigger battles. In fact, and do correct me if I’m wrong (as I’ve not had my hands on the Arks of Omen books yet), the only potentially illegal unit would be the Bloodcrushers due to their Cavalry keyword (makes sense – how you gonna run around on metallic demon rhinos on a spaceship?).

I’m not a Chaos Daemons player, so it’s down to you to decide if you want to bite a smaller bullet to get a bigger force or if you’re plain old happy with this offering.

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons – Value

Next, let’s examine the individual values of the miniatures. Again, if you’re looking to build a Khorne horde army, this is a valuable saving. You won’t need (or wollen hopefully) Slaanesh to whisper these sweet nothings into your ears.

Britisches PfundUSDCADEURAUD
Karanak, Hound of Vengeance£ 25.00$40.00$50.0032,50 €$63.00
Bloodletters£ 25.00$40.00$50.0032,50 €$57.00
Flesh Hounds£ 70.00$120.00$140.0090,00 €$182.00
Gesamtwert£ 120.00$200.00$240.00155,00 €$302.00

Boarding Patrol: Chaos Daemons – Points

If you’ve read our previous articles on the Boarding Patrol boxsets, then you will have noticed (if you scrolled down this far – and I thank you for it) that we have started to talk about the value these boxsets bring to the actual Boarding Actions game mode itself. Now, I will preface by saying I’ve (almost) run the gammet of 40K armies – whether that’s fielding factions or being fielded against – and so I rely on my experience to inform myself of how good certain models play on the tabletop. However, Chaos Daemons is one of those factions that I’ve never played or had play against me – so I can only give brief opinions on how valuable these units are on the tabletop.

Karanak, Hound of Vengeance90pts
Flesh Hounds150pts

Oof. Falls a bit short of the 500 point requirement for a Boarding Force, doesn’t it? And none of these units have any upgrades or add-ons to pad out any points costs, so there’s really little else to say here – you’ll still need to buy an extra kit to get to that 500 point mark! I’d recommend another 10 Bloodletters as that will get you 500 points exactly. That stinks a bit, and not in the Nurgley way. Again, perhaps that Chaos Daemons Combat Patrol is looking a little more appealing now…

But let’s say you are in the ‘Blood for the Blood God’ grindset. All being Khorne units, they have stratagems that will bounce off one another and give them buffs to Charge and to wound. Flesh Hounds (for some reason) can deny Psychic powers and, if charged, can add 1 to their damage characteristic. With the ‘Banner of Blood’ stratagem, Bloodletters can roll an additional die to their Charge rolls and discard the most rubbish result. If not in engagement range of enemy models, Bloodletters can utilise ‘Frenetic Bloodlust’ can move up to 6″ closer to one.

And then there’s Karanak. He’s not a good boy – he can re-roll on wounds when attacking Psykers and dish out mortal wounds when he attacks characters. Additionally, the stratagem ‘Glorious Decapitation’ allows this rabid dog to buff friendly units within 6″ range and give them the ability to rub the salt on mortal wounds and stop them from losing more than 6 wounds in the given phase.

My last point would be the ability to fold this force in as auxiliaries for a World Eaters force – which I speculate (and this is purely my own opinion) is why this boxset is Khorne Daemons rather than any of the other options. With World Eaters being the most recent faction to be given their first Codex (everybody remembers their first) and a Combat Patrol on the way at some point in the near future, it would not be unreasonable to have some synergy between them.

To conclude, is this boxset worth picking up? Only you, whether a Daemons veteran or looking a start a Daemons army, can decide – bearing in mind, the chosen units fall short of a Boarding Patrol, the theme is Khorne and the Combat Patrol has more to it if you’re willing to fork out a little extra. Either way, you make good savings and your warlord is an actual dog – well, the hellish Warp-inclined equivalent.

Wenn du unterstützen möchtest, klicke auf diesen Link und bestelle deine Hobbyartikel bei Element Games für Großbritannien und Europa. Verwende den Code “FAUX2768” an der Kasse, für doppelte Belohnungspunkte.

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