Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Delivery 2: Issues 3-6 Review

We’re back with another round-up of everything Stormbringer – and this month, it’s a good one. You’ll find yourself flush with sixteen new miniatures, including an exclusive Stormbringer-only figure, as well as new paints and tools to get your hobby kickstarted.

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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Delivery 2: Issues 3-6 Review – Introduction

Another month has flown by (how are we already a quarter of the way through 2023…?), which means subscribers to Hachette Partworks’ latest Warhammer subscription service will have black plastic parcels hitting their doorsteps over the next few weeks – and a new rotation of magazines is due to make it onto the shelves of your local newsagent, WHSmiths, Tesco or wherever it is you go to grab copies.

There’s a bumper crop of stuff available this month, including a very exciting Stormbringer exclusive miniature. So, without further ado, let’s dive into Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Delivery 2.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Delivery 2: Issues 3-6 Review – Contents

So, here’s everything up for grabs in this month’s Stormbringer delivery.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 All

Note that a couple of things on the right-hand side of the image are subscriber only – but more on that in a little while. First, let’s have a look at everything else.

The Magazines

Firs up, a quick look at the magazines. Don’t worry, we won’t go into too much detail as we don’t want to spoil anything for you.

First up, Issue 3. Prepare to be dragged into the Realm of Beasts and come face-to-face with some true horrors in the first couple of pages of this magazine! The Vindictors that come with this issue then take up the rest of the magazine with their character sheets, build guide, and an extensive playthrough and tutorial in the back of the magazine.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Issue 3

Issue 4 is all paint and play guide, with only a single sheet given over to lore and setting. Then majority of the magazine is dedicated first to talking you through the painting process, how to hold a brush, thin your paints, and other basics. This is then followed up by a good few sides of getting your Gutrippaz gut-ripping, as new rules are introduced for your miniatures – including Rend damage.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Issue 4 (2)

Issue 5 takes on a more standard approach, with a few more sides of background lore – including a first look at Sigmar in the Age of Myth – before seceding to a brief build and paint guide for the new and exclusive miniature that comes with this issue.

The playthrough and rules continue to be explained in the last third of the magazine, with all the pictures and diagrams you could need to make the process as easy to understand as possible.

Issue 5 also comes with a fold-out insert which is heaped with information about both the Kruleboyz and the Stormcast Eternals – just in case you were feeling Issues 3-6 were a bit thin on the lore front.

Finally, we arrive at Issue 6, the cover of which features Gobsprakk, the Mouth of Mork on a Corpse-ripper Vulcha, and makes me wonder why I never picked up one of these when they first came out.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Issue 6

Hobgrot Slittaz dominate this issue – as soon as the first two pages on lore are out of the way, these unpleasant little so-and-sos take over the rest of the magazine. I’ve accumulated around 60 of these little blighters over the past few years thanks to reviewing various Age of Sigmar starter sets, and that a further ten of them have just dropped in front of me fills me with dread.


There are a good selection of minis in Delivery 2. First off, we have the Vindictors – the new(ish) looking Stormcast Eternal rank-and-file. These have largely replaced the Sequitors, Liberators and Judicator-style Stormcast Eternals in most cases. They’re decent models and a great place for newcomers of the hobby to start learning to paint.

Something to note with the Vindictor Prime: if you look carefully at the instructions, you’ll notice the Prime is being assembled using an arm with an ornate lion’s head on the shoulder and a shield with some additional scrollwork on the front of it. However, the numbered parts on the instructions direct you to use a plan arm and shield. Take another careful look at the sprue for the right parts – I forgot to note the correct numbers down, but they’re easy to spot.

Next up, we have the Stormbringer exclusive miniature – this rather nice Praetor Prime.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Exclusive Praetor Prime

Anyone who actually reads the magazines will recognise this Praetor Prime as the female cartoon character who has been giving you tips and tricks throughout the magazines. I’ve got to admit, I think it’s kinda cool they gave her a model – and it’s a very easy, quite fun little figure to boot. Nice.

Last but not least, this gaggle of goblinoid goons.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Hobrot Slittaz

As a completely impartial y very professional reviewer of miniatures and miniature-related products, I can say with certainty that the Hobgrots are pretty alright. Each only consist of 2 or 3 components, so they go together very easily, and often don’t even require glue. They’re also perfectly passable miniatures, with a good level of detail and visual interest across their models in spite of their size. They’ll look really nice painted up, and have some fun rules for when playing games.

