Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights Price, Value and Savings Breakdown

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The secretive Grey Knights step into the spotlight in the latest Boarding Patrols announcement. Grab yourself a box of these clandestine daemon hunters and take the fight to your enemies with some classic models – as well as the striking Castellan Crowe figure. Find out more in our Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights Price, Value and Savings Breakdown.

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Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights – Release Date

The new Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights was one of several Boarding Patrols announced as part of last week’s Sunday preview. This means the release date for Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights is April 1st 2023.

Pre-orders will go live at 10am su March 25th 2022.

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights – Price

The price of the box set is as follows.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights£ 70,00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$184.00*
*Based on Space Marine Boarding Patrol (Same UK Price)

Global prices have been estimated from similar-priced products.

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights – Price Value & Savings Summary

Here’s what you’ll save with Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Valore totale£102.50$170.00$205.00€135.00$264.00
Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights Price£ 70,00$115.00*$140.00*€90.00*$184.00*
Risparmi totali£ 32.50$55.00$65.00€ 45,00$80.00
Percentuale salvata33%32%32%33%30%
*Based on Space Marine Boarding Patrol (Same UK Price)

Unfortunately, this set comes out at the lower end of savings in the Boarding Patrol range – but 30% off is still 30% off.

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights – Contents

My knowledge on Grey Knights is admittedly lacking, but this does look like a good selection of units to base a Boarding Force on.

The Grey Knights Strike Squad can be built as an Interceptor Squad, a Purifier Squad or a Purgation Squad – though the latter is apparently illegal in Boarding Actions, according to GW themselves.

The most notable inclusion is Castellan Crowe, a very recent sculpt from a couple years ago who returns from the Hexfire Battle Box. His miniature is fantastic and embedded with great detail, and is the epitome of what a modernised Grey Knight should look like.

So why does he look out of place with the rest of his chrome crew?

The Grey Knights are classic sculpts granted, but are really showing their age, and it doesn’t help that 95% of the box is outdated like that. It’s the big heads that get me – it really is a screenshot from a bygone era. I’d love to see the Grey Knight range get the refresh they deserve so they can look eye to eye with the heretics and daemons they were engineered to hunt.

So GW, ball’s in your court with that one!

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights – Value

Here are the values of each unit in the box.

Sterlina ingleseDollaro statunitenseCADeuroAUD
Castellan Crowe£ 27,50$45.00$55.00€ 35,00$77.00
Grey Knights Terminators£ 35,00$60.00$70.00€ 45,00$87.00
Grey Knights Strike Squad£ 40,00$65.00$80.00€ 55,00$100.00
Valore totale£102.50$170.00$205.00€135.00$264.00

As to be expected, there are good savings to be had with what you get. You almost get the Terminators for free!

Boarding Patrol: Grey Knights – Points

In this part, we’ll examine how the Grey Knights might be played in Boarding Actions. Here are their points values, including the buildable variants (though do note I have omitted the Purgation Squad, as they cannot be played in Boarding Actions).

Castellan Crowe85pts
Grey Knights Terminators
– Terminator Justicar
– Nemesis daemon hammer
Grey Knights Strike Squad
– Justicar
– Interceptor Squad
– Purifier Squad
– Nemesis daemon hammer
Total Raw Value460pts

Ok, so with 16 miniatures, we have almost reached the 500 point threshold required for Boarding Actions, with only 40 points to spare, and no upgrades to pad out those points other than giving everyone a Nemesis daemon hammer. Unless you add in individual Grey Knights (which cost around 20 points each), you won’t likely be able to reach that fortune 500 with other Grey Knights stuff.

But let’s look at we’ve got. It’s a very shooty list with melee capabilities – so these guys will hold their own at range and in close quarters. Terminators, being Terminators, are tough with 5+ invulnerable saves and choice of differing melee weapons and guns – which the Strike Squad and the other variants also get to dabble with.

As the Strike Squad can also be built as an Interceptor Squad and Purifier Squad, which would be the preferable choice for a boarding list? The Strike Squad is basic. The Purifier Squad gets Cleansing Flame, which adds an extra 1 when attempting to manifest the Purifying Flame psychic power. The Interceptor Squad gets Personal Teleporters – which enables them to move or fall back through models as if they weren’t there, literally fulfilling the “Nothing personnel, kid” meme and teleporting behind the opponent without cause. Were it me, I would go with Interceptors – their teleporting ability would be very useful in the confined spaces of Boarding Actions. Purifiers would be great if you were planning to go all out on psychic powers.

Every unit in this box has Teleport Strike, meaning you don’t have to deploy right away. They can be set up in reserve and be deployed in the reinforcements step in future movement phases anywhere on the board you’d like – as long as it is 9″ away from enemy units. This will put you at significant advantage, as it gives you more opportunity and time to plan exactly where you can put your models in the most strategic places – on unclaimed objectives, or behind your foe’s models. In Boarding Actions, any unit with similar ability are invaluable.

It’s worth noting that each unit has Psychic abilities – meaning they will pack a punch in the Psychic phase, especially if your opponent has none of those big brain powers.

Lastly, let’s talk about Castellan Crowe (who I hope his first name is Russell). He’s got more beef to his datasheet, and his Black Blade has a meaty swing – any unmodified sixes inflicts an additional D3 mortal wounds. Ouch. He as 4+ invulnerable save and can’t even die right – his Heroic Sacrifice lets him fight one last time, even after he has been killed.

So, is this box worth it to you? If you’re a Grey Knights player, this may not do much for you if you already possess Castellan Crowe and would prefer a different HQ. If you’re looking to start a Grey Knights army, then this is the box for you. Don’t let the ruinous powers of the warp stop you from pre-ordering this box come Saturday 25th 10am.

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