Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issues 23-30 Contents Confirmed

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We’re back with an exclusive scoop on things to come for Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer. Have a read below for a look at the next 8 issues’ contents.

Note that this isn’t quite a full update – we’re shy the last few issues of Adventure 3, which concludes in Issue 34. We’re sorry this one’s a little delayed, but we have a sneaking suspicion that certain things might have been held up due to a certain crisis currently taking place in the Red Sea. Worry not, however: we’re anticipating having a second, smaller update that covers issues 31-34 in the near future.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 23 Contents

Issue 23 nets you your next set of exclusive, colour-printed character sheets. You’ll find your first four characters will be levelling up. In addition to this, the magazine will also come with a new spell booklet containing your level 2 spells.

Your magazine will have new features for your now-levelled characters too, as well as lore on Shapechangers and the iconic Harpers faction.

And, of course, some dice.

Ausgabe 23

These distinctive black and green dice, no less.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 24 Contents

If you were beginning to get a bit bored of the characters you’ve been playing over the last 23 issues, then worry no more! Issue 24 comes with some brand-new character sheets for you to get stuck into, as well as a new map to better charter your adventures.

And, of course, more dice.

Ausgabe 24

Another black and green set, but this one is edged with more detailing – reminiscent to the red dice received a few issues previously, but recoloured.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 25 Contents

What was that, you said? You’re still not content with the characters you’ve got? Well, your luck remains – Issue 25 comes with Ein weiterer character sheet, as well as advice for DMs on making maps and incorporating buildings into your settings!

There’s loads of information on character development too, with a look at Fighters and Monks, as well as a new background feature.

And these standees.

Ausgabe 25

Help take some of your new heroes (and villains) to the tabletop with these plastic standees.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 26 Contents

“Yeah, I’m still not feeling any of these characters,” you say. “I’ve played the original few for a while and I’m not feeling the last couple. I don’t suppose there’s a badass, crossbow-wielding, red-skinned, purple-haired, horned and tailed devil-descendent lady I could play instead?”

Yeah, there’s another character sheet in Issue 26. And these marshmallow pink metal dice.

Ausgabe 26

If you’re wondering just what, exactly, I’ve described in the text above, fear not: Issue 26 comes with information on the Tiefling species, as well as all the info you need to start playing a warlock.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 27 Contents

Issue 27 nets you a few more Inspiration Tokens – always helpful.

Ausgabe 27

There’s also loads of info for the DM in this one: underwater adventuring, keeping track of stories and plot hooks, and how to run underwater combat.

Also, Tabaxis turn up in this issue. If you’ve a hankering to play a cat person and wind your friends up by speaking in an Elder Scrolls-derivative Khajiit voice, this is the issue for you.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 28 Contents

Issue 28 comes with some rather nice sparkly green dice, as well as info from the DM on using friends and allies for your players in a game.

Ausgabe 28

There’s also information on sidekicks, golden goals, and clerics, as well as some nefarious foes to sic on your group.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 29 Contents

Remember those transparent dice with axes in them? Well, Issue 29 comes with transparent dice with daggers in them.

Ausgabe 29

Pretty neat, eh?

Issue 29b

As for the magazines, Issue 29 is dedicated almost in its entirety to more character creation, with ideas on roleplaying and using character flaws, barbarians and druids.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer Issue 30 Contents

The final magazine in this update, we at last arrive at Issue 30 – which comes with your next oversized dice in pouch – a green D8.

Issue 30b

I’m a fan of these oversize dice, but I’ve never once rolled well on any of them!

Ausgabe 30

As for the mag, issue 30 has info on running chases and utilising downtime activities. There’s also information on three new bardic colleges: Swords, Lore and Whispers.

As we mentioned at the top of this article, this isn’t the complete update – we’re anticipating having issues 31-34 made available to us in the nearish future. As soon as we hear anything else, we’ll let you all know immediately.

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