However, as someone with now 70 of these horrible little blighters to his name, I can safely say if I never see another Hobgrot, it will be too soon.

Engranaje de la guerra

As with Delivery 1, Delivery 2 also comes with a few more dice for you to add to your collection.

Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Delivery 3 dados

Three partworks magazine subscriptions and a whole host of Starter Set box reviews under my belt and I have a sack of these things now. They’re very simple, straightforward, no-frills, get-the-job-done dice. Nothing to write home about.

Pinturas y Herramientas

Delivery 2 comes with your first influx of paints and hobby tools. Hooray!

Issue 4 nets buyers four Base paints (i.e. thicker paints designed to be used as a solid coat you can then build on with other shades and highlights). You’ll find yourself now the proud owner of a pot of Kantor Blue, a pot of Orruk Flesh, a pot of Leadbelcher, and the fabulous Retribuor Armour.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Paints and Starter Brush (2)

Oh, there’s also a Citadel Starter Brush chucked into the mix, too. Don’t get too attached to this brush, because it won’t last you long. Cheaply made and of sub-standard quality, these brushes aren’t designed to last.

Remember earlier we mentioned that Delivery 2 comes with a few subscriber only bits? Well, here they are.

Warhammer Stormbringer Delivery 2 Issues 3-6 Subscriber Tools (2)

A tube of Citadel Plastic Glue, a mould line remover, and some nippers. The glue is fine and will do everything you need it to. Sure, more experienced and dedicated hobbyists will likely prefer their own brand – such as Tamiya – but if you just want your figures to go together and aren’t too picky about the process, Citadel’s Plastic Glue won’t do you wrong.

The mould line remover is also something very useful to have. This simple bit of metal is shaped to curve to the contour of your miniature and help remove any moulding imperfections that you don’t want on the figure.

Last of all, we have the plastic cutters. It’s a good job these are part of a free gift, because they are rubbish. These plastic cutters creep their way into starter kits across Taller de juegos’s ranges or slither into partworks magazines in the hope of making it to your hobby desk and messing up your minis. “What’s so terrible about them?” you cry. Well, simple. They don’t actually cut – they crush.

Here’s a photo Ross took of a piece of sprue post-Citadel cutters for otra crítica. You can see the damage the cutters have done to the plastic.

Citadel Tools 2022 Review - Super Fine Detail Cutters - Cut Nipped

You don’t want this kind of damage anywhere near your figures. You risk doing permanent damage to their features and details. If you’re wanting to take your hobby further, we’d suggest looking at our The Best Sprue Cutters for Miniatures, 3D Prints & Scale Models article for more info.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Delivery 2: Issues 3-6 Review – Price and Availability

Here are our usual price breakdowns for these magazines.

No problema.Precio de emisión (GBP)Valor total (GBP)Ahorro total (GBP)
Número 3£ 8.99£ 17.50£ 8.51
Número 4£ 8.99£ 11.002,01 £
Número 5£ 8.99£ 22,50£ 13.51
Número 6£ 8.99£ 17.50£ 8.51
TOTALES£ 35.96£ 68.50£32.54

Y nuevamente para nuestros amigos en los Estados Unidos.

No problema.Precio de emisión (USD)Valor total (USD)Ahorros totales (USD)
Número 3$13.95$30.00$16.05
Número 4$13.95$24.40$10.45
Número 5$13.95$35.00$21.05
Número 6$13.95$30.00$16.05

There are some nice savings to be had this month. A few notes with these tables: we’ve estimated the price of the exclusive mini based on the Knight-Relictor. Other prices are based off fully boxed versions of models and then divided.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Delivery 2: Issues 3-6 Review – Final Thoughts

Loads of models
Nice exclusive models
Buena selección de pinturas.
Decent savings
Citadel Plastic Cutters and Starter Brush are awful

Delivery 2 keeps the ball rolling nicely. There’s a lot to like here, and plenty of money to be saved – not to mention a whole bunch of miniatures for you to get your hands on and add to your collections. Whilst some of the tools on offer are seriously sub-par, these are made up for elsewhere, such as with the inclusion of the exclusive Stormbringer Praetor Prime.

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