Warhammer Conquest: números 79 y 80 Contenido confirmado

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And now, the end is near, And so we face the final issues. Let’s take a look at the final contents of Warhammer Conquest, with Issues 79 & 80.

Well, this is really sad, seriously – I’m actually quite sad writing this.

Looking back I only had the smallest involvement in what this series offered in that I collected the models, but I haven’t read many of the issues, I’ve hardly ever painted any of them. But collecting unpainted plastic is the true nature of this hobby anyway right?

I did manage to get these guys done and uploaded a guide on how I did them If you’re on Insta and like the guide, please comment and let me know if I should do some more?

Supongo que ahora también tenemos que decidir qué hacer con nuestro Grupo de Facebook – We Could re-purpose it into general Warhammer 40k stuff, but I feel there are enough groups like that already. I think we should just leave it as it is to preserve the History of What Was Warhammer Conquest, after all, I’m sure many of you still have lots of models to paint & share?

Whilst I have you though – please check out my latest video on last weekends IronSkull painting competition and why you should go to one if you are into Miniature Painting.

For now, let’s take a look at these final issues.

Contenido de Warhammer Conquest: Issues 79 y 80

Warhammer Conquest Issues 79 y 80 Contenido confirmado

Problema de conquista de Warhammer 79 Y 80 Contenido

Fechas de lanzamiento:

Issue Price £15.98
Total Value £33.75
Total Saving £17.77

Una buena manera de sujetar la serie, un gran pórtico para pararse todas some of your models on. Since we had the Stack in an earlier issue that’s one of the 4 sprues from the Sector Mechanicus Magnavent Galvánico used already, so across these 2 issues you’ll get the remaining 3. still a fairly decent saving and you could always buy a few and link them together, it’s quite a modular set.

Conquista de Warhammer Contenidos Edición 79 y 80

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